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Name: Arkadiusz O.
Age: (restricted)
Country: Poland PL
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: not written by member, tell him to do :)
VRC Clubs: RC Dabrowa Gornicza
Favorite brands: not written by member, tell him to do :)
Favorite VRC tracks: MHS Raceway 1, Rhein-Main, Padova IBR
Introduction: Im noob :)
Best skill rating: 1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T   rating: 8.64 (Sport)
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Social status: Level0 added: 14.02.2023

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11.01.2024 [02:08]
Thank you for sharing information about Arkadiusz Osowski in the RC fnaf racing community, especially on the Virtual RC (VRC) platform.

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26.12.2023 [01:30]
wow, love this video like moto x3m

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13.12.2023 [13:27]
Fantastic work! An intriguing concept, well executed. This looks a lot like the work I did when I first started using Photoshop. But I made significant progress and kept growing in this. I try to use a variety of effects and editors when I film videos for YouTube in order to give them a more polished look. Recently, I came into a resource that greatly aided me in my hobbies.

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23.10.2023 [16:11]
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02.10.2023 [20:17]
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17.07.2023 [10:26]
I quite like racing, it's great that now I can watch the players perform. shell shockers

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08.04.2023 [07:54]
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24.03.2023 [06:55]
Look cool, I love it. How do you think about monkey mart model

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