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Name: Panos Stavropoulos
Age: (restricted)
Country: Greece GR
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: SantoriniRCnSims
VRC Clubs: Freestyler "TTRC", Nitroholic's Skill Factory, TEAM ITALY, CarsRC Racing Club, VRC POLSKA, Vrc World Nations, VRC RC INTERNATIONAL, FIFE RC Racers, Eat.Sleep.R/C Club, SantoriniRCnSims
Favorite brands: team associated, futaba, hpi
Favorite VRC tracks: Heemstede 2, VRC Carpet 2, VRC Super Speedway Short
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I drive with sticks, just feels better for me .!!

Anyway it was only sticks back in the 90s when my love for rc vehicles (air and surface) started to grow. Since then I learned ...
Best skill rating: 1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck Spec   rating: 9.49 (Sport)
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836 301
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Car class popularity

1:8 Nitro on-road sportscars27%
1:10 Electric on-road20%
1:12 Electric on-road14%
1:10 Nitro on-road14%
1:10 Short Course 4WD9%
1:10 Electric on-road Spec9%
1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec7%
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Date Track Class Type Time
05.07.2022 NEO-2 1:8 Electric buggy Multiplayer 8 laps in 05:04.731
05.07.2022 NEO-2 1:8 Electric buggy Multiplayer 4 laps in 02:34.412
13.12.2021 Carpet 1 1:10 Electric on-road Official event 23 laps in 05:03.974
07.12.2021 Carpet 1 1:10 Electric on-road Official event 23 laps in 05:06.386

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Topic Category Date Posts Views Rating
Kyosho Atsugi 1/10 nitro setup Car setup 28.06.2022 [22:26] 1 2028
Lloret de Mar 1/10 electric setup Car setup 23.09.2013 [12:17] 5 2678
Mikes 1 1-10 SC stock (NO 3DS) Car setup 01.04.2013 [11:32] 4 3142
Essonne 1-8 nitro setup Car setup 05.01.2013 [16:49] 0 1750
Clermont Ferrand 1/8 nitro spec setup Car setup 17.12.2012 [09:14] 0 1659
Clermont Ferrand 1/10 nitro setup Car setup 17.12.2012 [09:01] 0 1509
Clermont Ferrand 1/10 electric Spec setup Car setup 16.12.2012 [04:12] 0 1340
Clermont Ferrand 1/10 electric setup Car setup 16.12.2012 [04:08] 0 1385

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24.02.2014 [02:40]
Agree, and if the champion can a get a real trophy , who can know VRC is only virtual :)
25.11.2012 [00:21]
What is reality after all...

Reality is relevant and is an amount of information that our limited senses receive from the environment.
Something that for a human seems smooth for a bug is like a rock field and for a single shell organism is like mountains.
What we realize as image is just the information of very certain lengths of the light that reflects the object and then hits our eyes receptors, so when we "see" a car we don't actually see it but our eyes receive the light that hit to it and the "image" is build in our brain.
As you can conclude reality is information, and what a computer process and gives is information and if this information and the interaction with the observer is the same in "real" world and in "virtual" then what happening in you brain is the same real in both cases.

So when you drive in VRC it is as real as reality.!!!
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