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series default logo Race: 16 January 2016 to 02 May 2016
Class: 1:8 Nitro on-road sportscars
Events: 8 events with total 16 rounds on 8 track(s)
Points: Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
14.10.2016 [16:58] by Steve Metcalfe
ok cool, so i still have time to complete in the Halifax round?

I want to get notifications of the rounds, how do i do this and how do i enter register for future events?

Sorry if these are stupid questions...

05.03.2016 [03:20] by Alex Guillot
Hello Steve,
to race Events you don't need to register.
Simply do your run Event in game (you need maybe instal it if not already done)
here it is website to see results and forums, etc..
However, you can register to see your name in "registered pilots list" by enter on the left of "Current event ends in...002days 5hrs... it is "141 racers are currently for this series>Views* see it on this page for example.
Of course you can only registered for futur Events.
in resume: load the game, choose the class car you want race/available that day, train some laps alone or multi, then jump on your race run attempt. :-)
see you on the tracks.

Edited by author: 5.3.2016 3:21:45 GMT
02.03.2016 [17:53] by Steve Metcalfe
Hi, How do I or can I register and race this series?



News detail and comments

Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 SPORTSCARS ROUND 1



Bruno Eliazord. VRC PRO Reporter & Pro Class Racer.

Here we go here in Boss Speed (reverse mode), for the start of the 1:8 nitro sportscars championship season 2016 !

The track is located in Tokyo, and has already organized big events in real life, like the 2014 JMRCA All Japan Championship 1/10th GP Open Class. The layout is small, technical, and you need to be very precise in your driving if you want to be fast.

Now, let's talk about the qualifications. 83 racers took part of the race, representing 16 nations. Drivers had 7 minutes to put their best laps, with a pit stop, knowing that the entry of the pit lane was tricky, because of the two tires made for slowing down the speed of the cars. A bad pit stop, and you loose everything.

In club class, on 21 drivers, Antti Sivenoinnen from Finland took the first spot with 25 laps /7.03.26. Johann Jury from Austria took the 2nd spot with 24 laps/7.01.316, and Karl Huxford from United Kingdom took the 3rd spot with 24 laps/7.05.418.

In sport class, on 32 drivers, Tomi Mairue from finland (again), took the 1st spot with 26 laps/7.01.430. Luke Allam from Australia 2nd with 26 laps/7.10.334, and 3rd Tomas Klingen from Germany with 26 laps/7.10.774.

In pro class, on 30 drivers, Jeffrey Rietveld from Netherlands has been the fastest with a incredible 28 laps/7.09.304, followed by Joshua Berman from USA with 28 laps/7.11.992, and Simon Wood from United Kingdom with 28 laps/7.12.756.

For the main final, 10 super heroes were ready to fight on the track. Jeffrey « Superman » Rietveld, multiple VRC PRO world champion took a great start from his first place, followed by Joshua Berman, Simon Wood, Miquel Hereijqers, Graham Raistrick, Massimo Alliprandi, Kevin Rasquin, Nuno Correia and Olev Phil, knowing that Ayrton Vermack did not start.

Quickly, Jeffrey « Superman » Rietveld made the difference with the others, putting really fast and consistent laps. He was litteraly flying on the track making the best lap of all the competition in 14,748 secondes. He made the hat trick, with pôle position, the win, and the best lap. Congratulations !!!

At the second lap Simon « Iron Man » Wood flew away after hiting a curb, loosing a lot of positions, but he has been able to come back like a rocket in the front of the race, finishing at the 4th spot. This guy is definitly fast.

Graham « Charles from X-Men » Raistrick had a great battle with the young french driver Kevin « Flash » Rasquin, during all the race, finishing respectively 4th and 5th, Graham taking the best on Kevin, who made some mistakes. Graham is a clever driver. He knows how to get good results even when he is not the fastest.

Joshua « Captain America » Berman and Massimo « The Shield »Alliprandi had also a great fight, but unfortunately for Massimo, this time the shield of Captain America has been too strong to let him pass, and they finished respectively 3rd and 8th. We will be waiting for the payback of Massimo at the next round of the season.
Be sure we will see all this Super heroes drivers soon, and some others. We will follow their adventures each month to know at the end, who will be the VRC PRO 1:8 Nitro Sportscars Champion !

Interview with the winner of this race :

VRC PRO : Hi Jeffrey. You have won this first round of the 1:8 nitro sportscars championship. Firstable, can you tell us your general feeling about your race ?

Jeffrey Rietveld : The race went quite well, no big mistakes and pretty consistent overall!

VRC PRO : What do you think about the track, the layout ?

Jeffrey Rietveld : One of the hardest tracks on VRC in my opinion. Very hard to drive on the limit on a consistent basis.

VRC PRO : Ok, now tell us about your car, was it perfect, and eventually a word about your set-up.

Jeffrey Rietveld : Only a few tweaks compared to the default. Struggled with understeer in general but at least the rear was incredibly stable which made it easier to drive consistent. Tip: when u start with a setup, get your ARB balance between front and rear right!

VRC PRO : Any advice or any secret for the other drivers ?

Jeffrey Rietveld : Analyze your driving and try out different racing lines. Don't over complicate your setup. Check my setup guide on the forum!

VRC PRO : I'm sure people will check your set up guide. Last question : Why would you recommend VRC Pro to someone who doesn't use it yet ?

Jeffrey Rietveld : I would recommend it to people who struggle with making setups in real life, and also to people who can drive fast in real life but don't have the consistency. VRC is great to learn the basics of setting up a car and it's also a great training tool to get more consistent and learn tracks in a fast way!

VRC PRO : Thank you Jeffrey, and good luck for the next round in Fort Myers, Florida.


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11.02.2016 [19:50]
Thank you for this excellent work that everyone should recognize.
Thanks, Bruno
06.02.2016 [23:05]
Thank to all of you guys. Other reports comming soon. I'm on it.

Edited by author: 6.2.2016 23:06:11 GMT
06.02.2016 [09:59]
Great report Bruno keep them coming!
05.02.2016 [19:46]
Good work Bruno! :D
05.02.2016 [17:33]
05.02.2016 [17:12]
Great report Bruno and fun to read, waiting for next chapter ;D
05.02.2016 [15:17]
Thanks for your comments. My first report, and I enjoyed to do it. Ok Pieter, I've changed the width of the pics. Maybe I'm gonna make a zoom on Simon Wood when he fly away, if I've got time.
A special thank to Jupe (Jukka-Pekka) for his precious help.
05.02.2016 [09:03]
beau travail Bruno
05.02.2016 [08:10]
great report and interview Bruno!

One suggestion: male the images 580 wide (change this in the syntax 400->580
05.02.2016 [07:10]
Yep, nice report! :)

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