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Bump-up format Test event 4 - 1:10 ISTCstatus: FINISHED

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Race:from 07.11.2017 [12:00] to 14.11.2017 [10:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road Spec
Track:VRC Super Speedway Long
Direction:  Official O
Mode:Bump-up (2 - 2 - 4)
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:10 electric SC Trucks Spec Weekly, 1:10 electric TC Spec Weekly, 1:10 electric touringcars 13.5T spec, OVERALL COMBINED, Steam powered electric touringcars
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%

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Dates: from 07.11.2017 [12:00] to 10.11.2017 [09:30]
Duration: race: 4min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - International level


Dates: from 10.11.2017 [10:00] to 12.11.2017 [09:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 20, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - International level


Dates: from 12.11.2017 [10:00] to 14.11.2017 [10:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 50, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - International level

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Final results in class (ALL)

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
1Andrea GITPro2105:10.484-10.0
2Michitaka YJPPro2105:11.336+0.852s >9.95
3Jukka-Pekka HFIPro2105:11.822+1.338s >9.99
4Massimiliano TITPro2105:12.806+2.322s >9.97
5Hijrah SIDPro2105:13.788+3.304s >9.80
6Jozsef VHUPro2005:01.998+1 laps >9.82
7Tommaso A.ITPro2005:02.412+1 laps >9.83
8Jose M MESPro2005:03.034+1 laps >9.81
9Nuno CPTPro2005:03.342+1 laps >9.64
10Manuel WUSPro2005:03.948+1 laps >9.73
11Nick ANLClub2005:04.612+1 laps >9.78
12Fred FFRSport2005:04.660+1 laps >9.77
13Matthias SteiningerATPro2005:04.972+1 laps >9.82
14Milan P.CZPro2005:07.138+1 laps >9.85
15Gary S.USSport2005:07.518+1 laps >9.51
16Jens ADEPro2005:07.988+1 laps >9.68
17michael ZappaGBClub2005:08.360+1 laps >9.64
18Tony D.FRSport2005:08.730+1 laps >9.60
19Koller PeterCHPro2005:09.646+1 laps >9.63
20Jean-philippe C.FRSport2005:10.248+1 laps >9.68
21isla pJPSport2005:10.350+1 laps >9.59
22Jørn A.DKPro2005:10.944+1 laps >9.54
23V KEEPro2005:10.946+1 laps >9.68
24Michael OSESport2005:11.508+1 laps >9.48
25Cédric M.FRSport2005:12.082+1 laps >9.51
26Christos KGRClub2005:12.146+1 laps >9.35
27Mario ZSKPro2005:12.710+1 laps >9.58
28Mario U.DESport2005:18.956+1 laps >9.33
29Michi PATPro1905:00.014+2 laps >9.48
30Daniel TSGSport1905:00.114+2 laps >9.49
31Remo MCHClub1905:00.568+2 laps >9.33
32Mike BCASport1905:00.994+2 laps >9.38
33polo pFRClub1905:01.644+2 laps >8.87
34Dorian MFRSport1905:01.648+2 laps >9.32
35Patrick ECAClub1905:01.662+2 laps >9.17
36Meen AHKSport1905:02.036+2 laps >9.28
37joshua d.USClub1905:02.484+2 laps >9.12
38Karl heinz J.DESport1905:04.574+2 laps >9.37
39Геннадий К.RUPro1905:04.722+2 laps >9.46
40Davide P.ITSport1905:04.758+2 laps >8.76
41Alan PUSClub1905:05.326+2 laps >9.26
