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VRC bash pit indoor track, perfect for 13.5T short course trucks...

Bashing and stunting at VRC Bash pit.
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2013 Season 4 Round 2, short course trucks



Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Late October 2013 the ghost and goblins are dusting off their costumes for Halloween and VRC is breaking out the bash pit for some series races. The turnout for this week’s race was amazing with a total of 376 entries over the six categories’. The bash pit track is set up to run two different configurations, short and long. The short configuration allows for 11 second lap times and the long version gives it up at a rate of 14 seconds per lap. Both tracks are very small but they are extremely fun and competitive.

Race Report

SHORT COURSE 4WD 13.5T Pro class
The 13.5 Pro A Main, starting order was Nicholas Loriot, Francis Wathlet, Rob Gillespie, J. Djay Delcourt, Maxime Noble, Nicholas Evans, Anthony Honstain, S. Skrowronski, John Trottman. At the start Nicolas Loriot used the pole position to his advantage and got as far out front as he possibly could, his line was tight and smooth making the double - double out of the rhythm section. The battle for second was tight with Rob and Francis swapping back and forth on each turn until lap 8 when Francis came up short casing the double and sending his car flipping in the air costing him valuable time.
I looked up at the end of lap 27 to see Nicolas being turn marshaled out of the catch fence. As the marshal set him down, Rob and Francis passed by to take the 1 and 2 spots. This set the stage for the final 13 laps of racing. On lap 33 Nicolas passed Rob only to see the undercarriage of Rob’s truck as he hit the quad sailing clean over Nicolas while he used the double – double line.

Nicolas began to get attacked by the on minute monsters; he began hitting the pipe and finally hit the cone before the finish line this allowed Rob to clear out in the lead. Now what will come of the battle for second, will Francis be able to take advantage of the mistakes and pull out the second place finish? By lap 37 Francis had passed and began to take command of the second spot. He pulled a tight line before the finish line and clipped the pipe Now Nicolas is in second. Two corners later I looked up to see Nicolas is hung up on the cone before the rhythm section.

That is how they finished, Rob, Francis and Nicolas Loriot 1,2,3 followed by Jerome djay Delcourt 4th, Nicolas Evens 5th, John Trottmann 6th, Anthony Honstain 7th, Seweryn Skowroński 8th, Maxime Noble 9th, Marcin Maliński 10th.

SHORT COURSE 4WD 13.5T Sport Class
The A Main in the sport class was less eventful as Robert took the lead on lap one was passed by Silvia Lukman on lap 3, Silvia made a mistake and Robert never looked back winning the main by a full Lap. His race time would have put him in 7th place in the Pro A- Main. The final finishing order was, Robert Sorjonen 1st , Dan Schellenberg 2nd , Pablo Zazo Pastor 3rd , Miquel Codina 4th , Silvia Lukman 5th , Felipe Ochoa 6th , Markus Aicher 7th , Philipp Kropf 8th , Zane Read 9th , Jason Woolridge 10th.

SHORT COURSE 4WD 13.5T Club Class
The A Main in the club class was the same with the winner of the class taking the win with more than a lap difference over 2nd place and more than 2 laps over the rest of the field. Shinnosuke Tokuda finished in 1st place with 39 laps in 08:05.212. This time would have been good enough to finish 5th in the Pro class A Main. The real race took place in positions 3rd through 5th place where the race was undecided for 5 of the eight minute main. The final finishing order was, Shinnosuke Tokuda 1st , Ivan Taylor 2nd , Ulf Stenvall 3rd , Alec Sanderson 4th , Eric Chmielewski 5th , DELAMARE Christophe 6th , Andreas Kletzenbauer 7th , Josef Angleitner 8th , Rodney Angelito 9th , Joel Lindeborg 10th.
Great Racing, Fun Track ½ way through season 4

Well this season is short and sweet, already half way through with only four rounds in all. Time is flying by as it should when there is much fun to be had. Here is a list of the top three in the series in each class 13.5 Pro, Sport and Club.

13.5 Pro
1 Rob Gillespie 237
2 Jerome djay Delcourt 225
3 Nicolas Evens 210
13.5 Sport
1 Robert Sorjonen 240
2 Felipe Ochoa 219
3 Dan Schellenberg 204
13.5 Club
1 Ulf Stenvall 228
2 Ivan Taylor 228
3 Alec Sanderson 210

