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Race:from 23.05.2020 [11:00] to 01.06.2020 [10:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Track:Silver Dollar 3 AMain
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, OVERALL COMBINED, OVERALL OFFROAD COMBINED
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 23.05.2020 [11:00] to 27.05.2020 [10:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 27.05.2020 [11:00] to 01.06.2020 [10:30]
Duration: race: 10min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1James Le PavouxGBPro1910:18.140-10.0
2Robert HillmanSEPro1910:19.915+1.775s >9.78
3Billy C.USPro1910:21.863+3.723s >9.96
4Gary CUSPro1910:26.111+7.971s >9.95
5Antoine RFRPro1910:29.123+10.983s >9.81
6Jiri MaraCZPro1910:29.726+11.586s >9.79
7Carson YHKPro1810:07.557+1 laps >9.75
8Tommaso A.ITPro1810:07.638+1 laps >9.72
9Matthew FarrugiaMTSport1810:15.343+1 laps >9.75
 10Maxim BILPro1508:12.940DNS9.78
B Main   lap chart...
11Arturas S.LTPro1810:09.589-9.64
12IFV I.ESClub1810:19.694+10.105s >9.41
13Jabin CUSPro1810:20.392+10.803s >9.67
14Renaud GCHPro1810:22.315+12.726s >9.56
15Vincent GogoFRClub1810:26.217+16.628s >9.36
16Paul MGBSport1810:30.646+21.057s >9.53
 17Ry K.USSport1508:27.269DNS9.51
 18Hunter C.USPro1508:27.620DNS9.50
 19Kimmo SFISport1508:32.188DNS9.41
 20Tony DUSSport1508:32.714DNS9.41
C Main   lap chart...
21Soon ming S.MYSport1710:00.125-9.29
22Peter HNLSport1710:01.240+1.115s >9.27
23Heinz MATSport1710:04.929+4.804s >9.18
24Dominik D.DESport1710:08.874+8.749s >9.30
25Steven PAUSport1710:10.757+10.632s >9.19
26Christophe EFRSport1710:25.834+25.709s >9.19
27Bryan TUSPro1610:33.560+1 laps >9.34
28MARSHALL P.USClub1510:03.517+2 laps >9.16
 29ERIK B.ESSport1408:03.245DNS9.31
 30Starodub S.UAPro1408:03.694DNS9.30
D Main   lap chart...
31Steven P.USSport1810:24.445-9.16
32Tim SGBClub1710:07.662+1 laps >9.11
33Josef AATPro1710:10.649+1 laps >9.08
34Michael CUSClub1710:24.242+1 laps >9.10
35Joonas H.FISport1710:25.606+1 laps >9.02
36Rumsey RUSPro1610:22.091+2 laps >9.15
 37Luis CCLClub1408:11.714DNS9.15
 38Samuele I.ITClub1408:12.923DNS9.13
 39Patrick BATSport1408:18.525DNS9.03
 40Richard B.GBSport1408:19.934DNS9.00
E Main   lap chart...
41Yudi I.IDClub1710:13.266-8.90
42Scott RUSSport1710:30.923+17.657s >8.87
43Stanislav PCZClub1710:35.800+22.534s >9.00
44Jan S.DEClub1610:01.178+1 laps >8.76
45Dorian MFRSport1310:06.705+4 laps >8.75
 46EDUARDO P.ESSport1408:21.143DNS8.98
 47Lee GUSClub1408:26.918DNS8.88
 48Dean VUSSport1408:29.509DNS8.83
 49Antonio Manuel GESSport1408:30.208DNS8.82
 50SEBASTIAN P.ARSport1408:31.163DNS8.80
F Main   lap chart...
51Alejandro C.ESClub1710:28.414-8.73
52Alfred OATSport1710:36.022+7.608s >8.74
53Brad HeifnerUSSport1710:42.243+13.829s >8.52
54Sébastien DFRClub1610:09.531+1 laps >8.75
55Frank HDESport1610:11.066+1 laps >8.63
56Cristiano P.ITClub1610:23.500+1 laps >8.58
57lee r.GBClub1610:29.760+1 laps >8.54
58TOSHIYUKI T.JPSport1610:35.975+1 laps >8.73
 59Joe P.USClub1408:43.657DNS8.59
 60Xaxu X.ESSport1308:05.114DNS8.61
G Main   lap chart...