42Mike WilsonCAPro1905:05.522+2 laps >9.39
43Vitor FPTSport1905:06.230+2 laps >9.43
44david a.USSport1905:07.160+2 laps >9.20
45Matt K.USSport1905:07.686+2 laps >9.20
46Kerry CUSClub1905:08.570+2 laps >8.87
47ANDYFANYEUNG YHKClub1905:09.354+2 laps >9.15
48Uwe RDEClub1905:09.868+2 laps >8.96
49Ladislav P.CZSport1905:10.222+2 laps >9.25
50Gary E.USSport1905:12.182+2 laps >8.48
51Wilfred C.PHSport1905:12.546+2 laps >9.20
52Paul F.GBSport1805:00.616+3 laps >9.15
53Anton T.UAClub1805:01.152+3 laps >8.57
54Daniel PUSSport1805:01.954+3 laps >9.17
55Gary G.AUClub1805:06.168+3 laps >8.78
56Ama V.ESSport1805:17.864+3 laps >9.42
57Francis G.FRClub1705:05.178+4 laps >8.58
58Troy P.USSport1705:07.026+4 laps >7.57
59Matteo Z.ITClub1505:09.034+6 laps >7.48
 60Nuno L.PTPro2105:14.220DNS9.91
 61Ely RojasUSPro2005:03.064DNS9.88
 62Izidor TSIPro2005:05.540DNS9.78
 63Vitor OhtaBRClub1905:00.728DNS9.67
 64Marcos GESClub1805:14.442DNS9.19
 65Mathias NedrebøNOPro1704:02.776DNS10.0
 66Billy C.USPro1704:05.226DNS9.90
 67Go M.JPPro1704:05.348DNS9.90
 68Philipp B.DESport1704:05.658DNS9.88
 69Carson YHKPro1704:07.360DNS9.82
 70Michael B.GBPro1704:07.756DNS9.80
 71Corentin RichardFRClub1704:09.086DNS9.75
 72Mark C.AUPro1704:09.090DNS9.75
 73VRC Korea M.KRPro1704:09.632DNS9.73
 74Holger W.DEPro1704:10.856DNS9.68
 75Jimmy FUSPro1704:10.934DNS9.68
 76Martin W.GBPro1704:12.470DNS9.62
 77Andras F.HUSport1704:12.548DNS9.61
 78Karl D.GBClub1704:13.212DNS9.59
 79Maskow ..LUClub1704:13.760DNS9.57
 80Emanuele SITSport1704:13.894DNS9.56
 81Jonas LSESport1704:13.930DNS9.56
 82Rainer RessarEESport1704:14.192DNS9.55
 83Thomas H.ATSport1704:14.216DNS9.55
 84Pavel MagdaCZPro1704:14.258DNS9.55
 85Marcelo BorgesBRPro1704:14.710DNS9.53
 86Kyle MZAClub1604:00.208DNS9.51
 87Carlo M.ITPro1604:00.418DNS9.50
 88Philipp R.AFClub1604:00.682DNS9.49
 89Pavel PCZPro1604:00.862DNS9.49
 90Pasi V.FIClub1604:01.806DNS9.45
 91Lee WGBPro1604:02.786DNS9.41
 92Steffen B.DEClub1604:03.144DNS9.40
 93Juan GESPro1604:03.366DNS9.39
 94Pete MejiaUSSport1604:03.480DNS9.38
 95Kl L.MYPro1604:04.618DNS9.34
 96Victor RCHSport1604:04.976DNS9.33
 97Rudolf A.THSport1604:05.150DNS9.32
 98Kevin WUSSport1604:05.416DNS9.31
 99Dan H.USClub1604:06.832DNS9.26
 100Vincenzo G.ITPro1604:08.488DNS9.20
 101Mike S.DESport1604:08.658DNS9.19
 102Michael W.USSport1604:09.260DNS9.17
 103D. M.USSport1604:09.500DNS9.16
 104Nicolas C.FRClub1604:09.560DNS9.16
 105Frank HDESport1604:10.110DNS9.14
 106Paulo MPTSport1604:10.842DNS9.11
 107Matej M.SKClub1604:12.478DNS9.05
 108Glenn MathiasUSSport1604:12.740DNS9.04
 109Andrew PAUPro1604:14.666DNS8.97
 110Jacob AUSSport1504:00.826DNS8.90
 111Mr.chunharak C.THClub1504:01.134DNS8.88
 112Antony L.GBSport1504:01.206DNS8.88
 113Raphael G.FRClub1504:03.034DNS8.81
 114Tom KATClub1504:03.684DNS8.79
 115Adrian LPLSport1504:04.422DNS8.76
 116Matt KUSClub1404:08.604DNS8.04
 117Rob T.GBClub1204:19.224DNS6.61
 118Darryl B.USClub804:09.820DNS4.57
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