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Race:from 17.12.2014 [00:00] to 31.12.2014 [10:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro on-road
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 nitro sportscars modified, Overall nitro on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 5 (1 - 180)

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Dates: from 17.12.2014 [00:00] to 20.12.2014 [09:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 100, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 20.12.2014 [10:00] to 24.12.2014 [09:30]
Duration: race: 10min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 6, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - National level


Dates: from 24.12.2014 [10:30] to 28.12.2014 [09:00]
Duration: race: 20min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 500, tries: 2, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - National level


Dates: from 28.12.2014 [10:00] to 31.12.2014 [10:00]
Duration: race: 60min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 300, tries: 1, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1Martin W.ATPro17760:08.690-0.00
2Kevin P.ITPro17760:12.754+4.064s >9.92
3Jakub RozyckiPLPro17660:15.840+1 laps >9.93
4Massimo AITPro17360:18.994+4 laps >9.99
5Rick YUSPro17260:03.798+5 laps >0.00
6Brian PITPro17260:08.636+5 laps >10.0
7Graham RaistrickGBPro17260:16.570+5 laps >9.86
8Giorgio M.ITPro17260:19.318+5 laps >9.97
9Paolo M.ITPro17160:10.898+6 laps >9.87
10Holger W.DEPro16960:19.932+8 laps >9.79
B Main   lap chart...
11Teddy W.IDPro16860:01.176-9.70
12Alex GuillotFRPro16860:01.280+0.104s >9.78
13John TCHPro16860:21.810+20.634s >9.71
14Alvaro CESPro16660:09.308+2 laps >9.64
15Nuno L.PTPro3914:16.872+129 laps >9.53
 16Michele D.ITClub5820:18.178DNS0.00
 17Nicolas L.FRPro5820:18.732DNS9.78
 18Massimiliano TITPro5720:08.698DNS9.72
 19Simon WoodGBPro5720:13.446DNS0.00
 20Patrick HCHPro5720:13.492DNS0.00
C Main   lap chart...
21Pierre D.CHPro16660:19.218-9.52
22Sandro L.BRSport16360:03.898+3 laps >9.59
23Izidor TSIClub16360:13.272+3 laps >9.42
24Günther R.ATPro16360:16.728+3 laps >9.21
25Marco M.CHPro16260:01.862+4 laps >9.57
26Ralf H. VDEPro16260:02.238+4 laps >9.20
27Maxime T.FRClub16260:10.958+4 laps >9.41
 28Milan P.CZPro5620:03.230DNS0.00
 29Maurizio MITPro5620:09.564DNS9.65
 30Stéphane BFRPro5620:14.054DNS0.00
D Main   lap chart...
31Christopher BAUSport16560:03.826-9.42
32Philippe GCHSport16460:20.568+1 laps >0.00
33Randrey B.BRPro16260:20.158+3 laps >9.42
34Rene S.DEClub16260:38.904+3 laps >8.81
35Thomas B.ATPro14653:47.888+19 laps >9.55
 36Alex Z.ITClub5520:00.658DNS9.30
 37JAUBERT S.FRPro5520:06.508DNS9.51
 38Urs GCHSport5520:09.066DNS9.25
 39Alessio PITPro5520:12.592DNS9.54
 40Sven DNLPro5520:16.136DNS9.19
E Main   lap chart...
41Robert HillmanSEPro16460:13.858-7.32
42Nick ANLSport16060:06.158+4 laps >0.00
43Bernd F.DEPro16060:14.744+4 laps >9.26
44Luca MITSport15960:11.576+5 laps >9.26
45Raimondo MagliuloITSport15860:12.716+6 laps >9.41
46Anibal MZAClub15860:12.900+6 laps >9.29
47Luke A.AUClub15760:00.610+7 laps >9.43
48Carson YHKPro803:15.764+156 laps >9.24
 49Jens FDEPro5520:18.398DNS0.00
 50Nico SDEPro5420:05.556DNS8.97
F Main   lap chart...
