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BANGKOK 1:10 Specstatus: FINISHED

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Race:from 01.04.2020 [00:00] to 30.06.2020 [22:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road Spec
Track:Bangkok RCS long
Direction:  Official O
Club:CarsRC Racing Club

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Dates: from 01.04.2020 [00:00] to 30.06.2020 [22:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 100, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - Club level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifference
A Main   lap chart...
1Reece HGBPro1805:12.954-
2Nicola M.ITPro1805:16.032+3.078s >
3Alexandre DFRPro1705:00.094+1 laps >
4Cyril N.FRPro1705:00.880+1 laps >
5Kévin RasquinFRPro1705:02.356+1 laps >
6Sebastian TFISport1705:03.304+1 laps >
7Surikarn CTHPro1705:03.372+1 laps >
8Antoine BFRPro1705:04.096+1 laps >
9Darren L.GBPro1705:04.268+1 laps >
10Francesco P.ITPro1705:05.466+1 laps >
B Main   lap chart...
11Jitse MNLSport1705:06.306-
12Matthew Q.GBPro1705:07.786+1.480s >
13Christian WatzlDEPro1705:08.368+2.062s >
14Gabriele VITPro1705:08.376+2.070s >
15Phil IsaacGRPro1705:08.386+2.080s >
16Andrey SRUPro1705:08.640+2.334s >
17Paul M.GBPro1705:09.036+2.730s >
18Jean HFRPro1705:09.112+2.806s >
19Guy T.GBSport1705:09.406+3.100s >
20Smith VTHPro1705:09.478+3.172s >
C Main   lap chart...
21Christian DDEPro1705:09.750-
22limoges j.FRClub1705:09.750+0.000s >
23Philipp PDEPro1705:10.036+0.286s >
24James CGBClub1705:10.344+0.594s >
25Erwan PFRPro1705:11.134+1.384s >
26Tsutomu F.JPPro1705:12.004+2.254s >
27Mark B.GBPro1705:13.040+3.290s >
28Stephan E.CHClub1705:14.120+4.370s >
29Teyssier M.FRPro1705:14.186+4.436s >
30Fábio RPTPro1705:14.240+4.490s >
D Main   lap chart...
31Glenn W.ARSport1705:14.632-
32Flavio TamaBRPro1705:15.196+0.564s >
33Alexandre B.FRPro1705:15.506+0.874s >
34Vitor OhtaBRPro1705:15.904+1.272s >
35Cyril C.FRSport1705:16.264+1.632s >
36David M.ESPro1705:16.746+2.114s >
37Graham KGBPro1705:17.082+2.450s >
38Chanyoung H.KRSport1705:18.060+3.428s >
39Nicolas RESPro1705:18.170+3.538s >
40Jay W.GBClub1605:00.230+1 laps >
E Main   lap chart...
41Mikael LFRPro1605:00.430-
42polo pFRPro1605:00.456+0.026s >
43Andy TGBPro1605:00.468+0.038s >
44Octavio T.ESSport1605:00.518+0.088s >
45Mike WUSPro1605:00.980+0.550s >
46Artem UAFSport1605:01.192+0.762s >
47Boris S.CHPro1605:02.330+1.900s >
48Didi MDEPro1605:02.892+2.462s >
49Robin MNLClub1605:03.262+2.832s >
50Benyamin WIDSport1605:04.234+3.804s >
F Main   lap chart...
51Chris K.GRSport1605:04.616-
52João Marcelo F. RBRClub1605:05.336+0.720s >
53Holy AIDSport1605:07.712+3.096s >
54SlaSh KHKPro1605:08.026+3.410s >
55Tom ForemanGBClub1605:08.560+3.944s >
56Ciccio P.ITPro1605:08.580+3.964s >
57Raul S.ESPro1605:08.792+4.176s >
58Mcheshi M.USSport1605:08.884+4.268s >
59Brian Y.HKClub1605:08.900+4.284s >
60Pietro Q.ITPro1605:09.232+4.616s >
G Main   lap chart...
61DaeHee Y.KRPro1605:09.682-
62Maikl GRUSport1605:09.914+0.232s >
63Jordan HuntingAUPro1605:10.274+0.592s >
64Edward K.GBClub1605:11.064+1.382s >
65Kel N.HKClub1605:12.074+2.392s >
66Andrew PAUPro1605:13.680+3.998s >
67Maria EATPro1605:14.218+4.536s >
68Patrick DNLPro1605:15.112+5.430s >
69Juan C.ESSport1605:17.468+7.786s >
70Hank T.USClub1605:18.002+8.320s >
H Main   lap chart...
71Guillermo Perez FernandezESPro1505:00.508-
72Alfredo CPRSport1505:01.478+0.970s >
73Victor BMXSport1505:02.404+1.896s >
74Luis Moreno EugenioESPro1505:02.876+2.368s >
75Markus H.CHPro1505:03.840+3.332s >
76Willy B.FRClub1505:05.708+5.200s >
77Martin S.ARSport1505:06.382+5.874s >
78George B.GBClub1505:06.700+6.192s >
79Michael HBESport1505:06.976+6.468s >
80Chrystel DFRSport1505:07.960+7.452s >
I Main   lap chart...
81Anton SosnovskiyRUSport1505:10.796-
82Stefan SDEClub1505:13.626+2.830s >
83RUBEN QUINTANAESClub1505:14.756+3.960s >
84Lee GUSSport1505:14.872+4.076s >
85Kai J.AUSport1505:15.210+4.414s >
86Paul JGBClub1505:19.620+8.824s >
87Jose miguel C.ESPro1505:20.894+10.098s >
88Filippo C.ITSport1405:03.534+1 laps >
89Paul EGBSport1405:06.390+1 laps >
90Alex L.AUClub1405:07.328+1 laps >
J Main   lap chart...
91Thomas SATSport1405:08.470-
92Ramunas PLTPro1405:08.514+0.044s >
93Charlie G.GBClub1405:09.230+0.760s >
94Andy RGBClub1405:13.492+5.022s >
95Adam C.AUClub1405:13.696+5.226s >
96Santi P.ITClub1405:14.706+6.236s >
97Giacomo LITSport1305:07.258+1 laps >
98Jason F.GBClub1305:18.200+1 laps >
99Anders W.FISport1305:21.260+1 laps >
100Vernon PZAClub1205:12.218+2 laps >
K Main   lap chart...
101Utain M.THSport1205:17.144-
102PEDRO R.COClub1105:07.020+1 laps >
103Stratton PCAClub1105:16.710+1 laps >
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