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VRC Carpet 4 track, designed by 1:10 ISTC superstar Ronald Volker.
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Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Fourth round of 1:10 electric tc spec race of season 1 was raced at Carpet 4 track. This technical and demanding track, gave some suprises in pro level. Polesitter, Frenchman Xavier Deparde was fastest in qualifying round with two seconds margin ahead of Czech Radko Cernohous. Third was Brasilian Felipe Franceschi, only 0.2s behind Cernohous. Well, margins were like in Worlds, all ten A-main drivers were all inside 10 seconds.

As the final started, our polesitter Deparde ruined his race after few corners, as he came to rostroom chicane. From this point Franceschi and Cernohous were those two, who leaded this final. After few laps it looked that nobody wasnt able to challenge Franceschi in the lead. After few minutes, Cernohous started to warm up in second place and gained Franceschi. In lap9 leader changed as Cernohous passed Franceschi, but this was very short, two laps visit in the lead. Cernohous made his mistake in very same spot where our polesitter Deparde ruined his race in first lap and Franceschi got the lead back. And Franceschi was strong, he drove clean last minutes and was first who crossed the line. Great drive from Felipe! Cernohous was second, 2.6s behind the leader.
Man of the race was German Pascal Schönrock. He started the race from 9th grid and drove almost flawless final. Those extra four seconds what he got in first lap was crucial to his race, without those he would have been one favourite to take this one. At the finishline, gap to the winner was 3.6s. But indeed, man of the race!! Great Drive Pascal!
Have to be little bit sorry for Xavier Deparde, he had the pace but that mistake in first lap was crucial.

Franceschi and Cernohous had good battle

SPORT level

In sport level Brit Ben Moorey was unstoppable. He wonned the race with 3.6 margin ahead of US driver Domenic Reese. Third was Spanish David Martin.

Schönrock was man of the race, from 9th grid to 3rd place. GREAT DRIVE!

CLUB level

Club level showed once again, how the results goes when you`ve driver, who should be totally in different level. Brasilian Rafael Gallucci gave the knock-out to his fellow competitors, as he won the race with almost 2laps margin ahead of Australian driver Alan Stons.
Third was Czech David Vacka. David had good battle and was 1.2 seconds behind Stons and 0.2 ahead of 4th, Austrian driver Maria Enzensberger.

Deparde was unlucky, he ruined his race after few corners from the start. But still great recovery and 4th place from Xavier



1|Felipe Franceschi|BR|20|05:14.648 2|Radko Cernohous|CZ|19|05:01.912 3|Pascal Schönrock|DE|19|05:02.940 4|Xavier Deparde|FR|19|05:04.474 5|Milan Peka|CZ|19|05:04.704 6|Ben Gayson|GB|19|05:07.122 7|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|19|05:07.786 8|Carson Yeung|HK|19|05:08.810 9|Manuel Weber|US|18|05:02.642 10|Jozsef Valent|HU|DNS

1|Ben Moorey|GB|19|05:11.782 - 2|Domenic Reese|US|19|05:15.452 3|David Martin|ES|18|05:00.358 4|Jo the Pro|DE|18|05:02.926 5|Gilliand Michael|CH|18|05:03.566 6|Stefan Spacil|A|18|05:13.846 7|Dorian Marcel|FR|18|05:13.902 8|Steve Solosy|US|17|05:02.102 9|Hayden Boyd|CA|16|05:14.006 10|Mario Operta|HR|DNS

1|Rafael Gallucci|BR|18|05:07.920 2|Alan Stons|AU|16|05:00.524 3|David Vacka|CZ|16|05:01.704 4|Maria Enzensberger|AT|16|05:01.862 5|Sean Ironmonger|US|16|05:04.786 6|Jerry Chapman|US|16|05:13.526 7|Borys Radkiewicz|PL|15|05:00.466 8|DANIEL LOIACE|FR|15|05:06.268 9|Thomas Schedl|AT|14|05:02.382 10|Michael Thompson|US|DNS


1|Xavier Deparde|310 2|Radko Cernohous|290 3|Ben Gayson|284 4|Carson Yeung|276 5|Felipe Franceschi|270 6|Milan Peka|267 7|Tommaso Andreuccetti|257 8|Pascal Schönrock|230 9|Paulo Guedes|218 10|Stanislav Pavlíček|216

SPORT level
1|Curtis Damm|266 2|David Martin|236 3|Dorian Marcel|234 4|Gilliand Michael|226 5|Stefan Spacil|226 6|Jiri Hosek|224 7|Jo the Pro|220 8|Ismail Calik|209 9|Steve Solosy|204 10|Miguel Colon|183

CLUB level
1|Rafael Gallucci|310 2|David Vacka|292 3|Jerry Chapman|282 4|Thomas Schedl|256 5|Maria Enzensberger|218 6|DANIEL LOIACE|193 7|Tom Kaczmarek|154 8|Patrick De wit|80 9|David Martin|80 10|Volodymyr Zhadlun|80

You are free to share these vids in your social media and this way people gets known about VRC PRO!!

Also you can order my channel from Youtube clicking this link ---) JP racing videos


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03.04.2019 [14:35]
great report and video JuPe, keep them coming!
30.03.2019 [11:53]
It's good to have an event report from you again 👍 thank you for that 😉 it's a tricky race on that way, congratulations to Felipe for his nice win 👍

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