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Race:from 08.12.2021 [09:00] to 20.12.2021 [09:00]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 5 ABC (1 - 300) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 08.12.2021 [09:00] to 13.12.2021 [08:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 13.12.2021 [09:00] to 17.12.2021 [08:30]
Duration: race: 9min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 6, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - pitlane start - sorted overall - National level


Dates: from 17.12.2021 [09:00] to 20.12.2021 [09:00]
Duration: race: 10min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - International level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1Gary CUSPro2010:18.731-9.79
2Antoine RFRPro2010:27.412+8.681s >9.61
3Kevin T.CAPro1910:00.814+1 laps >9.54
4Harald FDEPro1910:01.726+1 laps >9.21
5Robert HillmanSEPro1910:06.086+1 laps >9.10
6Erwan PFRPro1910:06.191+1 laps >9.65
7Brian NCAPro1910:09.320+1 laps >9.38
8Theo DelcroixFRSport1910:10.211+1 laps >9.33
 9Billy C.USPro1909:20.592DNS9.72
 10Aleix G.ESPro1809:13.252DNS9.53
B Main   lap chart...
11Danny KNOPro1910:16.923-9.34
12Marcel T.ATPro1910:18.574+1.651s >9.32
13Massimo F.ITPro1910:24.549+7.626s >9.28
14Marc-André LCAPro1910:24.794+7.871s >9.10
15Carson YHKPro1910:26.162+9.239s >9.26
16Markus ADEPro1910:28.383+11.460s >9.27
17Heinz MATPro1910:29.026+12.103s >9.31
18Jürgen T.ATPro1910:30.995+14.072s >9.17
19Rumsey RUSPro1810:09.517+1 laps >9.09
 20Alex L.USClub1809:17.009DNS9.16
C Main   lap chart...
21Renaud GCHPro1910:23.391-9.26
22Dmytro ChubUASport1910:24.031+0.640s >9.28
23Marko L.FISport1910:25.980+2.589s >9.16
24Scott RUSPro1910:28.460+5.069s >9.17
25Alessandro TITPro1910:28.494+5.103s >9.20
26Lorenzo C.ITPro1910:28.517+5.126s >9.09
27Andrea RITSport1810:00.823+1 laps >9.12
28Steve AdkinsUSClub1810:03.903+1 laps >9.08
 29Samuele I.ITPro1809:24.020DNS9.24
 30Lala L.TWPro1809:26.585DNS9.24
D Main   lap chart...
31Stephane CCASport1910:25.728-9.14
32Christophe MFRSport1910:29.783+4.055s >8.86
33Stefan LSEClub1810:03.934+1 laps >9.07
34Paweł TPLSport1810:07.623+1 laps >8.79
35Marco M.CNClub1810:07.983+1 laps >8.93
36Corey TUSPro1810:09.371+1 laps >8.65
 37Colin BUSSport1709:02.237DNS8.88
 38Alexandr P.UASport1709:04.478DNS8.71
 39Tristan R.FRClub1709:04.946DNS8.88
 40Daniel G.ATPro1709:05.109DNS8.98
E Main   lap chart...
41IFV I.ESPro1910:22.937-9.21
42Christian GDESport1810:05.037+1 laps >8.97
43Tobias L.SESport1810:09.777+1 laps >8.89
44tyler hUSClub1810:10.637+1 laps >8.92
45Helge HDEPro1810:10.823+1 laps >8.94
46Zachary AUSSport1810:17.829+1 laps >9.06
47Izidor TSIPro1810:21.338+1 laps >8.97
48Chris L.USSport1710:00.623+2 laps >8.50
 49Simon H.GBPro1709:08.000DNS9.04
 50Sean BCASport1709:11.429DNS9.08
F Main   lap chart...
51Stefan SCHClub1810:10.435-8.89
52Josef AATPro1810:13.346+2.911s >8.73
53Diego C.ESClub1810:16.232+5.797s >8.31
54Donald SUSSport1810:18.420+7.985s >8.81
55Pasi V.FIPro1810:19.568+9.133s >8.88
56Noah OUSSport1810:21.071+10.636s >8.64
57Marco GITPro1810:22.382+11.947s >8.79
58Hikaru NagaraJPPro1810:30.186+19.751s >8.90
59Morten FNOClub1710:13.137+1 laps >8.67
 60Octavio T.ESSport1709:17.875DNS8.63
G Main   lap chart...
