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2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 200MM NITRO ROUND 3status: FINISHED

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Race:from 04.05.2013 [09:00] to 11.05.2013 [09:00]
Class:1:10 Nitro on-road
Track:Atsugi 2 Kyosho
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 200MM NITRO by SERPENT
Rankings:  1:10 nitro sedans modified, Overall nitro on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120)
Prizes:Level 2
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Kyosho works track, Atsugi (near Tokyo) Japan.

The track is located right next to the Kyosho Operation center. Because of its compact lay-out this track is only suitable for 1:10 scale electric and nitro cars.

View VRC World Champion Frank Hattich master this track, 1:10 200mm nitro sedan.
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1:10 200MM NITRO Spec and Modified Round 3



Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

1:10 200MM NITRO Spec and Modified - by SERPENT

Nitro 200mm Spec
In the first turn Jason Hillcoat took command of the race his smooth precise driving would prove hard to catch. By the end of lap 3 he was already into lap traffic. Second through 8th place would not be settled so easily. Troels Troelsen would mount a charge for second between lap 15 and 33 he was doing his best to hold off Leopold and Giovanni but he final dropped back on lap 34. Giovanni seemed to have a firm grip on second with his laser focus and steady driving he kept his MX 12 MAX XXL3 BL spec Powered 733 Serpent ahead of the rest of the field until the lap 55. Leopold put his race face on and started clicking off 13 second laps while Giovanni could only manage low 14’s in the pits Giovanni lost another second with a 19 second pit stop. Jason however was unaware of the battling behind him as he ran away with this one.

The final Results are as follows:
1. Jason Hillcoat ZA 120
2. Leopold DiCenso US 117
3. Giovanni F. Di Berardino BE 114
4. Troels Troelsen DK 111
5. Sebastian Rosenhahn DE 108
6. Kanji Nakamura JP 105
7. Zoltán Kovács HU 102
8. Victor Snarskis US 99
9. Pedro Jose Lueiro Rey ES 96
10. Thomas Lim HK 93

Nitro 200mm Modified
Barnabas took the early lead while Graham worked his way through traffic. By lap 11 Graham had Barnabas in his sights. The two would run smooth and fast and Graham would have to be content to follow as Barnabas would not concede. Lap 76 and 77 were disastrous for Barnabas as he came into lapped traffic he began making mistake after mistake. Three separate occasions he put his car into the wall, by lap 78 it appeared as though he would explode on the track as this full speed flipping crash allowed Graham to catch him. On lap 80 Graham has his opportunity and actually had the lead when Barnabas decided to pit. When the pit stop was finished so was the constant stream of mistakes that seem to plague Barn. BT caught Graham and the two swapped back and forth for a few laps but in the end BT got the job done. The results are listed below. As luck would have it I actually took some time to interview Barnabas this past week. Look at this week’s Driver feature.

1. Barnabás Tóth HU 120
2. Graham Raistrick GB 117
3. Frederic BERGEOT FR 114
4. Norbert Rosenhahn DE 111
5. Giovanni F. Di Berardino BE 108
6. Kanji Nakamura JP 105
7. Sebastian Rosenhahn DE 102
8. Alex Guillot FR 99
9. Leopold DiCenso US 96
10. Rumsey Rammuny US 93


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16.08.2021 [17:33]
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15.05.2013 [22:36]
VRC 2013 SEASON 2, ROUND 3, A-Main 1:10 NITRO
14.05.2013 [16:23]

That was my first podium in 2 years of VRC-PRO, I realy don't know what happened... maybe a bug in the matrix !
14.05.2013 [15:49]
Great to see some on-road & off-road news this week! Thanks for your time Donald...Nicely done

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