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Race:from 01.10.2022 [00:00] to 31.12.2022 [22:00]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy Spec
Track:MHS Raceway 1
Direction:  Official O
Club:CarsRC Racing Club

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Dates: from 01.10.2022 [00:00] to 31.12.2022 [22:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 100, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - Club level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifference
A Main   lap chart...
1Erwin W.DESport1805:17.238-
2Stanislav PCZSport1705:04.471+1 laps >
3Alessandro TITPro1705:05.615+1 laps >
4Nicolas M.FRClub1705:08.232+1 laps >
5Christoph D.ATClub1705:10.177+1 laps >
6Mark P.USSport1705:10.260+1 laps >
7Stefano R.ITSport1705:10.765+1 laps >
8Bernardo HUSClub1705:11.986+1 laps >
9Christophe E.FRPro1705:12.142+1 laps >
10Mauricio CardonaCOClub1705:12.743+1 laps >
B Main   lap chart...
11Akid DIDSport1705:13.640-
12David MAUClub1705:14.031+0.391s >
13Pablo ZESClub1705:16.512+2.872s >
14Ric NUSSport1705:16.611+2.971s >
15Grzegorz PPLClub1705:18.343+4.703s >
16Martin U.USSport1705:20.060+6.420s >
17AJ RodriquezUSSport1605:00.154+1 laps >
18Michael B.USSport1605:00.580+1 laps >
19Colin PDEClub1605:02.791+1 laps >
20Hubert GPLClub1605:05.471+1 laps >
C Main   lap chart...
21Iñaki SESSport1605:05.551-
22Don HUSSport1605:06.946+1.395s >
23Juan GESClub1605:07.182+1.631s >
24Chrystel DFRClub1605:07.654+2.103s >
25ALEX G.GBClub1605:10.526+4.975s >
26Alexandre B.FRSport1605:10.769+5.218s >
27Casey KUSSport1605:13.452+7.901s >
28Peter E.CASport1605:13.603+8.052s >
29David R.FRClub1605:16.534+10.983s >
30Brad HeifnerUSSport1605:20.069+14.518s >
D Main   lap chart...
31Bourck C.USSport1505:02.103-
32Thomas VHUSport1505:02.169+0.066s >
33Julian F.DEPro1505:02.943+0.840s >
34Adam R.USClub1505:03.960+1.857s >
35Jørn A.DKSport1505:03.965+1.862s >
36Nathanael M.DEClub1505:04.863+2.760s >
37Anthony V.FRClub1505:10.957+8.854s >
38Chris D.USClub1505:10.986+8.883s >
39Brendan Z.USClub1505:15.823+13.720s >
40Tunahan K.TRClub1505:17.965+15.862s >
E Main   lap chart...
41Petr SCZPro1405:01.897-
42Atley W.USClub1405:02.491+0.594s >
43Ron W.USClub1405:03.580+1.683s >
44ALEXIS ROLLINFRClub1405:04.834+2.937s >
45Armand P.FRSport1405:09.014+7.117s >
46Gord CCAClub1305:12.912+1 laps >
47Randass FUSClub1305:15.717+1 laps >
48Kino CESClub1305:21.826+1 laps >
49Madylin CoopriderUSClub1305:27.557+1 laps >
50Michael CUSClub905:06.009+5 laps >
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- you can click on event round name in Timetable to see the results for a particular round

- results with grayed background will NOT advance to next round, results with green background qualify directly to final (bump-up mode only)

- when showing round results you can see position from previous round (if available) and actual overall position

- rounds with 'A-B-C' format are grouped in Heats or Mains, and time/laps difference is made to best result in that group

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- 'n/a' is shortcut for 'not available'

- 'DNF' means 'did not finish' (aborted race before end)
- 'DNS' means 'did not started' (although qualified, not started any race in actual/last round)
- 'DNQ' means 'did not qualified' (to actual/last round)

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