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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC status: FINISHED

series logo Race: 16 January 2016 to 02 May 2016
Class: 1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T
Events: 8 events with total 16 rounds on 8 track(s)
Points: Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 1 RC Exitement


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC PRO race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 1 RC EXITEMENT

SC10 13.5 trucks started they season here from RC Exitement. Earlier in this track, modified class was drived and racewinner Martin Wollanka from Austria was setting the pace to others. He won the race with 10 seconds gap to Swedish Robert Hillman. Arthur Brule from France got the third podium place. But now it was time to solve who would be the hero of 13.5 class.

There was very familiar names at the top after qualy. Like we saw at STEAM POWERED race series event, Hillman, Rössler and Svoba were charging also this season start in here. Hillman from Sweden was fastest, but only 0.2seconds ahead of Austrian Thomas Rössler. Arturas Svoba from Lithuania came to third at qualifying.

From the tone these offroaders speed up and race was on. Rössler allmost losted this start at beginning, when he touched the pipe at start and his car flipped a little. He survived very nicely about this one, but little rhytm lost was taken and he dropped to fourth place. At race, nothing miracles happend when the winner was solved. But we did have very good final as the diffrences were so little at finishline. Four drivers were inside four second at the end.
Arturas Svoba was leading two laps from the start until Greg Nelson from USA turned to lead. Svoba was hungry, and propably were others also. After few laps, we could see that also Robert Sorjonen from Canada had joined to this leading group. His pace was very similar comparing to others at lead. But unfortunatelly his mistake at lap four and turn three, dropped him to last.
At fifth lap Rössler at second place start to push real hard the leader Nelson. This pressure made result when they turned to mainstraight and sixth lap was on. Rössler had moved to first, Nelson was second and Hillman third. Svobas tiny mistakes had dropped him over second away from Hillman, to fourth place. Now Steininger from Austria had joined behind Svoba to challenge him from fourth. Rössler at lead made mistake at turn four, he cutted to inside pipe and Nelson moved to first place. Rössler at second place was furios, his aggressive and tight drivingline made his pace really good and Nelson`s only job was to surrender at this point. Rössler gained the gap allmost one second and now Hillman was pressuring really hard Nelson's second position. At lap 11 Nelson got little time to breathe, when Hillman made some own moves at end of mainstraight, when he allmost went of the track. Battle of fourth place was intence, Svoba and Steininger were in battle and this was also nice to watch. This 49 years old Austrian was giving good pressure to Svoba. In lap 11 Svobas rhytm was losted, Steininger was furios and got the fourth place.

This didnt were easy final for Rössler, Nelson made his day very hard.

Nelson in second place, flipped his car at mainstraght when they were starting 13th lap, luckily he survived and stayed at second place but Hillman tightened his distance.
At this point Sorjonen, who had made mistake at lap four and dropped to last position had really good pace. He was now pushing and challenging Svoba and Steininger of the fourth place. His rhytm and pace was so magnificent, he had lifted his position all the way from the back, and was now behind Svoba and Steininger. At lap 14 he moved up to fourth place.
Rössler was going at the lead, with two seconds gap. Hillman had pressured and passed Nelson, and was now at second place. But lap 18, Hillman made bad jumps, before coming to turn eight. His car visit with its side and Nelson got pass.
At lap 20, our leader Rössler made mistake at mainstraight, his over two seconds gap was waisted by this and it was now only 0.7 seconds to Nelson. Differences were very close at this point, Hillman was only one seconds behind Nelson and Sorjonen at fourth place, was only 0.7 seconds from Hillman. Rössler struggled in lap 22 with turn 6 inside pipe, and Nelson went to the lead.

Rössler, Nelson and Hillman heading for mainstraight.

Only two minutes was left and all three drivers at top were inside 0.7 seconds. This was going to be magnificent end. Rest of the, Rössler and Nelson were in very tight battle, there was no any differences in they paces. Fighting was fare but hard and when the final lap started they gap was only 0.006 seconds. Hillman had dropped allmost two seconds behind, when these two were flying. And unbeliavable end we got, when these two were turning to last straight and finaly Rössler crossed the finishline before Nelson, ONLY 0.020 seconds ahead. Third place went to Swedish Robert Hillman, his gap to the winner was two seconds at finishline. Fourth place got Robert Sorjonen.
Man from Hong Kong, Carson Yeung. He drove very consistent race. After five minutes driving, battle duo Steininger and Svoba was pretty much solved. Steininger made few mistakes, mostly inside cuttings to pipes and these mistakes pit mixed his rhytm and Yeung catched him.

Svoba under pressure(inside), Steininger allready ahead and Yeung looking his place to pass Svoba

At lap 24, Svoba who was at fourth place, made mistake at mainstraight and this allowed Steininger and Yeung catch him. By that mistake, Svoba totally lost his rhytm and dropped from these two. But Yeung was pressuring real hard Steininger as these gladiators went to last lap. Then Steininger made this easy for Yeung, his mistake behind turn two, his jump went wrong and also Svoba passed him. Like this Carson yeung managed to get fifth position, Svoba was sixth and Steininger seventh.

In SPORT level race we had also good race of podium places. Fiselberger from Austria, Eriksson from Canada and Bean from USA solved this finals podiums. These three talents were driving pretty much with same pace. Finally Erwin Fiselberger was the strongest from this trio and drove to victory. Patrick Eriksson came second place, but only 2.2 seconds behind winner.
Glen Bean gave good pressure to Erisson but he would neede one 10th faster average to challenge him totally. Bean was third at checkered flag.

In CLUB level Sean Krause from Germany settled tha pace to everyone, he was so overwhelming and nobody didnt have any waepons to challenge him. He won this final with huge 17 seconds gap to John Dash. Third Place went to Javier Fraga from USA.

A main PRO

1|Thomas Rössler|AT|26|07:00.380 2|Greg Nelson|US|26|07:00.400 3|Robert Hillman|SE|26|07:02.360 4|Robert Sorjonen|CA|26|07:04.611 5|Carson Yeung|HK|26|07:07.928 6|Arturas Svoba|LT|26|07:09.112 7|Matthias Steininger|AT|26|07:09.677 8|Atsushi Takeshita|JP|26|07:15.320 9|Tony DUGAN|US|25|07:15.034 10|Antoine Rossetti|FR|DNS

A main SPORT
1|Erwin Fiselberger|AT|26|07:16.394 2|Patrick Eriksson|CA|25|07:01.743 3|Glen Bean|US|25|07:02.848 4|Josef Angleitner|AT|25|07:07.743 5|Giovanni Prini|IT|25|07:10.240 6|Zack Habram|US|25|07:10.837 7|Steve Davidson|CA|25|07:13.774 8|Chad Foster|US|24|07:10.694 9|Andreas Hirsch|DE|DNS 10|Robert Ingles|US|DNS

A main CLUB
1|Sean Krause|DE|26|07:09.340 2|John Dasch|US|25|07:09.126 3|Javier Fraga|US|24|07:00.391 4|Aaron Sikes|US|24|07:05.574 5|Jabin Carlton|US|23|07:06.117 6|Derek Jacobs|US|23|07:08.383 7|Iris Lahora|PH|23|07:14.957 8|Fred Gallego|FR|22|07:03.729 9|Leon Degen|CH|DNS 10|Kevin Tsang|HK|DNF


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