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Naxos Sicily, Italy, host of the 2014 IFMAR Buggy Worlds.
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News of October, 2017



Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Sixth round of 1:8 nitro buggy spec serie was raced at Naxos track. In PRO level French Gaetan Anger was strongest at qualifying, as he runned flawless run with 39.740 average. Swedish offroader Robert Hillman was second fastest with one mistake, he got 40.245 average and was 4 seconds away from Angers pace. Pace between these two top drivers were pretty much same, but that one mistake was crucial for Robert. Third fastest was American Ely Rojas. He was 2 second behind Hillman, and also with one mistake and with 40.578 average.
Ukranian Maryan Beresh was fourth, 0.8 seconds behind Rojas and 7.5 seconds from the winner.
Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti was fifth, almost 11 seconds away from TQ pace.

In the final three drivers separated from the start. Anger was in the lead, Hillman in second and Rojas in third place. It was looking promising for tight battle as they had pretty similar pace. But allready at end of the second lap, Rojas flipped his car just before mainstraight and dropped from the victory battle. Anger was leading and Hillman was pressuring him in really close range. End of the fifth lap Anger made his mistake, and Hillman got the lead. Anger visited at the refuel in 12th lap and had pushed really stable laptimes in second place. Hillman got in trouble in 13th lap by his mistake, but managed to hold his lead, because Anger was so far as he had visited allready at refueling. Hillman went for the refuel in next 14th lap. By this Anger got the lead. Next timingline crossing showed that Anger had been faster in early part of the race and was leading Hillman with 2 seconds margin. They both had few mistakes, but Anger had been faster.
Final 8laps these two showed magnificent driving, running almost consistently under 40s laps.
Something about Hillman`s furios chase behind Anger, tells his fastest laptime in 16th lap, 38.857s. Just great lap!
Well, margins were really tiny between these two, even Hillman got distance almost to one second, Anger held his nerves and crossed the line in first place. Congratulations Gaetan, just remarkable pace and race!!! Hillman had to settle to second place, over two seconds behind Anger.
Rojas who flipped his car at second lap, had to make furios drive to get back to podium fight. He had three mistakes at rest of the final, but his pace was good enough to lift him to third podium place. Great recover from Ely with 40.889 average. Tommaso Andreuccetti was fourth, 7 seconds behind Rojas. Carson Yeung was fifth and had stable race and was really consistent. He wasnt fastest, but with flawless run he managed to get his fifth position.

Anger(white) and Hillman(red) had very same pace. Season 2 Champion Ely Rojas chasing

SPORT level

SPORT level race was won by Belgian Dan Haaling. Haaling wasnt overwhelming, and got good pressure from German Frank Wagner. Finally Wagner had to settle to second place, 7 seconds behind Haaling. Ukranian Andy Garcia came to third place, almost 12 second behind Wagner.

Haaling was winner at SPORT level and won the title in season 2

CLUB level

Spaniard Pablo Lopez was unstoppable at CLUB level. He won this race front of another Spaniard Antonio Perez. Perez leaded this pack first ten laps and got in trouble. He wasnt at rhytm and few big mistakes were really crucial in his victory battle. Lopez crossed the line in first place, Perez was second. Austrian Stefan Spacil was third.

CLUB level Season 2 Champion, Pablo Izquierdo Lopez



1|Gaetan ANGER|FR|22|15:22.509 2|Robert Hillman|SE|22|15:24.931 3|Ely Rojas|US|21|15:02.215 4|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|21|15:09.760 5|Carson Yeung|HK|21|15:14.926 6|Marko Laitinen|FI|21|15:30.129 7|Andrea Giordano|IT|21|15:31.560 8|Seb LAMBERT|FR|21|15:39.263 9|Maryan Beresh|UA|DNF 10|John Carrio|US|DNS


1|Daan Haling|BE|21|15:30.586 2|Frank Wagner|DE|21|15:37.826 3|Andy Garcia|UA|20|15:04.840 4|Stephane Ethier|CA|20|15:09.026 5|Alex Deperschmidt|DE|20|15:09.886 6|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|20|15:16.418 7|Nuno Lourenco|PT|20|15:19.988 8|Francisco Fernandez|ES|20|15:29.043 9|Paul Fendt|GB|20|15:33.897 10|Fred Fouilland|FR|DNS


1|Pablo Izquierdo Lopez|ES|20|15:05.863 2|Antonio Jose Perez|ES|20|15:32.763 3|Stefan Spacil|AT|19|15:30.483 4|isla pesca|JP|19|15:40.797 5|Tzu hua Su|TW|18|15:32.457 6|Brad Dalbec|US|16|15:29.366 7|Michael Walker|US|15|15:24.092 8|Tim Sekutowski|US|DNS 9|Jordan Abegg|US|DNS 10|PHILLIP HARRIS|US|DNF


PRO level

1|Ely Rojas|314 2|Gaetan ANGER|310 3|Carson Yeung|290 4|Tommaso Andreuccetti|288 5|Jabin Carlton|258 6|Alejandro Prieto|257 7|Marko Laitinen|246 8|Gary Crowell|245 9|Seb LAMBERT|244 10|Valeriy Kornilov|231

SPORT level

1|Daan Haling|318 2|Frank Wagner|316 3|Stephane Ethier|300 4|Andy Garcia|288 5|Nuno Lourenco|284 6|Tyler Mackenzie|282 7|Francisco Fernandez|268 8|Dorian Marcel|223 9|Curtis Damm|218 10|Gary Sundman|211

CLUB level

1|Pablo Izquierdo Lopez|318 2|isla pesca|306 3|PHILLIP HARRIS|259 4|Brad Dalbec|257 5|Jason Platt|254 6|Michael Walker|245 7|Stefan Spacil|230 8|Robert Dean|228 9|Tim Sekutowski|227 10|Alan Prevendar|226

Congratulations to VRC PRO Season 2 Champions Ely Rojas, Dan Haaling and Pablo Izguierdo Lopez!!!

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