61Don HUSClub1810:13.520-8.75
62Svetoslav PBGClub1810:20.754+7.234s >8.52
63Niki DCNSport1810:22.666+9.146s >8.60
64Gordon SAUSport1810:23.451+9.931s >8.66
65Alejandro UmbríaESSport1810:27.745+14.225s >8.77
66Billy G.GBClub1810:28.440+14.920s >8.42
67Tzu hua S.TWSport1810:34.509+20.989s >8.75
68Keith C.CAClub1710:06.440+1 laps >8.36
 69Lee GUSPro1709:28.385DNS8.51
 70Paweł CPLClub1709:29.102DNS8.49
H Main   lap chart...
71Andrea GITClub1810:28.314-8.73
72Khairul A.MYSport1810:33.980+5.666s >8.52
73Vladimir FUASport1710:06.400+1 laps >8.43
74Mike W.DESport1710:08.140+1 laps >8.48
75WON IL BKRPro1710:11.474+1 laps >8.35
76Milan P.CZPro1710:24.626+1 laps >8.31
77快乐 老CNClub1710:33.134+1 laps >8.62
78Derrick RCASport1610:00.629+2 laps >8.31
79Alan L.NZClub1610:02.985+2 laps >8.34
 80Harry WGBClub1709:38.460DNS8.53
I Main   lap chart...
81Frank HDESport1710:00.689-8.69
82Jürgen TDEClub1710:07.617+6.928s >8.35
83Andrea NovatiITClub1710:13.069+12.380s >7.82
84Toby HUSSport1710:15.772+15.083s >8.09
85Wolfgang H.ATPro1710:17.506+16.817s >8.35
86Joe V.USClub1710:21.274+20.585s >8.19
87Josh O.USClub1710:22.946+22.257s >8.08
88JC F.USClub1710:24.718+24.029s >8.17
89shuo l.CNClub1610:06.643+1 laps >8.51
90Dorian MFRSport1610:24.069+1 laps >8.22
J Main   lap chart...
91Brad HeifnerUSSport1710:18.506-8.54
92Marcel W.DESport1710:19.580+1.074s >8.22
93Herman S.IDSport1710:25.683+7.177s >7.98
94Tony D.FRClub1710:30.374+11.868s >8.30
95Neiles McflyDEClub1710:32.320+13.814s >8.25
96Mantas M.LTClub1710:34.094+15.588s >8.05
97Paulo MPTSport1610:11.806+1 laps >8.16
 98Markus W.DESport1609:20.985DNS8.44
 99Jordan H.AUClub1609:21.548DNS7.26
 100Kyle N.USSport1609:25.374DNS8.03
K Main   lap chart...
101Christos KGRSport1710:30.620-8.07
102Philippe F.FRSport1610:00.829+1 laps >8.26
103Yann MenardFRSport1610:05.297+1 laps >8.01
104Jörg L.DESport1610:07.217+1 laps >8.25
105Gary S.USPro1610:16.191+1 laps >7.72
106Libor N.CZClub1610:16.657+1 laps >7.81
107Mike BCASport1610:20.745+1 laps >7.95
 108Christophe E.FRPro1609:26.042DNS8.54
 109Henri VFRSport1609:30.054DNS8.44
 110Lance M.USClub1609:37.751DNS7.21
L Main   lap chart...
111Carlos Augusto P.BRClub1710:31.183-7.97
112Rc Douil P.FRSport1610:03.134+1 laps >7.36
113Sandijs D.LVClub1610:08.600+1 laps >7.82
114Derek Z.CAClub1610:12.666+1 laps >7.84
115Captain M.USClub1610:25.943+1 laps >7.75
116Erwin FATSport1210:33.500+5 laps >8.04
 117Gerhard LATPro1509:01.775DNS8.68
 118Per-Anders W.NOSport1509:05.443DNS7.79
 119KUNIO TJPClub1509:12.068DNS7.31
 120Tanner BUSClub1509:15.052DNS8.42
M Main   lap chart...
