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Name: Sandro L.
Age: (restricted)
Country: Brazil BR
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: not written by member, tell him to do :)
VRC Clubs: CarsRC Racing Club, Club Lage- Brasil, VRC PRO Fans Club, 1/8 Gp Racers, JR Racing Team, training, JP Racing Club, MCC International, CAAR - VRC Brasil
Favorite brands: Xray , Muguen , CRC , Serpent
Favorite VRC tracks: VRC Carpet 2, Messina, VRC Super Speedway Short
Introduction: (restricted)
Best skill rating: 1:8 Nitro buggy Spec   rating: 9.91 (Sport)
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Social status: Level0
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Rhein-Main - Buggy 1/8 eletric added: 21.08.2017

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16.02.2024 [08:03]
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26.08.2017 [22:37]
Thank you Warren! A swagger coming from skillful rider and champion as you encourage even more practice.
This was my 2nd off-road event, I still have difficulty with jumps, I am not accustomed to. Lots of on-road practice !!
But I'm really enjoying the off-road experience, I intend to continue learning.
26.08.2017 [20:32]
great racing Sandro! would love to see you racing more buggy!!

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