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series default logo Race: 08 January 2017 to 10 December 2017
Class: 1:10 Nitro NASCAR Truck
Events: 12 events with total 48 rounds on 11 track(s)
Points: Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
22.12.2017 [11:28] by Graham Raistrick
Thanks Jimmy....think we all know who is the master of the Oval. Thankfully for me this series has a few 'normal' tracks.

Have a good you, and all.
14.12.2017 [11:45] by Jimmy F
Congratulation Graham on the championship. It was a lot of fun racing all year with you. Great job.

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Event report for: 2017 1:10 NITRO NASCAR TRUCKS ROUND 5



VRC Centurion Graham Raistrick took home the checkered flag at the most recent 1:10 Nitro NASCAR Truck race at Luxembourg. Raistrick (UK), who was also the top qualifier, had an uncharacteristic slow reaction to the buzzer which allowed Balint Rezes (HU) to take an early lead. Rezes was able to stay close to Raistrick for the opening three laps, but Raistrick got into a rhythm and quickly retook the lead on lap 3 and never looked back. Raistrick pulled away for the remainder of the final and finished 12.024 seconds in front of the young gun from Hungary. Raistrick ran a very clean and consistent final. His fastest lap was 18.484 seconds; his slowest lap was 19.106 seconds; one of only two in his 10-minute final. Raistrick’s average lap was a fast 18.742 seconds. Raistrick finished with 31 laps in 10:03.012

Raistrick's Serpent 733

Rezes’ also had a consistent final running laps straddling the 19 second mark. His fastest lap was 18.562 seconds; his slowest lap was 19.980 seconds; and an average lap of 19.110 seconds. Rezes’ was the only other driver to complete 31 laps with a time of 10:15.036.

Rezes entering the "corkscrew"

There was a tight battle for the final podium position between another centurion, Pierre Dumusc (CH) and Milan Peka (CZ). Peka had trouble out of the gate clipping the apron on the first corner causing him to get turned around and sent to the back of the pack. Peka had trouble again on lap 5 falling 5.072 seconds behind Dumusc. However, Peka stayed clean for the next 7 laps, while Dumsuc struggled and by lap 12 the two were separated by a mere .06 seconds. The two remained within .4 seconds of each other until lap 20 when Dumusc faltered allowing Peka to pass and take a 1 second lead. Peka’s lead would be short lived as on lap 21 he clipped the apron on the sweeper that sent him on his side and into the grass; the result his slowest lap of 22.774. This allowed Dumusc to retake a 2.5 second lead. Peka pushed to pull within 1.1 seconds of Dumusc but ran out of time. Dumusc claimed the final podium position with 30 laps in 10:11.912 ahead of Peka’s 30 laps in 10:13.100.

Dumusc finished 3rd


1|Graham Raistrick|31|10:03.012 2|Balint Rezes|31|10:15.036 3|Pierre Dumusc|30|10:11.912 4|Milan Peka|30|10:13.100 5|Philippe Gross|29|10:03.946 6|László VÁRI|29|10:15.210 7|Sven Dellebeke|29|10:16.164 8|Steve Young|29|10:16.590 9|Manuel Weber|28|10:05.506 10|Tony DELMASTRO|DNS



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17.06.2017 [13:44]
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