121Bryan BUSClub1510:01.874-7.75
122Borys RadkiewiczPLClub1510:08.548+6.674s >7.42
123C B.ATSport1510:16.503+14.629s >6.82
124Marc DFRClub1510:26.460+24.586s >7.36
125Guillaume CFRClub1510:30.586+28.712s >7.35
 126Daniel H.CHClub1509:18.540DNS7.66
 127Matt K.USClub1509:28.931DNS7.75
 128Kyle B.USClub1509:31.951DNS7.60
 129Alexander R.USSport1509:36.726DNS7.37
 130Natan AttardMTSport1409:01.174DNS7.41
N Main   lap chart...
131K. T.JPClub1510:15.123-7.30
132Raphael G.FRClub1510:25.852+10.729s >7.15
133Peter E.CAClub1510:26.917+11.794s >7.32
134Mike CUSClub1510:27.917+12.794s >6.66
135Christian BDEClub1510:32.794+17.671s >7.35
136Mark HUSClub1410:15.772+1 laps >7.19
137Joe C.USClub1410:20.091+1 laps >5.26
138Martin L.CASport1310:04.023+2 laps >7.12
139Marcel D.DEClub1310:23.703+2 laps >6.85
 140Ladislav P.CZClub1409:29.620DNS6.72
O Main   lap chart...
141Jaroslav D.CZClub1410:17.320-7.14
142Torsten ADEClub1210:20.203+2 laps >6.01
143Randass FUSClub1210:22.483+2 laps >7.13
 144Ricky BUSClub1209:02.480DNS7.04
 145Tom RUSPro1708:12.486DNS10.0
 146Charly BFRPro1608:08.068DNS9.50
 147Alexander FDEPro1608:08.517DNS9.49
 148Rob G.USPro1608:17.131DNS9.32
 149Logan TNZClub1608:18.277DNS9.30
 150Tommaso A.ITPro1608:20.706DNS9.26
P Main   lap chart...
 151Emanuel RDEPro1508:03.963DNS8.98
 152Balint R.HUPro1508:07.143DNS8.92
 153Nicolas T.UYSport1508:11.183DNS8.85
 154OLIVIER A.FRSport1508:11.857DNS8.83
 155Alek AlekischUSPro1508:13.488DNS8.81
 156Jose Miguel S.ESPro1508:14.108DNS8.79
 157Lemoine J.FRSport1508:20.291DNS8.69
 158Tyler MackenzieCAPro1508:26.763DNS8.57
 159Corsin J.CHSport1508:29.943DNS8.52
 160Stefan E.DEPro1508:32.454DNS8.48
Q Main   lap chart...
 161James HGBSport1408:00.437DNS8.44
 162Drew C.USClub1408:02.163DNS8.41
 163Matthew SUSSport1408:07.268DNS8.32
 164Francisco BESClub1408:07.772DNS8.32
 165Thorsten S.DEClub1408:10.391DNS8.27
 166Ron B.AUSport1408:12.778DNS8.23
 167Chris R.USSport1408:12.920DNS8.23
 168Marko T.FISport1408:16.940DNS8.16
 169Rudie DZAClub1408:27.898DNS7.99
 170ROBERT F.ESClub1408:29.923DNS7.95
R Main   lap chart...
 171Michal PPLClub1408:31.951DNS7.92
 172Borut ZanklATSport1408:36.960DNS7.85
 173Justin C.USClub1308:03.094DNS7.80
 174Broc C.USPro1308:05.508DNS7.76
 175cody m.USClub1308:06.775DNS7.74
 176Will T.AUClub1308:24.792DNS7.46
 177Petr SCZPro1308:37.100DNS7.28
 178Yuriy S.UAClub1208:03.943DNS7.18
 179Braden E.USClub1008:11.983DNS5.89
 180Vinnie V.USClub1008:32.963DNS5.65
S Main   lap chart...
 181Gabriele MITClub1008:45.626DNS5.51
 182Akedda DUSClub608:21.640DNS3.47
 183Cyril C.FRSport201:06.205DNS8.75
 184Cristian V.ESSport106:15.860DNS0.77
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