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31.12.2014   4 comments   Category: Site news

Today the other 3 classes had their main finals completed, 1:8 nitro buggies at Naxos, 1:8 sportscars at Lostallo and 1:10 ITSC touringcars at Collegno. The 2014 VRC Worlds are now over and 12 more VRC World Champions are crowned!

The most controversial championship was 1:8 Nitro Buggies Open Class. Marcin Malinski’s result was disputed by 5 other racers which automatically triggers disqualification. But there was absolutely no ground to accuse Marcin of cheating and the disqualification was rolled back by race director Pieter Bervoets before the event finished but unfortunately this is not yet visible in the results where he still sits in p8. But Marcin Malinski is the undisputed 2014 nitro buggy VRC World Champion Open Class.

1 MARCIN MALIŃSKI PL Pro 96 60:13.626
2 David Ronnefalk SE Pro 96 60:26.603
3 Tobias Isaksson SE Pro 96 60:36.494
4 Markku Honkanen FI ... read more


26.12.2014   6 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Young Italian Team Associated factory racer Kevin Pignotti has successfully defended his 2013 title in 1:10 200mm nitro on-road class. Only Jeffrey Rietveld (NL) and fresh 1:12 champion Rick Yelle (US) managed to stay within 2 laps in the 1 hour A-Main to finish 2nd and 3rd.

A relatively poor semi final finish (only 6th) gave Kevin’s fellow competitors hope that the 2013 champ was perhaps a bit rusty, but Kevin showed no remorse in the 60 minute final. For the first 10 minutes young Ducth racer Jeffry Rietveld stayed very close with Kevin and the 2 tossed p1 several times, but after the 2nd pit stop Kevin showed a relentless pace and slowly drove away from Jeffrey and the rest of the field. All racers had opted for a tire change half way the 1 hour final, so there was no strategic advantage to be gained by trying to stay out for the whole race, all racers had done their homework well!

Kevin’s stats are impressive, as we know from the past:
fastest lap 00:17.850
slowest lap 00:18.752
avg.... read more


24.12.2014   9 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Not the fastest but the smartest and therefore the 2014 VRC World Champion 1:12 Open Class. Rick Yelle (US) had the patience to come out on top after the 16 minute A-Main, with Dana Bailes (US) 4 seconds and Martin Wollanka (A) one lap down completing the 2014 podium.

Rick knew that he had to come up with something smart for the double-length A-Main and to try to go the whole distance on just 1 battery charge as that could save you almost 20 seconds or about 0.3 seconds a lap on average. So he did a number of quarter distance runs to measure the amp usage with different settings on the speed controller, 97% power, low braking, optimized gearing etc. until he found a set-up that would get him to the finish on one charge. Also Atsushi Hasegawa, Graham Raistrick and Hiroyuki Shoda had opted for this strategy. Having a milder set-up than in his qualifying run (2nd), Rick had an incredible consistent run with just one small crash which cost him 3 seconds, to finish with a race average of 15.553 seconds with a f... read more


24.12.2014   7 comments   Category: Site news


The long awaited Oslo track has been released today. This track was the very first track in VRC v3 and hit the computer screens exactly 10 years ago!

Oslo is a very compact track with a few tricky corners which you must get spot on to do consistent lap times. Enjoy the ride!


23.12.2014   11 comments   Category: Site news


Best wishes to everyone and family!

Thanks to everyone who has supported VRC PRO this year; our customers, our moderators, premium members. We appreciate that! It's been a really exciting year for us. We've seen absolutely spectacular racing in the online race events, with great commentary from Mike Garrison. We've had two racers reaching the incredible total driving distance of 100.000 km. And our member base is about to reach 100.000 registered members as well.

We look forward to a very exciting New Year, with our Steam release ahead, new tracks, new car classes and a brand new racing Season.

Thanks again, and let's take your hobby to the next level in 2015!


18.12.2014   11 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Surprise from 'down under': Chris Sturdy is the new VRC World Champion Open Class SC Trucks. Congratulations on a fantastic drive for this CLUB level racer, beating the very best PRO racers in this class! The 18 year old Aussie was a big unknown, finishing just 69th in the Season 3 Series, but at this Worlds he got his act together to finish 1 lap clear of Wollanka and Loriot who made up the podium.

