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Name: Stu L
Age: (restricted)
Country: Canada CA
Home town: (restricted)
VRC Clubs: FIFE RC Racers, glasgow rc, WestCan OffRoad RC Club, Central Scotland Off Roaders, Scottish Off-Road RC, Three Amigos again
Favorite brands: Tamiya, Schumacher, Mardave, Kyosho
Favorite VRC tracks: MHS Raceway 1, VRC Carpet 2, MHS Raceway 3
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First car in 1982, first national race in 1985. Mainly just collect and dabble with the old cars these days.
My personal favourite care to collect and things Like the usual Tamiy...
Best skill rating: 1:10 Electric on-road 17.5T Club   rating: 9.37 (Pro)
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