51Patrick EDEClub16060:01.942-8.98
52Giovanni F. DBEPro15960:10.892+1 laps >9.12
53Dirk Z.DEPro15660:07.170+4 laps >8.72
54Hino C.USPro15660:13.994+4 laps >8.90
55Michele B.ITPro15560:05.280+5 laps >9.07
 56Nuno CPTClub5420:10.624DNS9.54
 57Lambert L.FRClub5420:16.760DNS7.88
 58Thomas KDEClub5320:01.730DNS8.95
 59Sigurður J E.ISSport5320:08.200DNS0.00
 60Markus ADEPro5320:10.016DNS9.02
G Main   lap chart...
61Giannis PGRClub15860:05.950-0.00
62Mika NFIClub15660:04.648+2 laps >8.78
63Steve YAUSport15360:16.874+5 laps >8.96
64Justin GUSPro4160:40.492+117 laps >0.00
 65Koller PeterCHSport5320:10.836DNS0.00
 66Roger BCHPro5320:17.752DNS9.10
 67Marino DESSport5220:04.104DNS9.12
 68Hans Guenther HDESport5220:08.470DNS8.42
 69Yuriy MRUSport5220:13.528DNS8.71
 70Sébastien D.FRClub5220:13.616DNS8.95
H Main   lap chart...
71Erwin FATClub15460:16.386-8.52
72Camilo FloresPESport14760:17.516+7 laps >8.60
73Efrain (Pete) MUSPro14760:18.444+7 laps >7.93
74Philip LCASport14160:19.692+13 laps >8.53
 75Daniel W.AUSport5220:17.566DNS8.82
 76Dirk SDESport5120:06.266DNS7.84
 77Kwan HUSSport5120:08.362DNS0.00
 78Filip E.BEPro5120:15.318DNS0.00
 79Josh V.USSport5020:06.068DNS8.01
 80Gary S.USSport5020:06.314DNS8.43
I Main   lap chart...
81Mike BCAClub15060:12.174-8.26
82Tom E.USPro15060:14.238+2.064s >8.63
83Henri VFRClub14360:00.846+7 laps >8.33
84Michael W.USClub14260:12.836+8 laps >8.41
85Jean-philippe CFRClub14060:20.306+10 laps >8.22
86Marc VBESport13960:02.534+11 laps >8.51
 87VRC Korea M.KRPro5020:13.220DNS8.07
 88Renaud J.FRClub5020:13.888DNS0.00
 89Miguel D.ESClub5020:19.080DNS8.15
 90William H.USClub4920:00.944DNS8.51
J Main   lap chart...
91Gijs VNLClub14460:05.940-7.98
92Kevin J.AUSport14260:42.906+2 laps >7.51
93Mark DUSClub13960:08.720+5 laps >7.80
94Peter SeckoldAUSport13760:17.686+7 laps >8.17
95Karl heinz J.DEClub13060:13.336+14 laps >7.97
 96Darren P.AUSport4920:22.614DNS0.00
 97Ron V.NLClub4820:19.362DNS6.80
 98Jeff D.USSport4720:14.230DNS0.00
 99Rok R.SIClub4720:18.476DNS0.00
 100Gary CCAClub4720:21.468DNS7.62
K Main   lap chart...
101Tony D.FRClub10860:23.542-6.64
 102Steve SUSClub4520:19.340DNS8.00
 103Thomas S.ATClub4420:11.436DNS0.00
 104David NGBClub4220:08.128DNS0.00
 105Hiromu FJPPro3010:12.526DNS0.00
 106Jose M MESPro2910:04.314DNS0.00
 107Brad P.AUPro2910:12.474DNS0.00
 108Mackan G.SESport2910:13.276DNS9.49
 109Daniel B.GBPro2910:15.222DNS0.00
 110Benjamin L.DEPro2910:15.548DNS9.57
L Main   lap chart...
 111Davide SITPro2910:15.930DNS9.75
 112Michael ZCAClub2910:16.980DNS9.47
 113Luke DNZPro2910:17.062DNS0.00
 114Eric B.GBPro2910:17.786DNS9.61
 115Tomi M.FIPro2910:20.512DNS9.48
 116Joel ValanderFIPro2910:25.090DNS9.61
 117Patrick BDEPro2810:00.518DNS9.49
 118Hermann RDEPro2810:01.374DNS0.00
 119Franz E.ATPro2810:02.070DNS9.50
 120Jose angel VESSport2810:03.572DNS9.60
M Main   lap chart...
