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Three Tracks, Six Classes of Racing, Hours of Fun

27.05.2013   Category: Site news


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Never a rainy day in VRC!
I read a race report about the JConcepts summer tour round 1. The racing was concluded through the heat races and the mains were about to line up, when the clouds opened and ended the day of racing. The best thing about VRC, there is never a rainy day. When the race is over the car is in perfect condition and my tires are never dirty. Some live for tearing down the car and chipping clay out of places that defy the imagination. I love a clean car, but I like to race in the dirt, how can I do it all? Oh VRC, no maintenance, no mud, no rainy days just fun, fun, fun.

Heemstede, VRC Carpet 1, Silver Dollar
This week the VRC Series races were held on three tracks and six different classes of cars. 200mm Nitro Mod and Spec, 1/12th scale mod and spec, and Short Course Truck Mod and Spec. The best contest of the weekend came in the A Main at VRC Carpet 1, 1/12th scale 10.5 spec class the difference in race times was 2 seconds.

VRC Carpet 1
Eight drivers lined up for the A Main, Brian Strange and Greg Garcia did not start due to a chocolate shake and Lipo incident, the two were seen arguing all the way out the door. After the dust settled from that, the main event was set to go. At the horn Alexey jumped out to an early lead. Around lap 5 Dana had put in some consistent laps and was ready to set up the pass. The two would exchange the lead on each corner and finally on lap 10 Dana began pulling away from the Alexey “The Young Gun” Babchenko. The finishing order in the end was as follows, 1. Dana Bailes, 2. Alexey Babchenko, 3. Frédéric Accomasso, 4. Barnabás Tóth, 5. Kanji Nakamura, 6. Carson Yeung, 7. Atsushi Takeshita, 8. Billy Yeung, 9. Brian Strange, 10. Greg Garcia


The 200mm A Main was a hot contest with Alexey “The Young Gun” Babchenko and Barnabas “Beast Master” Toth swapping the lead for 20 minutes. It is sometimes a tedious task witching hours of film to bring you these reports but this was not one of the boring ones. This race was excellent; these guys were going back and forth the whole time. Then I decided to go and read the forum board, it turns out that Barnabas had to race with his keyboard, after reading this I gave him the new nickname “Beast Master” if you can drive a modified 200mm car that fast with a keyboard you have to have Master somewhere in your name. The final results
1. Alexey Babchenko, 2. Barnabás Tóth, 3. Graham Raistrick, 4. Michael Winkler, 5. Jostein Smidt, 6. Thomas Lim, 7. Frederic BERGEOT, 8. Leopold DiCenso, 9. Dirk Zschaebitz, 10. Milan Peka

Silver Dollar
This week we headed out west to Chico California to the Silver Dollar Raceway home of the 2013 IFMAR 1/10th scale world championships. The new track was fresh and ready, The Dirt Racing's Joey Christensen has designed one of the best layouts ever. Article and pictures on Before they tore out the old track the VRC Elite would contest the old layout one last time.

In the 13.5 class the series points leader Kirby Backemeyer took the lead and never looked back, the Mod class however was a different story. Marcin Malin'ski, he did the mash, he did the “Monster Mash” Marcin hit the gas and never looked back running an almost perfect race. He drove it like he stole it. Kirby tried to vacuum him up but didn’t have the power to get the job done. The Results in the SC10 Mod Class are as follows, 1. Marcin Malin'ski, 2. Kirby Backemeyer, 3. Eben Coetzee, 4. Barnabás Tóth, 5. Antonello Parisi, 6. Ivan Kuyda, 7. Nicolas Evens, 8. Donald Stark, 9. Matthew Stacey, 10. Masato Kuroda

Race Wrap Up
When the dust settled from all the actions there were a combined total of 661 entries in 6 different classes, nations around the world were represented and everyone had a great time.

