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Lausanne Switzerland, carpet indoor track for 1:10 and 1:12 electric on-road racing.
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1:10 Electric NASCAR Truckn/a
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Event report for: 2020 SEASON 1 1:10 ELECTRIC ISTC SPEC ROUND 2

17.02.2020   4 comments


Race Report by Simon Williams:
Having gained reporting rights, trying my hand at my first attempt:

I now see that only one report is allowed per Event: I had planned on just doing Sport class, however, I have now added a few notes on Pro and Club.

4 pictures are allowed per report and 3 videos (I’ve not done any videos this time.)

2020 SEASON 1 1:10 ELECTRIC ISTC SPEC ROUND 2 Lausanne CRF race report - A Main Sport Class.
As usual in a popular class like 1:10 TC, lots of close racing in Sport class, containing a number of experienced drivers.
Lausanne being one of those tracks where a small mistake touching the track markers will lose 2 to 3 seconds.
Hence, my strategy is to slow down 5% and not take any risks for a clean run = easier said than done.
This time out I'm experimenting with the drag brake to try and get more consistent braking before turning in. (Overshooting the slower corners continues to cost me time.)

With Marco on pole a good 14 seconds up the road from me in 4... read more

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 ELECTRIC TC ROUND 5 CRF Lausanne

23.10.2017   4 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Fifth round of 1:10 electric modified serie was held at CRF Lausanne track. Polish talent Jakub Rozycki had made a comeback to VRC PRO and was immediatly very convincing in qualifying round. Even there was other great talents of rc racing, nobody couldnt answer to Jakub`s pace.
He won the qualifying with 2.3 seconds margin to French Xavier Deparde. Behind Deparde, was another French Kevin Rasguin, almost 2 seconds from Deparde`s pace. American talent Dana Bailes was sitting in fourth place, 5 seconds away from fastest pace. Indonesian Hijrah Saputra was fifth fastest, but he was almost 10 seconds slower than Rozycki. Rozycki, Deparde, Rasguin and Bailes were only ones, who gathered totally 29 laps during the five minute qualifying.
With his own qualifying pace, and ... read more

2017 SEASON 1 1:10 ELECTRIC TC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 6 CRF Lausanne

18.05.2017   12 comments   Video: 3 available


Report by VRC race reporting

2017 SEASON 1 1:10 ELECTRIC TC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 6 CRF Lausanne

Technical and also demanding circuit of Lausanne was hosting 6th round of electric touring car series. At this track you had to be very precise with your lines and braking points, and also those curbs didnt give anything for free.

Spaniard Jhonny Hernandez earned the pole position from semifinals, Britain`s Reece Hodges was only 0.6s behind at second place and Austrian Christoph Löb in third position, with 5.7s gap to TQ.
When grid was arranged, it was bit unfortunent that Hernandez wasnt there and by this, all pressures moved to Hodges.
From the tone, Hodges was leading the group with very stable rhytm. First corner in 3rd lap, Hodges made hungry cutting and Xavier Deparde got the lead. Next four laps Deparde was setting the pace, but Hodges was furiosly chasing on his tale. At this point Mathias Nedrebo was in third and Dana Bailes at fo... read more

Event report for: 2017 SEASON 1 1:12 SPORTSCARS 10.5T SPEC RND 3

08.03.2017   2 comments




VRC Centurion, Graham Raistrick of the UK, won the first official VRC race at Lausanne. Raistrick and American Dana Bailes were the only two competitors to finish the final with 44-laps. Raistrick finished with a time of 8:04.420; Bailes was 4.766 seconds back with a time of 8:09.186. The pair was neck and neck for the first seven laps, but Bailes made mistakes on laps 8 and 9 giving Raistrick nearly a six second cushion. Bailes pushed hard over the next seven laps to pull within four seconds of Raistrick, but additional mistakes on laps 18 and 21 dropped Bailes to fourth position and proved too much to overcome. Bailes’ pace for the second half of the race was faster than Raistrick’s, and he was able to overtake Jon Esteban Martin of Spain and Michitaka Yanagisawa of Japan before time elapsed. However, Raistrick’s time proven method of smooth and steady driving proved to be the winning strategy.
[img=https://www.vrcworld... read more


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