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Race:from 05.12.2018 [10:00] to 17.12.2018 [10:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 nitro sportscars spec
Points:Level 3 ABC (1 - 150) with DNS* factor 75%
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The Messina track on the island of Sicily in the south of Italy, host of the 2005 IFMAR World Championships for 1:8 scale sportscars won by racing legend Lamberto Collari. Located right on the beautiful Messina beach this track must be r/c racers paradise... The track lay-out is relatively simple but this makes it even more difficult to gain time and make a difference.

Watch Race2theWorlds winner Kevin Pignotti (IT) master the Messina track with his 1:8 nitro powered car.
View the XRAY VRC Pro Masters 1:8 nitro at Messina.
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In another head-to-head with fellow US racer Joshua Berman it was Kevin Bacon who came out on top after 45 minutes of hard racing. Differences were very small on the fast Messina track and pitstop strategy could be a decisive factor. Both racers opted for a tire change half way and things stayed very much as they were all race, Berman leading Bacon with a 2 to 4 seconds gap. Berman was on a slightly more conservative fuel strategy, or was just consuming more fuel, so it could come down to the last fuel stop. And it did. Just 2 laps before the end Berman had to pull in for a quick splash which gave Bacon a change to take the lead. The remaining 2 laps weren't enough for Berman to close the 1 second gap. Good old Graham Raistrick completed the podium 2 laps down on the 2 frontrunners.

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1.|Kevin Bacon|US|184|45:11.502 2.|Joshua Berman|US|184|45:12.792 3.|Graham Raistrick|GB|182|45:11.108 4.|Giorgio Mingotti|IT|181|45:12.002 5.|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|181|45:14.700 6.|Alvaro Cuesta|ES|179|45:14.062 7.|Jacques Blanchin|FR|178|45:01.996 8.|Fabrizio Martello|PE|177|45:12.224 9.|Manuel Weber|US|176|45:06.382 10.|Tobias Seidl|DE|DNF|

1.|Niklas Hillig|DE|178|45:14.482 2.|Tony DELMASTRO|FR|176|45:11.962 3.|Robert Hillman|SE|175|45:11.814 4.|JEREMIE GAUTIER|FR|174|45:11.608 5.|michael Zappa|GB|174|45:15.498 6.|Marco Mognol|CH|170|45:06.978 7.|Olivier Gurdebeke|BE|170|45:08.024 8.|Mattias Norén|SE|170|45:11.638 9.|Sven Dellebeke|NL|169|45:01.780 10.|Gregory Molinas|GR|DNF

1.|Pedro Pozo|ES|173|45:01.660 2.|Tobias Fraunhofer|DE|171|45:09.780 3.|Klas Norman|SE|169|45:13.248 4.|Chanyoung Hwang|KR|169|45:17.502 5.|Stefan Spacil|AT|166|45:12.040 6.|Saud Sulaibeekh|BH|164|45:03.802 7.|Robert Stevenson|GB|163|45:06.976 8.|Christos Katsigiannis|GR|160|45:04.034 9.|Austin Weiland|US|DNF 10.|Luis Gudino|MX|DNF


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20.05.2021 [10:39]
Wonderful! Kevin has played this game so wonderfully that everyone has become a fan of him after seeing his skills in racing games. I thought it would be very easy to win the game but when I saw the contest between these two players it opened my eyes and now, I have to acquire experience to win this game. Well, I have earned a lot of money through casinos now I need to know playamo withdrawal and in this case, one of my friends sent me an article that I can read to withdraw my money.
27.09.2019 [16:57]
awesome :)
02.03.2019 [03:40]
Wow Did not know That Very well done kevin The pressure must have been on hell of a tough line up.. some serious competition right there.
Great Video and commentary......
01.03.2019 [01:05]
Thanks Michael. This was a great final for me. Joshua is arguably the fastest all around on road racer on VRC. He is a VRC legend and just an all around good guy. I was just happy to be part of the race and to be able to keep pace with him.

This was special to me because not only was this my first (and only) World Championship, but it was also my first win in any 1/8 sportscar event on VRC Pro. Don't worry I won't let it go to my head 😉
22.02.2019 [17:38]
Well done Kevin Joshua so close that pit stop at the end helped...

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