Driver Spotlight
This week the driver spot light is on Eben.
DES: What is your present level of participation in Real RC Racing, how often do you race, what class and what big races do you plan on running this year.
EC: Last year I won the South African championship titles in both 2wd and 4wd mod buggy 1/10 EP classes. Here in SA we race about 2 times a month with 4 national events every year. At the moment I am planning on going to Europe on the 17th to go participate in a few of the following events:
25.05.2013-26.05.2013=Austria, Hohenems, SM - Swiss Nationals
01.06.2013-02.06.2013=Germany, Singen, Alpencup - Open
22.06.2013-23.06.2013=Swiss, Obernau, SM - Swiss Nationals
29.06.2013-30.06.2013=Belgium, Kampenhout, Belgium International
15.07.2013-20.07.2013=Spain, Valladolid-Spain-European Championship

DES: How do you practice for real racing, when, where, how?
EC: I practice on Sundays at our nearest track and then the next weekend will usually race in a club event for which I don't really practice. When I go to practice it’s just me and my dad. He will play mechanic and I will do the driving. This is when we will spend some time together talking and just spending some time at the track.

DES: That is great my dad was always my mechanic and number one fan, He still is in fact. What is your warm up routine for VRC main events?
EC: When it comes to VRC and don't really practice a lot. In main events I just do a few laps like a battery or so and then I will do my runs. I just play VRC for the fun of it, and just to keep my skills up when I am not able to go to the track.

DES: Do you work a 9-5 type job, what is your job.
EC: No I just finished school last year. I just have a part time job as a copy collector for a magazine until I go to Europe on the 17th.

DES: What do you do outside of RC and VRC for fun. Example, Ski, Boat, Movies….etc…
EC: I just go out with some friends and just have some fun.

DES: Who are your sponsors in real and VRC?
EC: Gence Ace batteries and Jadrenaline Racing.

DES: What type of computer do you have, SPECS….
EC: Processor - Duel-Core 2.8 Ghz
Ram - 3 Gig ram
Graphics card - G-Force Gt 240
Motherboard - Intel E5500

DES: What adapter do you use and why, do you feel this gives you an advantage in VRC?
EC: I use the VRC adapter, because I was able to order it when I subscribed to VRC. Being able to use your own transmitter should help.

DES: What type of Transmitter do you run?
EC: I use a Spektrum DX3S.

Well Eben thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I wish you all the luck and good fortune in everything you do in the future.

The Local Yokel
Is it possible to be a happy lapper? Is second place really like kissing your sister? I don’t think so. I was talking with a friend the other day about attitudes of the elite group. This conversation got me thinking, why do I race, why do I push myself to be the best I can be? See the comment was this, as some of the back markers in a local bike race were crossing the line, a few of the fast riders had already finished eating and drank a few beers by this time. One said to the other if you’re going to be so slow why bother. Indeed why bother, well we can’t all be Lance Armstrong by the way Lance isn’t even Lance as we have since found out “performance enhancing drugs”.

So why race, why push to be better at something, why compete. The answer is simple we are believers; we believe that if we push hard enough we can attain the goal. If we make it in first or 100th we are going to try to beat the next guy. On the last lap of any race my mental PIT BOARD Says remember to breath, be smooth and get one more position. It never says win at all cost it says improve one more position.

In life we will succeed if we never quit trying to learn one more new thing, extend our self to one more person. Give of your time, lend our resources and learn from everyone we meet. Don’t look at the score board but always try to score one more point before you die. That is why we bother we believe we can. Racing VRC is like this there may be 100-120 people in the event but only one can win. The rest of us are only happy lappers.

Season Standings and Video Links
2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 200MM NITRO by SERPENT


2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 SCT - by TEKIN


2013 SEASON 2 - 1:12 10.5T by SERPENT

2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 SCT 13.5T SPEC - by TEKIN

2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 ISTC 13.5T by GENSACE


2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 ISTC by GENSACE

2013 SEASON 2 - 1:8 NITRO by SERPENT

Videos by Edward Stover

2013 Season 2 Round 4 Heemstede 1:10 200MM Nitro A-Main

2013 Season 2 Round 4 Silver Dollar R/C Raceway 1:10 SCT A-Main


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05.07.2013 [11:53]
Nice to meet you Eben at the Belgium GP in Kampenhout :P
28.05.2013 [22:01]
Another FinE Show!!!! G,G, Donald!!! Have fun at RCX!!! :)
28.05.2013 [21:25]
Thanks Donald. As always, good report!
28.05.2013 [16:19]
Great thanks
28.05.2013 [13:12]
Great report Donald, Thanks!
28.05.2013 [09:11]
Donald, a very laborious. My most sincere thanks!
28.05.2013 [04:11]
"Don’t look at the score board but always try to score one more point before you die." so truth !

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