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As previously announced, the event structure has been updated with 'racer classes' Club, Sport and Pro. All the official events will automatically be split up in these 3 classes. The current VRC Pro members will be assigned to a racer class which corresponds to their skill level. The skill level is something we measure in the background, but basically it is a system that compares you to with other racers participating in an event who have the same skill level, if you do better than average your skill level increases, if you don't your skill level decreases. There is quite a bit of margin in the skill levels, so you don't jump from one level to another and back easily. The way we calculate the skill level is much more sophisticated and elaborate than we can explain here but trust me that we have thought about this deeply and that it is fair.

The purpose of introducing the racer classes is clear: provide fair racing to all our racers on 3 different levels. Not everyone is a Pro or aspires to be a Pro and could have much more fun racing others on your own level and making the A Main. And there is an extra challenge now to try to make it to a higher class in the next season or next year. Promotion to a higher class at the end of a season will be mandatory, demotion to a lower class is not, you can always opt to stay in a higher class. You can even change to a higher racer class during a season but you will then of course lose all the earned points in that season.

New members will be measured in their first official race and will be placed in a racer class based on their first performance. They can also opt to go to a higher class immediately.

You will have just one racer class and it will apply to all car classes you race in. To set this per car class would overly complicate the whole system. Something to consider for the future could be to have 2 racer classes, one for on-road and one for off-road, but for now we stick with one, let's see how this works out in season 3.

So from now on each event will have 3 A-Mains, B-Mains etc. and each class will earn the same points! You can view the results per racer class of course. In Replay mode you can still watch and practice with racers from higher or lower classes.

All current members have their racer class set to their current skill level. You can change this on your profile page, you should of course do this before Season 3 gets underway this Saturday!

We have developed a new interface for replay mode called 'TV Replay'. This new interface makes watching event replays a whole lot more interesting and exciting as you can now much better follow what's going on in the race. We show the actual positions and the interval times between the positions on the top, and the driver which is followed is shown at the bottom of the screen, just like you see in a sports coverage on the TV. You can easily control which car to follow by clicking on the name of the driver, or switch cameras by selecting a camera in the bottom part. You can also use key-board short cuts to control which car to follow or which camera to use. Use F1 to bring up the Help screen where all the short keys are explained.

The new TV Replay mode is a great improvement when capturing videos. VRC Pro's video reporter Edward Stover can't wait for Season 3 to go underway and use the new TV Replay mode to create even more awesome race videos.

Enjoy the new racing season, invite your friends to come and race with us. More racers, more fun...


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10.07.2013 [09:25]
Posted by: Theo Floropoulos (GR) on 7.7.2013 8:33:17 (UTC) how much time will take the release of the 1/8 bugggy?know someone?tell me if anyone knows.

Please read the second line in the first post. You should be reading Pieter Bervoets post. I have been waiting for that info too.

Edited by author: 10.7.2013 8:29:16 GMT

Edited by author: 10.7.2013 8:29:47 GMT
07.07.2013 [15:03]
Posted by: Theo Floropoulos (GR) on 7.7.2013 8:33:17 (UTC) how much time will take the release of the 1/8 bugggy?know someone?tell me if anyone knows.

nobody knows, it is what it is, when it is is right it will be released. Some day
07.07.2013 [09:33]
how much time will take the release of the 1/8 bugggy?know someone?tell me if anyone knows.
06.07.2013 [12:07]
good Job!
05.07.2013 [17:19]
The new replay option is great... It looks very awesome! Good work VRC
05.07.2013 [09:28]
I felt a bit discouraged when I saw that I now was "unranked" in the class I was automatically placed into when I previously (i.e. before the new categories were introduced) was ranked number 9 overall in off-road... For me that doesn't seemed fair or maybe correct is a better word. Now it will take me at least three months before I can get an adequate ranking again. The ranking points I had would in fact give me 1st place even in the Sport category...

Edited by author: 5.7.2013 8:45:25 GMT
05.07.2013 [04:42]
How will future ranking points be earned? If my skill level is calculated as "Sport" but if I choose to race in the "Pro" category, which of the two categories will get my ranking points? Edited by author: 4.7.2013 23:14:07 GMT[/b]

I can't answer the other bits, but I know that if you are racing in Pro, your points will go to Pro, and yes, if you choose to switch to Pro part way through a season, then you will start over at zero points. (This is why they suggest to choose which one you are going to run in before the season starts this Saturday)
04.07.2013 [22:43]
I have a question about the new ranking system. I have been placed in the "Sport" category, it also says "(your current class is 'Sport')" which is correct. However, I am not listed if I select the "Sport" filter. Instead my name is listed (as 1st actually) if I select the "Club" filter...

Also, if I select "Friends network", some drivers are listed in all three categories but they have different points depending on what category I select.

How are these points calculated? I guess that the points have been earned for each old category and they have now been converted to the new fewer categories. This is in my case rather confusing. If the above is correct it means that I will have 0 points for the category that I have been automatically placed into but I am currently ranked 1st in the category that I will not race in (and which I will not be able to select)...

The per category ranking system will also imply that if I choose to race in a higher class or if I'm automatically upgraded, I will start from zero again and it will take at least two full seasons (racing only off-road and both SCT classes) before I get an adequate ranking in the new category. Am I correct?

How will future ranking points be earned? If my skill level is calculated as "Sport" but if I choose to race in the "Pro" category, which of the two categories will get my ranking points?

Edited by author: 4.7.2013 23:14:07 GMT
04.07.2013 [08:18]
Posted by: Alex Guillot (FR) on 3.7.2013 10:29:31 (UTC)
Posted by: Esteban Maur (ES) on 3.7.2013 9:43:32 (UTC) how do i put tv replay??
it is in the game, (not here on website), enter an event on "events" item choose "watch/pratice", choose "watch only", then select pilots you want to see by clic their name, press enter and you see track like on "tv" keyboard f1 to have all fonctions. Edited by author: 3.7.2013 10:32:05 GMT

04.07.2013 [05:32]
All good work guys..

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