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VRC bash pit indoor track, perfect for 13.5T short course trucks...

Bashing and stunting at VRC Bash pit.
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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 2 Bash Pit Short


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 2 Bash Pit Short
After start of the season, at RC Exitement, it was time for second round, what was held in Bash Pit Short track. It waa nice to noticed that those top drivers from season start, was also in here. Rössler, Nelson and Hillman, who made that season start very exiting, were those guys to watch also in here.
Of course, track was different and anything could happend. And we just wanted other drivers to stand up and challenge these season leaders.

When qualifying round was held, our wishes came true. Other drivers had clearly stand up and there were different guys at top when round ended. Brasilian Sandro Cabreira was in pole with 2.2 seconds margin to USA driver Tony Dugan, who got the second grid. USA driver Greg Nelson, who was figting for the win at season start, got the third grid. His margin to pole was 3 seconds.
Indonesian driver Al Buntox runned very good qualy also, he got the fourth grid with 6.4 sconds margin to TQ.

Start was very stable, any huge mistakes didnt happend and race was on. After five laps, Cabreira had runned good laps and gained over second margin to chasing group. Dugan, Buntox, Nelson and Swedish driver Hillman was in this chasing group. Looking that pace what Cabreira got, this would be easy run for him. At lap 8th, we could notice that USA driver Tony Dugan had got his ”battle rhytm” on and was closing the gap to Cabreira in front.

Lap 12, Dugan visit the lead. It was very tight race between Cabreira and Dugan. At this point Dugan was in lead, at turn two.

Coming to turn four in this 8th lap, Cabreira little pit cutted the inside pipe and Dugan got more close behind his tail. At this point Nelson was in third position, 0.8 seconds behind Dugan. Buntox was in fourth and Hillman in fifth place. This Swedish driver was struggling with those jumps before mainstraight, he just was looking that rhytm to those ones. But he was there, waiting others mistakes and it was very well known that he was fast. Dugan in second place as pressuring Cabreira at front, and he was hungry for that first place. He allready visit at first place in corner four in lap 12, but Cabreira was defending with very tight touch his lead. At this same lap, Nelson who had stable third spot, doned mistake at corner four. He cutted this one, got stucked to post and three cars passed him. Now he was at 7th place, 2.2 seconds from leader.

Nelson was in steady third place when this happend. Al Buntox and Robert Hillman passing.
Finally Nelson drove very good final, and didnt got more mistakes. At finishline he was fifth.

In next lap, lap 13, our leader Cabreira got trouble. He cutted corner three and flipped his car to its right side and Dugan got the lead. Now Dugan was in lead, Cabreira in second and Buntox in third place. All inside two seconds. But allready in 15th lap, Dugan`s rhytm losted in jumps before mainstraight and he flipped his car to its side. By this mistake, Cabreira got back his lead. As Dugan and Cabreira were changing places at lead spot, Buntox and Hillman had very good fight about third place. This was also fun to watch, so close battle they had.
At lap 20, Cabreira cutted the corner one and went wide, Dugan closed the gap and went by. Next few laps was furios racing, but Dugan`s few tiny mistakes allowed Cabreira get back to lead and cool down a little. In this point Buntox had got guite stable third spot, as Swedish driver Hillman had dropped one second behind him. When last minute started, Cabreira couldnt get away from Dugan in second spot. Dugan did fantastic laps and was pressuring really hard Cabreira, only 0.6 margin. Buntox had dropped 2.2 seconds from the leader. Hillman was in fourth place, one second behind Buntox.

Al Buntox, who drived to third podium place was under Hillman`s pressure. Disaster was waiting at lap 34, when he little pit cutted corner five and showed his acropatic skills.

Finally, even Dugan was pressuring Cabreira at front with striking distance, he just couldnt find the place to pass this Brasilian talent. Cabreira wonned the race, but only 0.1 seconds margin to Dugan. Third place went Al Buntox from Indonesia, he had very stable run in Final, not any huge mistakes and he got well deserved third podium place. Robert Hillman, who pressured Buntox allmost all the time, got the fourth place. At finishline his margin to third podium place, was only 0.6 seconds. Greg Nelson, who doned his 5 seconds mistake at lap 12, came to fifth at finishline. His margin to winner was allmost 6 seconds.

In SPORT level race victory was taken by USA driver Brandon Scobee. He had really good race against Jordan Newman from USA and Andrew Adamic from Australia. At finishline these three were all inside 2.2 seconds. Brandon Scobee had very consistent run and deserved this win, so clean run he got. Jordan Newman made too many mistakes at Final, and without those he would be tough to beat here. Those mistakes took allmost 5 seconds.
Andrew drove very clean run but he would need one 10th faster average to challenge our winner Brandon.

In CLUB level win was solved etween Sean Krause from germany and Jabin Carlton from USA.
Sean was leading all the way up to 23rd lap when he doned his 3 seconds mistake. At this point Jabin got the lead and didnt surrender in rest of the final. And drove well deserved win, he had very consistent Final. Sean came second to finishline, his margin was 1.6 seconds to winner. Third place went to John Dash from USA.

A main PRO

1|Sandro Cabreira|BR|35|07:00.583 2|Tony DUGAN|US|35|07:00.683 3|Al Buntox|ID|35|07:04.117 4|Robert Hillman|SE|35|07:04.717 5|Greg Nelson|US|35|07:06.434 6|Christophe DELAMARE|FR|35|07:09.117 7|David Baker|US|34|07:07.160 8|Giovannius Grady|ID|34|07:11.311 9|Thomas Rössler|AT|DNF 10|Robert Sorjonen|CA|DNS

A main SPORT
1|Brandon Scobee|US|34|07:06.085 2|Jordan Newman|US|34|07:07.371 3|Andrew Adamic|AU|34|07:08.334 4|Andreas Hirsch|DE|34|07:09.700 5|Josef Angleitner|AT|34|07:11.532 6|Hijrah Saputra|ID|33|07:03.634 7|Bambang Iriyanto|ID|33|07:04.951 8|David Varricchio|AU|33|07:06.931 9|Steve Davidson|CA|33|07:10.397 10|Zack Habram|US|32|07:03.174

A main CLUB
1|Jabin Carlton|US|34|07:05.932 2|Sean Krause|DE|34|07:07.558 3|John Dasch|US|33|07:07.117 4|Enrico Tinaglia|IT|33|07:12.717 5|Dave T|CA|32|07:03.743 6|James Mastroddi|US|31|07:02.583 7|Carl Huxford|GB|29|07:01.123 8|Alexander Audie|ID|15|03:15.163 9|Mike Smit|NL|DNS 10|Dieter Dick|AT|DNS


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