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Psycho Nitro Blast - V edition - 2012 lay-out.
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1:8 Electric buggy Specn/a
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News of March, 2016

2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 4 Psycho Nitro Plast 5

12.03.2016   11 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

This report tells what has happened in earlier races in season and also more specific report of latest event in Psycho Nitro Plast 5 track. Enjoy!

2016 Season SC10 TRUCKS modified

Round 1 RC Exitement

SC10 modified trucks started they season from RC Exitement. This season start didnt gave any miracles as we saw that Austrian supertalent, multiple VRC Worldchampion Martin Wollanka had joined to this season start. And Martin didnt give any mercy to fellow competitors as he wonned the qualifying, with huge 11 seconds margin before Swedish talent Robert Hillman. And also in race, Wollanka was setting the pace to others and finished also with huge, 10seconds margin before Hillman. Third podium in this season start went to French Arthur Brule

Round 2 Bash Pit Short

Second race was helded in Bash Pit Short track. First race winner Martin Wollanka wasnt ... read more

2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 4 Psycho Nitro Plast 5

10.03.2016   9 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 4 Psycho Nitro Plast 5

Three races has been drived of this SC10 13.5 trucks series. Serie is leaded by Swedish driver Robert Hillman with 230 points, Tony Dugan from USA at second place is 16 points and Lithuanian Arturas Svoba in third place, 35 points behind of Hillman.
This fourth event is raced here in Psycho Nitro Plast 5 track and in the event, its drived in reversed direction.

At qualify, second race winner from Bash Pit Short, Sandro Capreira from Brasil was the thoughest in gualify. He wonned the qualify with very tiny 0.4 seconds marging ahead Canadian Robert Sorjonen. To third grid was announced our serie leader Robert Hillman from Sweden, his gap to leader was 2.2 seconds. Sean Krause from Germany, who had changed his driver level from CLUB to PRO after second race, showed magnificent pace and runned to fourth grid, with 4.4se... read more


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