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Name: Anton Sosnovskiy
Age: (restricted)
Country: Russia RU
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: Russian mini-z club
VRC Clubs: CarsRC Racing Club, VRC RUSSIA CLUB, Vrc World Nations, VRC RC INTERNATIONAL, * R/C United *, Russian Mini-Z Club VRC, VRC RUSSIA Racing Club, Mugen-Seiki International, VRC PRO Fans Club, ON ROAD Russia
Favorite brands: x-ray xb2, xb4, mugen mbx6t, kyosho mini-z
Favorite VRC tracks: MHS Raceway 1, VRC Carpet 2, VRC Bash Pit short
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Hey, guys, i created a custom 4-channel VRC Pro adapter.
The adapter works perfectly and has high FPS.
Thanks to 4 channels i can turn on marshal and refuel by buttons on my radi...
Best skill rating: 1:12 Electric on-road Spec   rating: 9.05 (Pro)
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Social status: Level1

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Russian Mini-Z ...
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Added: 28.06.2013

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