A Mains Combined Class Comparison 13.5
Pro 1 Rob Gillespie US 40 08:06.3 -
Pro 2 Francis Wathlet BE 40 08:07.9 +1.656s >
Pro 3 Nicolas Loriot FR 40 08:09.8 +3.577s >
Pro 4 Jerome djay Delcourt FR 40 08:10.6 +4.314s >
Club 5 Shinnosuke Tokuda JP 39 08:05.2 -
Pro 6 Nicolas Evens BE 39 08:06.5 +1 laps >
Pro 7 John Trottmann CH 39 08:06.7 +1 laps >
Sport 8 Robert Sorjonen CA 39 08:07.9 -
Pro 9 Anthony Honstain US 39 08:08.2 +1 laps >
Pro 10 Seweryn Skowroński PL 39 08:09.8 +1 laps >
Pro 11 Maxime Noble FR 38 08:02.7 +2 laps >
Club 12 Ivan Taylor US 38 08:04.2 +1 laps >
Sport 13 Dan Schellenberg CA 38 08:07.0 +1 laps >
Sport 14 Pablo Zazo Pastor ES 38 08:09.1 +1 laps >
Sport 15 Miquel Codina ES 38 08:11.4 +1 laps >
Club 16 Ulf Stenvall SE 37 08:01.2 +2 laps >
Sport 17 Silvia Lukman ES 37 08:01.6 +2 laps >
Club 18 Alec Sanderson US 37 08:02.2 +2 laps >
Sport 19 Felipe Ochoa CO 37 08:03.5 +2 laps >
Club 20 Eric Chmielewski US 37 08:06.0 +2 laps >
Club 21 DELAMARE Christophe FR 37 08:08.6 +2 laps >
Sport 22 Markus Aicher DE 37 08:09.5 +2 laps >
Club 23 Andreas Kletzenbauer AT 37 08:09.5 +2 laps >
Club 24 Josef Angleitner AT 37 08:10.6 +2 laps >
Club 25 Rodney Angelito US 37 08:11.5 +2 laps >
Pro 26 Marcin Maliński PL 26 05:03.9 n/a
Sport 27 Philipp Kropf AT 24 05:06.0 n/a
Club 28 Joel Lindeborg SE 24 05:07.2 n/a
Sport 29 Zane Read NZ 24 05:11.9 n/a
Sport 30 Jason Woolridge US 24 05:12.1 n/a

Race with Opponent
VRC has improved my skills, calmed my nerves and made me a better all-around driver in perfect conditions. What I struggle with is composure in the main event in VRC and real RC alike. I have been asking for some time to have the race with opponent option set up in club races and for the regular VRC Weekly races. This past week I got 2 of my three wishes granted. I can now race with opponent in each round of qualifying and with all weekly races. Next up club race with opponent, “YES!” I like it. I know that many people race the series races as a timed trial due to system performance drop while running with opponents. I have dropped from A and B mains to C and D mains but I am making the sacrifice to improve my real racing. I have set some real racing goals for the future and hope that this training will pay off. I am racing live multi player as many times a week as I can and racing all qualifying and weekly events with at least 3 other opponents. My real results are promising so I will continue this practice routine.

What is good for me is not always good for you so do your thing and I’ll do mine hope to see you in the multiplayer server some time.

Hope you have a great week,
Don Stark


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(Total posts: 6)
21.11.2013 [06:37]
It is most more fun to run events when you have opponents to compete with. It come very clear when you have choose a slower line in the corners.
and setting up the after the time, gets its even more intersting, it gives very close race, which gives good practice in keeping the speed through the entire heat.

Edited by author: 21.11.2013 15:24:49 GMT
01.11.2013 [02:00]
Posted by: Lars Knustad Lars Knustad (NO) on 31.10.2013 13:27:34 (UTC) how i can play

Download the game, and start playing.. Order the USB adapter and hook it up and really play the right way.
31.10.2013 [13:27]
how i can play
30.10.2013 [21:15]
Yes! Im going to start promoting my club again and try to get some more locals in it.
30.10.2013 [18:59]
WOOT WOOT!!! Thanks for that Pieter!!!

Great report, as always Donald!!! ;)

I love using the opponent mode for my events! I don't care if I drop a few spots from dealing with the pressure, or from system hinderences, as I like to use 6 racers. Having the opponents on the track is far more important to me!!! :) could I suggest a trial series with collisions, and no solo option? lol :D I know that collisions are still something to be desired, but it would still be fun,... No?

Only downside to the opponents is the download time, but I don't see any way around that. I use "watch only" option first, that way I can walk away and come back to the downloaded files later.
30.10.2013 [17:09]
Club events can now also run with opponents. 3rd wish also come true Don...

Great report. The report now shows up on the event page of the particular event, on the series page of which the event is part of and on the track page where the event was held.

Only issue is that modified and stock go together on one event page and for one series. Unless the reports are split.

Thanks for another interesting report!

Like to hear from other racers how they deal with virtual opponents in these events.

Edited by author: 30.10.2013 17:10:43 GMT

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