The 2014 Worlds Open Class SC Truck Main final was a 15 minute long race, forcing a pit stop midway to change the battery pack. Sturdy was one of the first to go for a new pack, Wollanka, who had been tossing for the lead with Sturdy for most of the first haplf of this final, came in for a fresh LiPo pack 2 laps later, but saw his 3 seconds lead diminish to under a second. Sturdy charged hard, Wollanka answered in style but pushed it too hard, blowing his chance to fight for the World Championship until the last lap to pieces. Young Nicolas Loriot lost the race at the first few minutes of the main final, making... read more


17.12.2014   3 comments   Category: Site news

The first half of the 2014 Worlds series is now completed and we can congratulate 12 new VRC World Champions:

1:10 Short Course trucks at Naxos
Open class
1 Chris Sturdy AU Club 23 15:38.031
2 Martin Wollanka AT Pro 22 15:08.963
3 Nicolas Loriot FR Pro 22 15:22.880

13.5T Spec class
1 Vincent Guigli FR 20 15:17.437
2 DELAMARE Christophe FR 20 15:23.294
3 Michael Zufelt CA 20 15:25.106

1 Joan Espasa ES 20 15:05.777
2 Ewan MacLennan GB 20 15:07.525
3 Thomas NUZZACI FR 20 15:18.554

1 Chris Sturdy AU 21 15:11.526
2 Jerome djay Delcourt FR 21 15:26.983
3 Francis Wathlet BE 20 15:02.911

1:10 200mm nitro touring ca... read more


05.12.2014   1 comment   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


This event is long passed but we did the video and now our commentator Mike Garrison from the US has added some spectacular commenttary to this exciting A-Main final.
Javan Candy wasted the star big time and for the whole 20 minutes he was driving his doors off to try to grab the lead. He came close but had to leave the win to Markku Honkanen who also took the Season 2 title with a strong season finish with 3 wins!

1 Markku Honkanen FI 28 20:13.563
2 Kirby Backemeyer US 28 20:23.026 +9.463s
3 Javan Candy GB 28 20:23.583 +10.02s
4 Dan Marson GB 27 20:13.672 +1 laps
5 Fredrik Boden SE 27 20:14.080 +1 laps
6 Marc Doucet FR 27 20:24.112 +1 laps
7 Claus Didriksen NO 27 20:32.729 +1 laps
8 Lee Queen US 27 20:40.197 +1 laps
9 Silvia Lukman ES 26 20:01.134 +2 laps
10 Antonello Parisi IT 26 20:07.857 +2 laps

2014 Season 2 final standings nitro buggy:

Pos. Member Total Net
1. Markku Honkanen 801 594
2. Javan Candy 891 582
3. Kirby Backemeyer 847 567
4. Martin Wollanka 56... read more

Season 3 Round 1 SC Truck video finally up

05.12.2014   0 comments   Category: Site news


It has taken some time because our commentator Mike Garrison was very busy with other stuff, but here is the video of the exciting A-Main final video between Loriot, Toth and van Rijnberk.


01.12.2014   58 comments   Category: Site news


December 1st update and release
Content update: 100 MB

Just 2 months after the Worlds, Virtual Racing Industries is releasing the Naxos track in Sicily, home of the 2014 IFMAR Worlds for nitro buggies. It’s a great but demanding track with lots of challenges, just like the real track proved to be back in September. We have made a comparison video between some real laps during the World Final, and who better to pick than World Champion Ty Tessman, against one of our beta testers Nicolas Loriot from France. As with earlier ‘virtual vs real’ comparison videos the resemblance between virtual and real is astonishing close, once more proof of the incredible accurate detail of the track and the fantastic realism obtained with our state of the art physics engine.

The Naxos track is home of the 2014 VRC Worlds for Short Course trucks, starting De... read more


01.12.2014   13 comments   Category: Site news


Interview with VRC Centurion 1 Graham Raistrick:

PB: Graham, congratulation with getting to the 100K point first. It looked like Tom was going to be the first to cross that line but you obviously made a big effort in the last day to get there first. This milestone means a lot to you then?

GR: First of all I would like to apologies to both Tom and you (and everyone for that matter) for taking you by surprise…even I wasn’t sure if I could get to the line before Tom. When it was ‘declared’ a ‘race’ in the October news letter ‘The Race is on – Who will reach the 100k First’….it has been in the back of my mind since…and I was one of the contenders, I’m a racer…it was going to be a race. As Tom got closer to the finish I snapped and HAD to have a go.
As to meaning a lot to me, Yes it does, as you know I am a great fan of VRC…have been from Version 3 and to have the honor of first to 100k means a lot to me. One for the history books you might say.

PB: what exactly did you do to ... read more

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