61Johnny HSESport1710:27.434-8.50
62Clemares DFRClub1610:18.526+1 laps >8.38
63Arkandhia R.IDClub1610:27.395+1 laps >8.34
64Cristiano BITClub1510:04.652+2 laps >8.47
65Dave MDEClub1510:27.111+2 laps >8.37
 66Alessandro TITPro1308:10.706DNS8.52
 67Dan De La MareGBSport1308:12.448DNS8.49
 68Brent G.USClub1308:13.526DNS8.47
 69Paolo GiorgettiITClub1308:14.045DNS8.46
 70Bill A.USSport1308:20.703DNS8.35
H Main   lap chart...
71Jörg L.DESport1710:34.065-8.30
72Domenick IGBClub1610:06.720+1 laps >8.23
73Paul EGBClub1610:34.666+1 laps >8.28
74Gary S.USSport1610:36.620+1 laps >8.26
75David GardnerGBClub1510:00.271+2 laps >8.21
76Chan K.CNClub1410:00.614+3 laps >8.24
 77Philippe F.FRClub1308:24.780DNS8.28
 78Zachary AUSClub1308:26.440DNS8.25
 79Domenico M.ITSport1308:27.065DNS8.24
 80Juan G.ESClub1308:29.895DNS8.20
I Main   lap chart...
81Benno S.ZAClub1610:20.398-8.15
82Erwin FATSport1610:35.883+15.485s >8.15
83Daniel SDEClub1510:02.703+1 laps >8.18
84Bassam A.CAClub1510:12.023+1 laps >8.02
85Donny N.IDClub1510:28.949+1 laps >8.08
86Yan C.CAClub1410:02.872+2 laps >8.00
 87Emmanuel D.FRClub1308:30.591DNS8.18
 88Guillaume BFRClub1308:40.548DNS8.03
 89Charlie De La MareGBClub1208:04.197DNS7.97
 90Luca C.ITClub1208:09.931DNS7.87
J Main   lap chart...
91Peter E.CAClub1610:24.260-7.79
92Tanit KTHClub1510:07.503+1 laps >7.80
93Jason W.USClub1510:17.246+1 laps >7.81
94Maria EATClub1510:40.874+1 laps >7.62
95Brad D.USClub1510:47.977+1 laps >7.75
96Anders W.FIClub1410:06.700+2 laps >7.52
 97Martin B.DEClub1208:14.231DNS7.81
 98Mark RGBClub1208:21.568DNS7.69
 99Robert HUSSport1208:25.617DNS7.63
 100Henrik I.DKClub1208:33.085DNS7.52
K Main   lap chart...
101Natan AttardMTClub1410:09.125-7.46
102Rajan HCAClub1410:13.114+3.989s >7.48
103THIERRY DFRClub1410:22.297+13.172s >7.50
104DANIEL LFRSport1410:27.757+18.632s >7.35
105Corey G.AUClub1410:30.900+21.775s >7.29
 106Jeff W.BESport1208:34.203DNS7.50
 107Andrew GGBClub1208:40.389DNS7.41
 108Neveu C.FRClub1208:41.871DNS7.39
 109Thomas VHUSport1208:44.109DNS7.36
 110Adam A.AUClub1108:04.460DNS7.30
L Main   lap chart...
111Julio G.ESClub1510:35.749-7.28
112Josef KCZSport1410:40.452+1 laps >7.27
113Adrian NGBClub1310:18.994+2 laps >6.83
114Anthony V.FRClub1310:22.937+2 laps >6.87
 115Kevin N.NOClub1108:11.597DNS7.19
 116Mike AGBClub1108:12.377DNS7.18
 117David DCAClub1108:14.283DNS7.15
 118Arthur E.USClub1108:16.046DNS7.13
 119Trevor D.USClub1108:24.694DNS7.01
 120Yannick D.FRClub1108:25.854DNS6.99
M Main   lap chart...
121Chris K.CAClub1310:19.720-6.81
122Raphael G.FRClub1310:44.629+24.909s >6.57
123Santi P.ITClub1210:09.160+1 laps >5.83
124Camilo RCOSport1210:22.218+1 laps >6.47
 125James FAUClub1108:42.057DNS6.77
 126Vladimir S.RUClub1008:06.766DNS6.60
 127Luca T.ITClub1008:26.991DNS6.34
 128Nicolo A.ESClub1008:31.923DNS6.28
 129Brooks P.USClub1008:46.754DNS6.10
 130Ahren T.USClub1008:47.452DNS6.09
N Main   lap chart...
 131Saryono TIDClub908:16.357DNS5.83
 132Jesse M.USClub908:23.068DNS5.75
 133Kenneth N.GBClub908:47.460DNS5.49
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