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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC status: FINISHED

series logo Race: 16 January 2016 to 02 May 2016
Class: 1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T
Events: 8 events with total 16 rounds on 8 track(s)
Points: Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
02.05.2016 [10:21] by Peter H
Yeah, number 1 in sport!

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05.06.2016   6 comments


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)


PRO level

Swedish offroad talent Robert Hillman has wonned SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC series in SEASON 1. This 37 years old driver showed magnificent consistency and pace during the season. Brasilian Sandro Cabreira gave good pressure to Robert whole season, but finally Robert was bit stronger than Sandro. Robert wonned totally three races during the season. Cabreira and man in third place, Tony Dugan, they both wonned one race. Cabreira and Dugan were both in good ”mode” in all races, so we can only expect what will happend in next season. Congratulations to all three podium drivers!


1|Robert Hillman|396
2|Sandro Cabreira|390
3|Tony DUGAN|382
4|Tommaso Andreuccetti|354
5|Christophe DELAMARE|334
6|Sean Krause|329
7|Arturas Svoba|328
8|Matthias Steininger|324
9|Carson Yeung|322
10|Atsushi Takeshita... read more

Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 5

24.03.2016   7 comments   Video: 3 available


The 2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC truck 13.5T SPEC round 5 race was held at the twisting, turning and off cambered NEO-9 where many great races have taken place on VRC. With the 13.5T motor, line can be limited or more difficult to take than with modified motors that create much more power. These races were each about who made the least amount of mistakes as with SPEC racing, time is difficult to make up. I am no artist but I will try to paint the racing picture.

In the pro class, the grid started out with Colby Waddell settling in at TQ followed by Sandro Cabreira, Sean Krause, Robert Hillman, Tony Dugan, Patrick Hofer, Tommaso Andreuccetti, and Christophe DELAMARE. Absent from the A-main in the pro class were Joan Espasa and Jiri Mara who qualified 6th and 8th respectively.
At the start of the race, Robert Hillman made a huge leap going from 4th to 2nd at the starting line only to fall back to last immediately from a wreck in the 2nd turn. Altho... read more

2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 4 Psycho Nitro Plast 5

10.03.2016   9 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 4 Psycho Nitro Plast 5

Three races has been drived of this SC10 13.5 trucks series. Serie is leaded by Swedish driver Robert Hillman with 230 points, Tony Dugan from USA at second place is 16 points and Lithuanian Arturas Svoba in third place, 35 points behind of Hillman.
This fourth event is raced here in Psycho Nitro Plast 5 track and in the event, its drived in reversed direction.

At qualify, second race winner from Bash Pit Short, Sandro Capreira from Brasil was the thoughest in gualify. He wonned the qualify with very tiny 0.4 seconds marging ahead Canadian Robert Sorjonen. To third grid was announced our serie leader Robert Hillman from Sweden, his gap to leader was 2.2 seconds. Sean Krause from Germany, who had changed his driver level from CLUB to PRO after second race, showed magnificent pace and runned to fourth grid, with 4.4se... read more

2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 3 Fear Farm

04.03.2016   11 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 3 Fear Farm

After two rounds, RC Exitement and Bash Pit Short, SC10 13.5 trucks third race were held in here, Fear Farm. Sandro Cabreira and Tony Dugan were setting the pace earlier race at Bash Pit Short.
As allmost all top drivers from earlier races were also here, event was ready to go and expectations for the good race were high.

At qualifying, Swedish driver Robert Hillman showed his pace. This 36 years old talent woned Brasilian Sandro Capreira with 2.8 seconds margin. Third fastest in qualifying was William Ables from USA. Winner from the first race, Austrian Thomas Rössler got the fourth and fifth grid went to Netherlands driver Peter Haaima.
So, looking these results, without mistakes, win would be probaply one mans show. How did it go, lets race.

As the race was arranged and drivers were ready, we noticed that... read more

2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 2 Bash Pit Short

03.03.2016   0 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 2 Bash Pit Short
After start of the season, at RC Exitement, it was time for second round, what was held in Bash Pit Short track. It waa nice to noticed that those top drivers from season start, was also in here. Rössler, Nelson and Hillman, who made that season start very exiting, were those guys to watch also in here.
Of course, track was different and anything could happend. And we just wanted other drivers to stand up and challenge these season leaders.

When qualifying round was held, our wishes came true. Other drivers had clearly stand up and there were different guys at top when round ended. Brasilian Sandro Cabreira was in pole with 2.2 seconds margin to USA driver Tony Dugan, who got the second grid. USA driver Greg Nelson, who was figting for the win at season start, got the third grid. His margin to pole was 3 seconds.
Indonesian... read more

2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 1 RC Exitement

26.02.2016   7 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC PRO race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 1 RC EXITEMENT

SC10 13.5 trucks started they season here from RC Exitement. Earlier in this track, modified class was drived and racewinner Martin Wollanka from Austria was setting the pace to others. He won the race with 10 seconds gap to Swedish Robert Hillman. Arthur Brule from France got the third podium place. But now it was time to solve who would be the hero of 13.5 class.

There was very familiar names at the top after qualy. Like we saw at STEAM POWERED race series event, Hillman, Rössler and Svoba were charging also this season start in here. Hillman from Sweden was fastest, but only 0.2seconds ahead of Austrian Thomas Rössler. Arturas Svoba from Lithuania came to third at qualifying.

From the tone these offroaders speed up and race was on. Rössler allmost losted this start at beginning, when he touched the pipe at... read more




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