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Naxos Sicily, Italy, host of the 2014 IFMAR Buggy Worlds.
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News of September, 2016



Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

VRC PRO 2016 SEASON 3 Electric buggy spec, round 2, Naxos

Swedish offroad talent Robert Hillman, has wonned second round of electric buggy spec race.
Race was held at Naxos track. Hillman was fastest at qualifying and also in Final. But he didnt get this easy, as Canadian driver Andrew Bucar was chasing him whole time at final.
Honestly, Bucar was also in fire, he got the lead at lap 4 when Hillman made mistake. From that lap Hillman didnt surrender, he was pushing really good laps and with consistent run he managed to beat this Canadian offroader.

With three mistakes, Hillman had his own pace. Well deserved win from Robert.

Bucar`s mistake at lap 6 made this also bit easier for Hillman, as it took almost 4 seconds extra to Bucar`s lap. But it was close, there was only two 10th`s difference per lap, between these two, but it was enough for Hillman. Even Hillman got three bigger mistakes, he was fast and left Bucar almost 4 seconds behind.

Andrew Bucar`s pace was there but it wasnt enough for win.

Lets dont forget the man in third place, Ely Rojas from USA. Rojas drove also magnificent final, was pressuring Bucar all the time. Both, Bucar and Rojas made one bigger mistake during the final, pace was very identical and Rojas was actually in more consistent, but it didnt pay out. Finally Rojas had to settle to third place, but only one second after Bucar. All in all, very enjoyable race from these three podium drivers.

Rojas had to settle to third place, pace was very similar with Bucar.

Fourth place went to Jonas Dalensjö from Sweden, he hold his position what he had earned from qualifying. Jonas gap to winner was over 10 seconds.
Carson Yeung from Hong Kong drove to fifth place. He had founded something to his car, his pace was so much better that in qualy and this was nice to see. Ok, he would needed lot more pace to even challenge those guys at top, but all in all, very good run from Carson.
Finnish onroad talent, Viljami Kutvonen, had also joined to this event. After qualifying it was looking promising, as he got the third grid, 9 seconds behind TQ driver Hillman. But it wasnt Viljami`s day when main final started. Was it too much effort or what, something weird it was. Too much mistakes and that was it.
Last man who stayed in same lap with top6 was Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti. Tommaso had raised his pace also for the final and it was enough to get 7th place. Nice driving Tommaso.
Lithuanian offroader Arturas Svoba crossed the finishline in 8th position. His pace little bit collapsed from qualifying, and this dropped him one place during the final.
Last but not least, in 9th place went to Jabin Carlton from USA. Jabin was holding 8th position all the way to 12th lap where he did bigger mistake. This ”bump” took his chances to beat Svoba, and Jabin had to settle to 9th place.

In SPORT level Marshall Kirkholm was setting the pace. He was consistent, fast and didnt give any chances to his fellow competitors. Ashley Blake from Britain got the second place, almost 8 seconds behind the winner. Third podium went to Garrett Benson from USA, Garrett`s gap to winner was 12 seconds.

In CLUB level we saw very good run by Arnaud Poncelet from Belgium. This Belgium driver beated second place driver, Fabian Goleo from France, with 9 seconds margin. Third place went B Howard from Australia.


PRO A main

1|Robert Hillman|SE|15|10:08.680 2|Andrew Bucar|CA|15|10:12.394 3|Ely Rojas|US|15|10:13.405 4|Jonas Dalensjö|SE|15|10:19.492 5|Carson Yeung|HK|15|10:23.274 6|Viljami Kutvonen|FI|15|10:27.474 7|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|15|10:31.560 8|Arturas Svoba|LT|14|10:00.466 9|Jabin Carlton|US|14|10:02.443 10|Joe Giddey|US|DNS

SPORT A main

1|marshall kirkholm|US|15|10:34.871 2|Ashley Blake|GB|14|10:00.706 3|Garrett Benson|US|14|10:05.094 4|Thomas Priemer|DE|14|10:12.412 5|Bob Seay|US|14|10:27.792 6|Emanuel Riplinger|DE|14|10:40.177 7|Richard Rogers|AT|14|10:44.400 8|Sebastian Winterstein|DE|DNS 9|Eric Chmielewski|US|DNF 10|Ulf Stenvall|SE|DNS

CLUB A main

1|Arnaud Poncelet|BE|15|10:36.000 2|Fabian Goleo|FR|15|10:44.889 3|B Howard|AU|14|10:15.706 4|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|14|10:34.140 5|Björn Sundling|SE|14|10:35.105 6|Justin Burrow|US|13|10:12.163 7|Jørn Andersen|DK|13|10:28.266 8|Brad Bowman|US|13|10:28.505 9|James Williams|GB|9|10:07.054 10|Frankton Model Shop|NZ|DNS



1|Ely Rojas|154 2|Andrew Bucar|152 3|Jonas Dalensjö|150 4|Tommaso Andreuccetti|148 5|Carson Yeung|138 6|Jabin Carlton|122 7|Andrea Giordano|118 8|Matthias Steininger|115 9|Peter Haaima|114 10|Christophe DELAMARE|111


1|marshall kirkholm|160 2|Ashley Blake|156 3|Garrett Benson|150 4|Bob Seay|144 5|Emanuel Riplinger|140 6|Maurizio Mazzocchi|124 7|Jörg Liesigk|116 8|Björn Siewert|114 9|Richard Rogers|111 10|Glenn Mathias|108


1|B Howard|156 2|James Williams|140 3|Meen Ah|129 4|Dallas Millward|128 5|Clifford Johnson|123 6|Tony DELMASTRO|117 7|Giovanni F. Di Berardino|110 8|Brad Dalbec|110 9|Kenneth Dennison|108 10|Karl heinz Johann|108


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29.09.2016 [13:36]
😁 Those were quite huge words Jose, thank you. Most apphreciated!
29.09.2016 [12:13]
Jupe, I think you're a member of this simulator that works more for others.
Congratulations, you're a freak.
29.09.2016 [08:44]
Thank You Carson and Billy, nice to hear that these"fits":).
29.09.2016 [05:29]
Great report Jupe, you make the race feel like world champ event
29.09.2016 [00:49]
Enjoy reading!
28.09.2016 [20:52]
Thanks guys! Try to do these time to time.
Now last day surgery is leaving me to bed and i just "hitted" buttons and puplished this.:)

28.09.2016 [20:12]
Impressive how a good coverage like this can say more than only result can do. Thanks for another grat report Jupe!

And congratulations to these fast offroaders...

Edited by author: 28.9.2016 19:16:02 GMT
28.09.2016 [16:22]
Excellent comments Jupe! Really appreciate your work. keep it on!
Thank you.
28.09.2016 [15:58]
Great report Jupe!

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