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Race:from 04.05.2013 [09:00] to 11.05.2013 [09:00]
Class:1:10 Short Course 4WD
Track:MHS Raceway 2
Direction:  Official O
Series:2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 SCT - by TEKIN
Rankings:  1:10 electric short course, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120)
Prizes:Level 2
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Mikes Hobby shop and race facility in Carrollton, Texas, layout Summer 2012.
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2013 SEASON 2, Round 3 of 6. Mikes 2 SCT10 Off Road



Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

2013 SEASON 2, Round 3 of 6. Mikes 2 SCT10 Off Road - by TEKIN

Short Course Racing

In order to give these reports I have to go back in time and watch the race. For those of you who don’t know how to navigate in VRC this may prove to be a helpful hint. When you launch VRC and your sitting at the pit table, click on events at the top of the screen. On the top left there are two radio buttons, Current Events, and Past Events. Anytime you want you can go back and visit a past event and race with the drivers or your choice. This is a very cool feature. Okay enough of that here we go on to the racing.

Spec Class 13.5 SC10
The Starting order was Kirby, Barnabas, Antonello, Eben, Matthew, Nicolas E., Nicolas L., Donald, Jim and Masato. Kirby took advantage of his pole position and ran as fast as he could to get away from the pack. The whoops and Rhythm sections made for some great racing action. In the photo to the right Barnabas Toth takes the triple option while Kirby takes the inside tight double, double. This proved to be a great strategy for Kirby as his consistent 20 seconds lap times were enough to get him the win.

The winning time in the Spec class was an average 20.206 seconds per lap with a fast lap time of 19.626 and a total of 24 laps in 08:06.260.

1. Kirby Backemeyer US 120
2. Barnabás Tóth HU 117
3. Eben Coetzee ZA 114
4. Antonello Parisi IT 111
5. Matthew Stacey CA 108
6. Nicolas Evens BE 105
7. Jim Lindbloom US 102
8. Donald Stark US 99
9. Masato Kuroda JP 96
10. Nicolas Loriot FR 93

Edward Stover has been producing some excellent Videos of the main events in this series.!

Open Class Racing
The Open class was dominated by Martin Wollanka who set a blistering pace and laid down 25 laps in the eight minute main event. In the end Martin won by a comfortable 10 second margin. Kirby had 14 seconds on third place. The A Main was intensely competitive with the top 4 running 24 and 25 laps. The B main was at 22 laps with the exception of Pete Bent who stepped up to 23 laps to get the win.

1. Martin Wollanka AT 120
2. Kirby Backemeyer US 117
3. Antonello Parisi IT 114
4. Barnabás Tóth HU 111
5. Eben Coetzee ZA 108
6. Matthew Stacey CA 105
7. Jim Lindbloom US 102
8. Nicolas Loriot FR 99
9. Nicolas Evens BE 96
10. Nikolay Parkaev RU 93


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16.05.2013 [04:05]
thank´s for the report is nice to read this!:-)
15.05.2013 [04:02]
Nice write up and nice video! I was in 3rd for a bit lol.... Then I crashed ;)
14.05.2013 [15:43]
2013 SEASON 2, Round 3 of 6. Mikes 2 SCT10 Off Road Open A-Main
14.05.2013 [15:39]
Excellent break down Donald..Great article! "ty for the mention : )"

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