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Race:from 11.02.2023 [09:00] to 20.02.2023 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, OVERALL COMBINED, OVERALL OFFROAD COMBINED
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 11.02.2023 [09:00] to 15.02.2023 [08:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 15.02.2023 [09:00] to 20.02.2023 [08:30]
Duration: race: 10min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
1Tom RUSPro1310:32.431-10.0
2Gary CUSPro1210:18.537+1 laps >9.62
3Luke SZWPro1210:30.140+1 laps >9.50
4Lorenzo C.ITPro1210:31.780+1 laps >9.32
5Stefan SCHPro1210:36.243+1 laps >9.39
6Antoine RFRPro1210:41.560+1 laps >9.40
7Associated RUSPro1210:49.046+1 laps >9.17
8Scott RUSPro1110:05.743+2 laps >9.16
9Akid DatussalimIDSport1110:07.214+2 laps >8.98
10Jabin CUSPro1110:07.306+2 laps >9.06
11Davey Batta B.USClub1110:15.137+2 laps >9.36
12Alex R.SEClub1110:17.408+2 laps >8.52
13Christophe EFRPro1110:18.271+2 laps >8.75
14Heinz MATPro1110:19.788+2 laps >9.00
15Matthew FarrugiaMTPro1110:35.500+2 laps >8.10
16Herman SudarsonoIDSport1110:35.765+2 laps >8.67
17Samuele I.ITPro1110:40.500+2 laps >8.59
18emilio i.ARPro1110:41.289+2 laps >8.52
19Don HUSSport1110:49.160+2 laps >7.68
20Frank HDESport1110:49.198+2 laps >8.48
21Brad HeifnerUSSport1110:54.183+2 laps >8.39
22Tanner H.USSport1010:11.243+3 laps >7.90
23Mike BCASport1010:16.286+3 laps >8.05
24Andrea RITPro1010:16.785+3 laps >8.57
25jan s.ESClub1010:23.463+3 laps >8.08
26Alexander R.USSport1010:26.063+3 laps >8.36
27Marc DFRClub1010:28.803+3 laps >7.95
28Casey KUSSport1010:29.286+3 laps >7.97
29Josh OUSSport1010:31.117+3 laps >7.96
30Gary S.USPro1010:40.037+3 laps >7.75
31Erwin FATSport1010:40.660+3 laps >7.71
32Sébastien FFRClub1010:44.786+3 laps >7.68
33Svetoslav PBGSport1011:06.726+3 laps >8.13
34Francesco CITSport910:05.769+4 laps >7.70
35Zack M.USSport910:16.595+4 laps >7.76
36Borys RadkiewiczPLClub910:21.865+4 laps >6.72
37Jason D.USClub910:26.440+4 laps >7.40
38Trevor BUSClub910:32.569+4 laps >6.81
39Josh H.USClub910:34.846+4 laps >6.76
40Ronald K.USSport910:45.917+4 laps >6.69
41Marcos Heitor SBRClub911:05.931+4 laps >6.44
42Dan H.USClub911:07.834+4 laps >6.63
43Jonathan PCAClub810:27.815+5 laps >6.12
44Corentin CantegrelFRSport810:34.640+5 laps >6.37
45David Alexandre P.PTClub810:37.266+5 laps >6.95
46Sebastian S.DEClub810:49.363+5 laps >5.42
47Antonio PPTSport810:56.935+5 laps >6.34
48Paul M.USSport811:00.769+5 laps >5.84
49Se-ji S.JPClub710:52.852+6 laps >5.53
50Joe AUSClub510:24.354+8 laps >4.43
 51Billy C.USPro1008:00.740DNS9.50
 52Kevin T.CAPro1008:11.166DNS9.30
 53Wiktor SATPro1008:11.572DNS9.29
 54Jaiden MUSPro1008:11.963DNS9.29
 55Brian NCAPro1008:12.914DNS9.27
 56Buddy C.USPro1008:15.203DNS9.23
 57Bryan B.USPro1008:18.243DNS9.17
 58Rumsey RUSPro1008:34.125DNS8.89
 59Benjamin H.USSport1008:38.306DNS8.81
 60Noah OUSSport1008:55.315DNS8.53
 61Christian HATPro908:01.689DNS8.54
 62Hikaru NagaraJPPro908:10.257DNS8.39
 63Antonio E.USClub908:21.140DNS8.20
 64Jörg L.DESport908:37.863DNS7.94
 65Tristan MUSPro908:39.771DNS7.91
 66Sam Z.ITClub908:56.088DNS7.67
 67Jan D.CHClub808:08.248DNS7.49
 68Pierre BCHSport808:43.440DNS6.98
 69Shane H.USClub708:04.034DNS6.61
 70Piotr m.GBClub609:21.628DNS4.88
 71Jonathan S.USClub609:25.469DNS4.85
 72Kendall C.USClub507:52.628DNS4.83
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