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NEO-3, the NEO X edition 2015 lay-out at Harper Adams
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News of September, 2017

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T ROUND 4 Neo-10


Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5 ROUND 4 Neo-10

PRO level

Qualifying round was totally American Tom Rinderknecht`s. He took the TQ place by 16 seconds margin ahead of Italian Andrea Giordano. Also Giordano had stable place in second, as Carson Yeung who was third fastest, was 4 seconds away of his pace. Prieto from Spain, was standing at fourth place, 1.5 seconds behind Yeung.

Rinderknecht continued his great pace also at the race, but wasnt so fast as in qualifying. Compared to qualifying average, his pace dropped over two 10th`s at the race and it wasnt so overwhelming. Those low 31 second laps were enough and he won the race with 3.4 margin before French Gaetan Anger. Great job from Tom!
Anger in second place, had nice race and had done his homework with this track. He was pushing really good laptimes, average was 31.850 and this was enough good to get second, and also pressure our leader. Started from fifth, and finishing in second place in this talented group, was something special.
Great drive Gaetan!
In third place, we had PRO level succeeder. If Anger had great race, so did Finnish Ilari Lamminsivu. He had also done his research with this tricky track and was pushing good laptimes during the race. Started from the 7th grid and ended to third, was great achivement also from Ilari. He was two 10th`s away from Anger`s pace, but pace was enough to guarantee his last podium place.

Rinderknecht was unstoppable at PRO level

SPORT level

If Rinderknecht was favourite at PRO level, Finnish driver Antti Turtiainen had similar style at SPORT level. He earned the pole from qualifying with 5 seconds margin before Italian Daniele Berni. Nuno Lourenco was third fastest, 4 seconds behind Berni.
At the final. Turtiainen had pretty much same pace like at qualifying round, and those mid 33 second laps done the job and he took the win. Despite his one four seconds mistake at lap 7, he won this race almost 8 seconds distance to Austrian Angleitner.
Angleitner succeeded at his race, he increased his pace from qualifying over seven 10th`s and it was something enormouss. This pace guaranteed his second place.
US driver Curtis Damn was third, 2.5 seconds behind Angleitner.

Antti Turtiainen, SPORT level winner

CLUB level

German Paul Deafty won the CLUB level race. He was quickest also at qualifying round, winning that with 3 seconds margin before US driver Dan Hoogwerff. One second behind Hoogwerff, third fastest, was another US driver Patrick Mitrevics.
At the final, Deafty continued what he had started, his pace was enough to take the win over five seconds margin.
Team USA had come to this event with good group as half of drivers at A-main, were from US.
Alan Prevendar started from fourth grid, gained his pace a little and drove well deserved second place. Five seconds behind Prevendar, at third place, was another US driver Dan Hoogwerff.
Without Hoogwerff`s mistake at lap 10, he would have had a great race against Prevendar. Prevendar was so consistent at his run, and this one mistake from Hoogwerff, was enough to ruin his chances for second place.

Paul Deafty got his second win of the season



1|Tom Rinderknecht|US|13|07:20.860 2|Gaetan ANGER|FR|13|07:24.240 3|Ilari Lamminsivu|FI|13|07:27.214 4|Carson Yeung|HK|12|07:04.914 5|Alejandro Prieto|ES|12|07:11.606 6|Marshall Kirkholm|US|12|07:15.443 7|Gary Crowell|US|12|07:15.583 8|Andrea Giordano|IT|12|07:17.471 9|Andy Garcia|UA|12|07:20.869


1|Antti Turtiainen|FI|12|07:20.728 2|Josef Angleitner|AT|12|07:28.446 3|Curtis Damm|US|12|07:30.997 4|Daniele Berni|IT|12|07:32.443 5|Nuno Lourenco|PT|12|07:38.760 6|Mike Bridges|CA|11|07:06.900 7|isla pesca|JP|11|07:10.700 8|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|11|07:18.148


1|Paul Deafty|DE|11|07:03.280 2|Alan Prevendar|US|11|07:08.949 3|Dan Hoogwerff|US|11|07:14.743 4|Florent Martel|FR|11|07:20.077 5|Patrick Mitrevics|US|11|07:20.197 6|Lionel HAGEGE|FR|11|07:20.820 7|Christos Katsigiannis|GR|11|07:23.557 8|Martin Chouinard|US|11|07:34.529


PRO level

1|Marshall Kirkholm|288 2|Carson Yeung|282 3|Gary Crowell|266 4|Ilari Lamminsivu|252 5|Gaetan ANGER|242 6|Andy Garcia|240 7|Tom Rinderknecht|238 8|Alejandro Prieto|218 9|Brandon Scobee|192 10|Shon Harding|189

SPORT level

1|Nuno Lourenco|304 2|Josef Angleitner|294 3|isla pesca|262 4|Gary Sundman|246 5|Manuel Weber|242 6|Steven Patterson|239 7|Curtis Damm|214 8|Tyler Mackenzie|201 9|Karl heinz Johann|182 10|Glenn Mathias|181

CLUB level

1|Christos Katsigiannis|282 2|Dan Hoogwerff|245 3|Peter Elphinstone|236 4|Gary Climie|226 5|Robert Dean|219 6|Brad Dalbec|219 7|Martin Chouinard|194 8|Paul Deafty|175 9|Patrick Mitrevics|152 10|Lionel HAGEGE|140


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19.09.2017 [20:33]
Thanks Carson, allways nice from you! Thank you!
19.09.2017 [12:57]
Nice report and fun race!

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