 121Borys NPLPro2810:12.200DNS0.00
 122JORGE MARClub2810:12.562DNS9.43
 123Andrew C.AUPro2810:15.028DNS0.00
 124Bartosz PochopienPLSport2810:19.228DNS0.00
 125Balint R.HUClub2710:03.572DNS0.00
 126Ralf SDEPro2710:03.670DNS0.00
 127Thomas PDEPro2710:07.094DNS0.00
 128Markos K.GRSport2710:07.112DNS8.91
 129Panos StavropoulosGRPro2710:07.748DNS0.00
 130Billy YHKPro2710:09.534DNS8.81
N Main   lap chart...
 131Siegfried S.ATClub2710:12.682DNS0.00
 132Sascha B.DEClub2710:16.370DNS0.00
 133Oleg I.UAClub2710:18.368DNS0.00
 134Mattias NorénSEClub2710:21.538DNS0.00
 135Ingo GATPro2610:02.022DNS6.92
 136Roy MDESport2610:02.798DNS9.00
 137Mario GESSport2610:04.696DNS0.00
 138Grégory E.FRClub2610:10.338DNS8.84
 139Norbert RDEPro2610:14.458DNS8.41
 140Holger C.DEClub2610:18.344DNS0.00
O Main   lap chart...
 141Keith G.USPro2610:20.058DNS0.00
 142Mark D.GBSport2610:21.126DNS0.00
 143Sven S.DESport2610:21.464DNS0.00
 144Kanji N.JPPro2510:00.590DNS7.71
 145Matěj BendaCZClub2510:04.856DNS0.00
 146Marc BUSSport2510:08.862DNS8.66
 147Gordie TCASport2510:12.604DNS0.00
 148Bernd D.DEClub2510:27.836DNS8.20
 149Yolan DBESport2410:00.432DNS0.00
 150NIGEL H.AUClub2410:15.010DNS7.83
P Main   lap chart...
 151Wiebe R.NLClub2410:15.558DNS7.38
 152Steve BUSSport2410:22.140DNS0.00
 153Jean-marc B.FRClub2410:24.966DNS8.06
 154Daniele M.ITClub2411:00.004DNS0.00
 155Uwe RDESport2310:02.696DNS7.74
 156Javier FUSClub2310:07.926DNS0.00
 157Marco WDEClub2310:29.256DNS0.00
 158Michael H.DEClub2110:27.232DNS0.00
 159Berkan K.TRClub2010:09.028DNS0.00
 160Paul Y.USClub1510:14.970DNS5.67
Q Main   lap chart...
 161A-Main Hobbies V.USClub1510:42.756DNS0.00
 162Domenico fausto A.ITClub104:56.500DNS0.00
 163Jeffrey RNLPro1505:06.160DNS9.89
 164Vianey G.MQClub1505:19.342DNS9.48
 165Jon BDKPro1505:21.196DNS9.43
 166Masato MarukoJPClub1405:09.586DNS9.13
 167George K.AUPro1405:10.474DNS9.10
 168Arie S.IDClub1405:10.944DNS9.09
 169Francesco MITSport1405:16.068DNS8.94
 170Aaron RDESport1405:16.594DNS8.93
R Main   lap chart...
 171Hendrik L.EEPro1405:18.686DNS8.87
 172Guillaume SFRPro1405:20.392DNS8.82
 173Stefano S.ITPro1405:21.452DNS8.79
 174Jonathan C.FRClub1305:00.734DNS8.73
 175Markus W.ATSport1305:02.006DNS8.69
 176Christian T.DEPro1305:10.948DNS8.44
 177Tomy C.FRClub1205:17.874DNS7.62
 178Arthur M.BRClub1205:19.742DNS7.58
 179Fred M.FRClub1105:00.186DNS7.40
 180Marc N.CHSport1105:03.296DNS7.32
S Main   lap chart...
 181Tobin H.USClub1105:14.500DNS7.06
 182Peter F.ATClub905:06.890DNS5.92
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