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Speedway Dirt 2 Short
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1:8 Nitro buggyn/a
1:8 Nitro buggy Specn/a
1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5Tn/a
1:8 Electric buggyn/a
1:8 Electric buggy Specn/a
1:8 Rally Xn/a
1:8 Rally X Specn/a
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Pro A-main 2018 VRC Worlds 1:8 Rally-X S

Additional info

added: 04.01.2019
event: 2018 VRC WORLDS 1:8 RALLY-X SPEC
track: Dirt 2 Short
class: 1:8 Rally X Spec
This video is part of publication: Pro A-main 2018 VRC Worlds 1:8 Rally-X S


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25.04.2019 [12:33]
Thank guys. I didn't know they reported on these until today. What a nice report and kind words. To be fair, I watched all of your replays to get the best line. lol
08.01.2019 [14:35]
Make sure you like and share the video so all your friends get to see it too!

Also share the video on our Facebook page at

Edited by author: 8.1.2019 15:01:55 GMT
07.01.2019 [20:46]
Great race,well worth a watch (on Google Chrome on my PC).
Great commentary from Mike.
Sure is not easy driving round corners that can chuck you on your roof and can give you a 'rail ride' if you get it right.

Edited by author: 7.1.2019 20:49:52 GMT
05.01.2019 [02:43]
Well Done Tony looks very close up top
04.01.2019 [22:51]
Great event and love the commentary on video. Congrats Tony for the win and great race with you guys!
04.01.2019 [14:58]
Awesome replay!
Love the announcer...really makes the whole video.
Congrats Tony!
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Pro A-main 2018...
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Added: 04.01.2019
Dirt 2 Short
1:8 Rally X Spec

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