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Race:from 21.03.2020 [10:00] to 30.03.2020 [10:30]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road
Direction:  Official O
Series:2020 SEASON 1 - 1:10 ELECTRIC ISTC
Rankings:  1:10 electric touringcars modified, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 21.03.2020 [10:00] to 25.03.2020 [09:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 25.03.2020 [10:00] to 30.03.2020 [10:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
1Reece HGBPro1805:03.998-10.0
2Elliott HGBSport1805:06.684+2.686s >9.92
3Ben GGBPro1805:08.916+4.918s >9.92
4Radko CCZPro1805:11.922+7.924s >9.80
5Stefan CGBPro1805:11.924+7.926s >9.78
6Hendrik KDEPro1805:13.084+9.086s >9.74
7Nicola M.ITPro1805:13.254+9.256s >9.69
8Viljami K.FIPro1805:13.310+9.312s >9.77
9Kieran CoxGBPro1805:17.216+13.218s >9.70
10Mark RGBSport1705:01.232+1 laps >9.52
11Jiri MaraCZPro1705:01.350+1 laps >9.47
12Milan P.CZPro1705:02.276+1 laps >9.52
13Nuno L.PTPro1705:03.424+1 laps >9.46
14Marco GITSport1705:11.684+1 laps >9.30
15László VHUPro1705:13.168+1 laps >9.25
16Kimmo SFISport1705:13.348+1 laps >9.11
17Reto LCHSport1705:15.650+1 laps >8.97
18Dennis FDESport1705:15.778+1 laps >9.22
19Tobias L.SESport1705:15.808+1 laps >9.23
20Richard LGBSport1705:17.550+1 laps >8.97
21Maria EATSport1605:03.104+2 laps >8.69
22Santo GITSport1605:05.374+2 laps >8.89
23Hans Guenther HDESport1605:05.998+2 laps >8.88
24David S.GBClub1605:06.736+2 laps >8.61
25Christos KGRSport1605:07.726+2 laps >9.02
26Ashley PattisonGBClub1605:08.780+2 laps >8.04
27Frank HDESport1605:08.828+2 laps >8.84
28Mike BCASport1605:10.714+2 laps >8.44
29Dorian MFRSport1605:11.128+2 laps >8.59
30Johann JATClub1605:12.154+2 laps >8.72
31Emmanuel D.FRClub1605:14.080+2 laps >8.83
32Chanyoung H.KRSport1605:14.460+2 laps >9.11
33Barbieri F.ITClub1605:14.478+2 laps >9.63
34Erwin FATSport1605:14.684+2 laps >8.42
35Rainer SDEClub1605:14.834+2 laps >8.30
36Gary S.USSport1605:15.774+2 laps >8.72
37Sven V.DEClub1605:16.024+2 laps >7.67
38Nic MAUClub1605:17.720+2 laps >8.70
39Raphael G.FRClub1605:19.900+2 laps >8.04
40David V.CZClub1605:19.918+2 laps >8.33
41Tanit KTHPro1605:20.422+2 laps >8.48
42Christian M.CHClub1505:01.604+3 laps >8.47
43DANIEL LFRSport1505:10.376+3 laps >8.14
44Camilo RCOClub1505:12.294+3 laps >7.77
45Michael W.USClub1405:01.250+4 laps >7.61
46Gary CCASport1305:12.902+5 laps >7.27
47Stefan SDEClub1305:21.664+5 laps >8.05
48Jürgen FDESport1205:00.394+6 laps >7.93
 49Zdenek HCZPro1805:14.002DNS9.76
 50Yakov SamoilenkoRUPro1705:01.000DNS9.61
 51Dana B.USPro1705:01.222DNS9.61
