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Total distance driven: 450223 km
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Name: Alvaro C
Age: (restricted)
Country: Spain ES
Home town: (restricted)
VRC Clubs: CarsRC Racing Club, Vrc World Nations, P4oject, SantoriniRCnSims, VRC PRO Fans Club, 1/8 Gp Racers, Athens VRC club, Road Rage, Flying cars, Sportscar Club
Favorite brands: Mugen, Kyosho, Sanwa
Favorite VRC tracks: Melzo, Lostallo, Heemstede 1
Introduction: Llevo 30 años disfrutando del radio control, sobre todo en la escala 1/8 pista gas. El juego de VRC sirve para divertirse y entrenar.
Best skill rating: 1:8 Nitro on-road sportscars   rating: 9.67 (Pro)
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Social status: Level1

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Car class popularity

1:8 Nitro on-road sportscars71%
1:8 Nitro buggy22%
1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec5%
1:8 Nitro buggy Spec2%
1:8 Nitro GT3 Spec0%
1:10 Electric on-road Spec0%
01 10 07
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Latest results

Date Track Class Type Time
26.06.2022 Heemstede 1 1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec Official event 181 laps in 45:10.124
26.06.2022 Heemstede 1 1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec Official event 180 laps in 45:20.974
26.06.2022 Heemstede 1 1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec Time trial 9 laps in 02:11.614
20.06.2022 Heemstede 1 1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec Official event 82 laps in 20:12.582

Friends (33)

Alex Mueller
Anthony J
Antonio S.
Austin Elliott
Brian P
Domenic R

Latest achievements

95% official track recordRobot consistencyShort keys masteryTop 10  at your own levelGreat precision driving!75% official track record80% official track record85% official track record90% official track recordTop 50% at your own levelRacing in traffic!

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