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Race:from 08.01.2018 [08:00] to 22.01.2018 [07:30]
Class:1:10 Short Course 4WD
Track:MHS Raceway 2
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  Steam powered Short Course Trucks
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%

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Dates: from 08.01.2018 [08:00] to 17.01.2018 [07:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 50, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 17.01.2018 [08:00] to 22.01.2018 [07:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results in class Club

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Pos.Member PointsLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1Heikki HFI1202208:16.274-8.02
2JEREMIE GFR1172108:03.277+1 laps >8.00
3Jürgen SDE1142108:04.431+1 laps >8.08
4G SUS1112108:04.980+1 laps >8.07
5Chad GUS1082108:16.152+1 laps >8.10
 6Hunter KUS522208:00.220DNS8.64
 7Mateusz N.PL512208:23.086DNS8.25
 8Mike HUS492108:03.903DNS8.19
 9Brock E.US482108:15.186DNS8.00
 10Chad L.US452108:23.834DNS7.87
B Main   lap chart...
11Vitor FPT892108:06.625-7.72
12Jan D.CH872008:05.046+1 laps >7.68
13Mickey S.DE852008:08.111+1 laps >7.43
14Stu LCA832008:13.734+1 laps >7.84
15JASON A.US811908:07.357+2 laps >7.56
16Robin G.AT791908:09.003+2 laps >7.60
17William McNealUS771908:17.838+2 laps >7.48
18Sean I.US751708:25.594+4 laps >7.71
 19Gayday VUA362008:03.580DNS7.80
 20James P.GB352008:17.555DNS7.59
C Main   lap chart...
21Tobias FDE702008:20.086-7.36
22Peter E.CA692008:21.312+1.226s >7.22
23FRANK C.BE681708:13.140+3 laps >7.28
 24Gilliand M.CH331908:03.991DNS7.41
 25Sylvain LCA331908:06.737DNS7.37
 26Kim SDE321908:07.943DNS7.35
 27David R.US321908:11.583DNS7.29
 28Ernest PUS311908:12.906DNS7.27
 29Cal J.GB311908:15.363DNS7.24
 30Heikki RFI301908:19.454DNS7.18
D Main   lap chart...
31Brad D.US602008:25.428-7.07
32Rene ZDE591908:00.232+1 laps >7.16
33Margus H.EE581908:00.863+1 laps >7.05
34Elemer P.HU571908:03.403+1 laps >7.13
35Steve BUS561908:07.717+1 laps >7.01
36Gary S.US551908:14.172+1 laps >7.09
37Thomas G.US541808:18.157+2 laps >7.02
38Christopher G.US531508:03.014+5 laps >7.02
 39Ben C.US261808:01.072DNS7.06
 40Nicolas M.CA251808:05.083DNS7.00
E Main   lap chart...
41René S.DE501808:12.145-6.91
42Bruno FFR491808:18.102+5.957s >6.59
43Adam C.US481808:26.857+14.712s >6.65
44Stephan ADE471708:09.320+1 laps >6.70
45Christophe C.FR461708:25.203+1 laps >6.91
 46Jacob AUS221808:08.072DNS6.96
 47peter b.US221808:11.848DNS6.91
 48Oscar A.ES211808:22.091DNS6.77
 49Kino CES211808:22.734DNS6.76
 50Uwe RDE201708:06.540DNS6.59
F Main   lap chart...
51Jeremy HUS401908:24.017-6.16
52Nicholas DUS391708:04.929+2 laps >5.75
53James FCA381608:15.137+3 laps >6.34
 54Tony D.FR181708:08.780DNS6.56
 55Lukas G.CH181708:13.329DNS6.50
 56Justin M.US171708:14.657DNS6.49
 57thomas d.FR171708:15.717DNS6.47
 58Scott S.US161708:30.323DNS6.29
 59B RUS161608:02.443DNS6.26
 60Bertol B.FR151608:21.668DNS6.02
G Main   lap chart...
 61David HUS151508:12.580DNS5.75
 62Michael C.US141308:02.488DNS5.08
 63Gareth W.GB141308:24.666DNS4.86
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