 52Tommaso A.ITPro1705:01.598DNS9.59
 53Christian HSEPro1705:01.990DNS9.58
 54Sean P.AUSport1705:07.128DNS9.42
 55Oliver H.SKClub1705:07.658DNS9.40
 56Paul MGBPro1705:10.130DNS9.33
 57Jeremy M.GBClub1705:11.572DNS9.29
 58David VFRSport1705:11.592DNS9.29
 59Andy TGBSport1705:13.230DNS9.24
 60Olly J.GBClub1705:13.398DNS9.23
 61Robert S.GBSport1705:14.354DNS9.20
 62B HAUPro1705:14.594DNS9.20
 63Berkan KDEPro1705:14.604DNS9.20
 64Maarten WNLPro1705:14.852DNS9.19
 65Lzr SGBSport1705:15.210DNS9.18
 66Ronnie PSESport1705:15.470DNS9.17
 67Alan C.GBSport1705:16.194DNS9.15
 68Jean-philippe CFRSport1705:16.642DNS9.14
 69Gordie TCAPro1705:17.158DNS9.12
 70Nico K.DEClub1705:18.276DNS9.09
 71Patrick DNLSport1705:25.384DNS8.89
 72DANIEL P.ESClub1605:01.204DNS9.04
 73Kit J.GBPro1605:01.472DNS9.03
 74Paul H.GBSport1605:01.612DNS9.03
 75Jonathan C.FRSport1605:01.722DNS9.03
 76Chris H.GBSport1605:02.942DNS8.99
 77Matthew BGBSport1605:02.994DNS8.99
 78Marco V.NLClub1605:03.068DNS8.98
 79Teyssier M.FRPro1605:04.404DNS8.95
 80Romain L.FRSport1605:04.688DNS8.94
 81Peter C.GBSport1605:05.012DNS8.93
 82Nick VolskyCASport1605:07.280DNS8.86
 83Lee WGBPro1605:07.680DNS8.85
 84Bryan TUSSport1605:07.938DNS8.84
 85Christian S.ITSport1605:09.850DNS8.79
 86Timo SDEPro1605:11.568DNS8.74
 87Seiya IJPSport1605:11.684DNS8.74
 88Clement J.FRClub1605:13.434DNS8.69
 89Dmitriy P.UASport1605:15.120DNS8.64
 90Helge NNOSport1605:15.778DNS8.62
 91Tobias FDEPro1605:16.264DNS8.61
 92Alessandro P.ITClub1605:16.630DNS8.60
 93Marcio PatrocinioBRSport1605:21.346DNS8.47
 94Nathan WGBClub1605:38.612DNS8.04
 95Ethan S.GBClub1505:01.392DNS8.47
 96Marlon BDEPro1505:02.208DNS8.45
 97adam mGBSport1505:03.332DNS8.42
 98Didier B.CHSport1505:07.696DNS8.30
 99Adrian P.ESClub1505:09.078DNS8.26
 100Thomas PDEPro1505:15.526DNS8.09
 101Tom ForemanGBClub1505:16.314DNS8.07
 102Martin S.ARClub1505:18.734DNS8.01
 103Bruno FFRClub1505:23.968DNS7.88
 104Adam SUSClub1405:05.164DNS7.81
 105Alex GATClub1405:05.792DNS7.79
 106Ciccio P.ITSport1405:07.760DNS7.74
 107Pete C.USClub1305:01.784DNS7.33
 108Pascal GDESport1305:11.522DNS7.10
 109Mark D.USClub1305:17.500DNS6.97
 110Grondin D.REClub1305:17.830DNS6.96
 111Panos SGRClub1205:00.542DNS6.80
 112Thomas SATClub1205:14.110DNS6.50
 113Adam C.AUClub1205:17.134DNS6.44
 114Adam B.CAClub1105:05.626DNS6.13
 115Vitor FPTSport1005:09.546DNS5.50
 116Daryl RGBClub1005:21.166DNS5.30
 117Garry HGBClub905:02.444DNS5.06
 118Nathan DFRClub905:12.188DNS4.91
 119Naosuke S.JPClub905:12.704DNS4.90
 120yunus sahin s.TRClub605:14.148DNS3.25
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