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Race:from 13.03.2020 [22:00] to 23.04.2020 [00:00]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Track:Phoenix Fear Farm
Direction:  Official O

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Tire King - Official

Dates: from 13.03.2020 [22:00] to 23.04.2020 [00:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 1000, tries: 100, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - Club level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifference
A Main   lap chart...
1Marcel KDEPro905:15.723-
2Maryan B.UAPro905:17.311+1.588s >
3Xavier B.CAClub905:18.032+2.309s >
4Tom RUSPro905:18.803+3.080s >
5Matthew SCAPro905:19.631+3.908s >
6Alejandro PESPro905:20.020+4.297s >
7Jason W.USClub905:23.563+7.840s >
8Jürgen H.ATPro905:23.677+7.954s >
9Mattia BITSport905:25.300+9.577s >
10Nicolas T.UYSport905:25.937+10.214s >
B Main   lap chart...
11Antoine RFRPro905:28.003-
12Massimo F.ITPro905:28.060+0.057s >
13Robert SorjonenCAPro905:31.054+3.051s >
14Arturas S.LTPro905:32.628+4.625s >
15aaron a.USPro905:32.968+4.965s >
16Renaud GCHPro905:36.175+8.172s >
17Matthias SteiningerATPro905:37.448+9.445s >
18Leopold BATPro805:01.392+1 laps >
19Rayan M.FRClub805:02.871+1 laps >
20Pedro Jose LESPro805:03.454+1 laps >
C Main   lap chart...
21Iñaki SESClub805:03.483-
22Bryan TUSPro805:03.855+0.372s >
23Heinz MATSport805:04.266+0.783s >
24Matthew FarrugiaMTSport805:04.403+0.920s >
25Kaiden VUSSport805:04.549+1.066s >
26Steve BUSClub805:05.455+1.972s >
27Eric LFRPro805:05.549+2.066s >
28Jeff F.USClub805:06.231+2.748s >
29Marek BSKSport805:06.431+2.948s >
30Bourck C.USClub805:06.437+2.954s >
D Main   lap chart...
31Sean BCAClub805:06.508-
32Tim SUSPro805:07.089+0.581s >
33Jose C.ESClub805:10.634+4.126s >
34Mario DITPro805:12.383+5.875s >
35Clayton W.USPro805:12.583+6.075s >
36Christophe EFRSport805:14.903+8.395s >
37Clayton PUSPro805:15.400+8.892s >
38Alessandro TITPro805:15.534+9.026s >
39Robert R.USSport805:15.618+9.110s >
40Stanislav PCZClub805:16.040+9.532s >
E Main   lap chart...
41Scott RUSClub805:16.074-
42Henri VFRSport805:18.183+2.109s >
43Gayday VUASport805:18.205+2.131s >
44Travis RUSSport805:18.209+2.135s >
45Dorian MFRSport805:22.625+6.551s >
46Kieran C.USSport805:23.272+7.198s >
47Antonio Manuel GESSport805:23.634+7.560s >
48Jose PESSport805:23.814+7.740s >
49Thomas VHUSport805:23.912+7.838s >
50Gary S.USSport805:25.388+9.314s >
F Main   lap chart...
51Bart B.USSport805:27.309-
52Ryan SCASport805:27.628+0.319s >
53Dan BUSSport805:28.025+0.716s >
54Monty R.USClub805:28.434+1.125s >
55Arnaud F.FRSport805:29.212+1.903s >
56Antonio B.ITClub805:29.848+2.539s >
57Kevin GrodzinskiUSSport805:31.317+4.008s >
58Mike S.DESport805:31.317+4.008s >
59Xaxu X.ESSport805:34.091+6.782s >
60Richard Van oschNLSport805:35.092+7.783s >
G Main   lap chart...
61Markus K.DESport805:35.554-
62Santos R.USPro805:36.002+0.448s >
63Andrea B.ITSport805:36.580+1.026s >
64Curtis D.USSport805:39.460+3.906s >
65Nick LAUClub805:40.949+5.395s >
66Raymond BUSClub805:44.854+9.300s >
67Nicholas DUSClub705:00.126+1 laps >
68Jacek JPLSport705:01.094+1 laps >
69Peter E.CAClub705:02.306+1 laps >
70Didier B.CHSport705:03.914+1 laps >
H Main   lap chart...
71Steen M.DKSport705:06.271-
72Emmanuel D.FRClub705:06.326+0.055s >
73Alfredo CPRSport705:11.622+5.351s >
74Jack I.USSport705:15.171+8.900s >
75Delaguette G.FRClub705:17.182+10.911s >
76Mauro D.ITSport705:21.628+15.357s >
77Raymond M.USClub705:26.734+20.463s >
78Angel DESSport705:27.280+21.009s >
79Jon BUSClub705:29.745+23.474s >
80Brad HeifnerUSSport705:32.908+26.637s >
I Main   lap chart...
81Justin FUSClub705:34.558-
82Frank H.DESport705:39.146+4.588s >
83Luke BUSSport605:04.803+1 laps >
84Camilo RCOSport605:25.568+1 laps >
(Use the checkboxes to select 2 or 3 results to compare lap times!)

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- 'DNS' means 'did not started' (although qualified, not started any race in actual/last round)
- 'DNQ' means 'did not qualified' (to actual/last round)

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