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Bischofsheim Rhein-Main track Germany in 2007 lay-out. This track has been heavily modified since but this is a great off-road track with serious jumps and different surfaces for super drifting!

Some exciting short course multi-player action on Rhein Main.
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1:8 Electric buggy Specn/a
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2013 Season 3 comes to an end...



Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Virtual RC vs Real RC
I would like to take a moment to give the positive and negative points of VRC and Real RC. First I will start with the positive. 

Virtual RC
VRC is fun, racing online is quick a person can literally race anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week. VRC Cars are perfectly tuned every time, they never have to be cleaned and when you crash the parts stay intact.

Real RC
Real RC Racing has many positives, there are great people at the track, track conditions are affected by weather and change throughout the day. Track food is always good everything tastes better with a little dirt in it. “Custom Painted Bodies.” Making new friends, and just getting out of the house sometimes is a great reason to go to the track.

Why bother with the negative, I’m sure everyone has their own list of negatives I will keep mine to myself. VRC is a perfect complementary training tool for Real RC. I took 4 years off from Real RC and played VRC for most of that time. When I went back to the track I was close to where I was when I left. After a few adjustment to my car and the realization that Real RC traction is much better than what is modeled in VRC I was faster than ever.

Future Training Plans
I plan to continue to make the game work for me so that I can race at the highest level. The most important part of that is racing with other cars on the track. More cars on the track equal more intensity but also mean system performance drops. I run with the club and sport C, B, and A mains and only select the top 3. My system does not like more than 4 cars on the track at once. This is my plan, please respond to this article and share how you use VRC to get better and how have you done in real RC?

Season 3 Round 6, 13.5 PRO Short Course A-Main
As usual the favorites are present and accounted for in this race. As the field grows in the pro class there are some new faces moving up to the top. Last week there were 192 entries in the Short Course Modified class and 162 in the 13.5 class.

Kirby Backemeyer started on the pole and looked to pull away from the pack until and early mistake off the double in front of the drivers stand allowed most of the field to pass. Barnabás Tóth put his Proline Raptor Flo-Tek topped truck in the lead and started checking out. Just before the line on lap 4 Kirby had worked his way back to the second spot, overtaking Rob Gillespie for the 2 spot. Rob would take the spot back after another double bumble from Kirby. Late into lap 6 Nichloas Evans started to charged and made the pass into 3rd then began to make his way to the second place, mid-way through lap seven he looked to be within striking distance of Rob Gillespie. Then like a fly to fly paper at a hot July picnic Rob landed the double and stuck to the ground and spun around. All at once he was passed by Nicholas and Kirby as he gathered his car the duo pulled away and continued to battle for second place. After crossing the stripe on lap 9 Nicholas clipped the pipe and bicycled into the fence while Kirby, Rob and Seweryn Skowroński drove by. And that is the way they finished,

1. Barnabás Tóth [1] HU
2. Kirby Backemeyer [2] US
3. Rob Gillespie [3] US
4. Seweryn Skowroński [4] PL
5. Nicolas Evens [5] BE
6. Gergely Toth [6] HU
7. Pedro Jose Lueiro Rey [7] ES
8. Martin Wollanka [8] AT
9. Ivan Kuyda [9] RU
10. Antoine Rossetti [10] FR

Season 3 has come to an end and everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of the new 1/8 scale buggy. Alpha testing is underway and looks to be heading in the right direction. Maybe Season 4 we will have a new class available.

Season 3 Series results can be found here
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:8 NITRO
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:8 NITRO SPEC
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:10 ISTC - by TEKIN
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:10 ISTC SPEC - by TEKIN
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:10 SCT 4WD - by TEKIN
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:10 SCT 4WD 13.5T STOCK - by TEKIN
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:12 ELECTRIC - by TEKIN
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:12 10.5T BLINKY SPEC - by TEKIN
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:10 NITRO
2013 SEASON 3 - 1:10 NITRO SPEC

See you on the track


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16.04.2015 [10:14]
I like the variety that VRC provides. The average R/C enthusiast (such as myself...) may only have access to one or two tracks in their local area. Good times, either way!
10.10.2013 [10:51]
thanks for all the positive feedback. We have a special forum for testimonials and we would appreciate if you could post about what VRC Pro has done for your real r/c performance in that forum as well.

For VRC Pro racers it's all too obvious, but apparently a lot of real racers are still hesitant about starting to use VRC Pro as a practice tool. Not even to mention how much plain racing fun and excitement it can deliver to your home!
10.10.2013 [10:08]
VRC is the great tools to improve my Real RC car setup skill !

At VRC, you can get the feeling of different oil shock, diff setting quickly, which is almost impossible to do on track.

After intensive playing in VRC. I can point out the problem of my real car, and able to fix it as what I did in VRC :)
10.10.2013 [10:02]
Great article/report Donald!

I started with VRC in March this year and has practiced and raced more or less every week since then. I can definitely see some improvements in my real RC driving. Maybe I'm not faster if you only look at the fastest lap but I'm much more consistent, smoother on the throttle and driving with much more confidence. VRC is really a great practice tool! I don't think it matters that much that the traction is less in VRC than in real life. I also guess that your american clay track offers more traction then our European dirt tracks... :) But it would be nice if the traction varied more between different tracks or if you could adjust it yourself to some point. Also, an indoor carpet high traction track would be nice. That is on my wishlist. ;)

This summer there has not been, for a few reasons, not as much real RC racing as I wanted but out of the three 1:8 EP races I attended I got on the podium at two of them... :)

Edited by author: 10.10.2013 9:04:25 GMT
08.10.2013 [20:52]
VRC is a great tool
from racing nitro to 4.5t electric
skill are getting better.
just total setup need to be inproved on my side of things.
will get there soon
Thanks D
VRC team
08.10.2013 [12:55]
As always, a great job Donald

Edited by author: 8.10.2013 11:56:05 GMT
08.10.2013 [06:34]
Great report, thanks Donald
07.10.2013 [18:19]
Posted by: Brian Townsend (CA) on 5.10.2013 18:24:13 (UTC) I used to lose clutch springs every time I replaced shoes or changed the size of the spring. Not any more! :)

Yeah I have a Bermuda triangle for e clips in my living room! Total "e clips" of the part ;)
07.10.2013 [15:03]
please enter the buggy! pleaseeeee
05.10.2013 [19:24]
Posted by: David Wilson (GB) on 5.10.2013 10:15:53 (UTC) Another good thing about VRC is it allows me to drive cars I do not possess in real life. This gives me an understanding about handling and modding characteristics without spending the earth, or having to scrabble around on the floor looking for a single lost washer!

I used to lose clutch springs every time I replaced shoes or changed the size of the spring.

Not any more! :)

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