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series logo Race: 16 January 2016 to 02 May 2016
Class: 1:8 Electric buggy
Events: 8 events with total 16 rounds on 8 track(s)
Points: Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
08.01.2016 [12:35] by Christoph R
There are 2 Neo and C-Netic at nitro buggy. Perhaps in Season 2 . 😉
05.01.2016 [19:23] by Holger W.
No Neo nü C-Netic? 😢

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Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY ROUND 2



Race report by Larry Blair (VRC Pro Race Reporter)

The 2016 Pro E-Buggy series made its 2nd stop at the beautiful facility at Silver dollar 3 and just as the facility is beautiful so was the lineup for the pro A main. Lots of big names would qualify for the final and racing all throughout the field would be very intense, especially between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. 1st through 5th finished with 22 laps while 6th through 9th finished with 21. In the end the top 3 would only finish 7 seconds apart. The points battle has begun for the season title!

Uwe De Zwart would put on a dominate performance from start to finish. He wasn't challenged much at all and when he did see a challenge, he overcame it with ease. Lap after lap the 14 year old phenom was able to distance himself and pull off super fast lap times and take the first place podium at the buzzer! He would post 22 laps with a fast lap on lap 6 of 31.194 with a race average of 32.260 and a top speed of 68.2 km/h / 42.4 mph.

Robert Hillman saw trouble at the beginning of the race and an early mistake pushed him back in the field. With quick recovery from this expert driver, he was back in the groove. He would settle in and run 4th position until lap 4 when he would overtake Dan Phillion on the back stretch. Now in 3rd place Robert set his sites on marson and on lap 6 he was able to capitalize on a Marson mistake that would boost him into 2nd spot. On lap 7 Hillman would make a mistake that would let Marson and phillion get back in front of him, pushing him back to 4th. By lap 10, Hillman was back in the fight. Lap 11 saw lots of position swapping between Hillman, Marson, and Phillion but on lap 12 Hillman would be in a solid 2nd spot. On lap 16 Dan Marson made the push for 2nd spot but after a small mistake in front of the drivers stand Robert Hillman quickly retook 2nd spot. Lap 19, Dan Marson goes back to 2nd Hillman to 3rd separated by 0.011 seconds, but by lap 20 Hillman is back in 2nd spot with a 1.2 second lead. In the end, Robert Hillman would finish 2nd on the podium with 22 laps and a fast lap on lap 6 of 31.612 with a race average of 32.379 and a top speed of 62.2 km/h / 38.7 mph.

Dan Marson would post an impressive 3rd place podium in style. This whole race was a hard fought battle that Marson would see himself in positions 2 and 3 all throughout the race and would hold off a very fast Dan Phillion in the end. He posted 22 laps with a fsat lap on lap 18 of 31.597 with a race average of 32.543 with a a top speed of 66.5 km/h / 41.3 mph.

Pro E-Buggy A Main Results

Dan Phillion is in the points lead by 11 points.
1. Dan Phillion 231
2. Dan Marson 228
3. Johannes Lamprecht 225
4. Robert Hillman 216
5. Nicolas Arizzi 207
6. Ralf H. Vey 201
7. Janosch Schäfer 191
8. Carson Yeung 168
9. Aaron Buran 158
10. Billy Yeung 148


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03.02.2018 [05:26]
Nice work Larry!
17.02.2016 [00:23]
Great report!! Keep up the great work, it's much appreciated.
12.02.2016 [20:20]
Thanks Bruno, in my opinion your reports are top notch my friend. Keep up the great work and you are right it does take time to write a good report, but all of these drivers deserve nothing less and deserve to have notification and recognition of their skills in my book!

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