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Race:from 23.12.2017 [10:00] to 01.01.2018 [10:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 5 ABC (1 - 300) with DNS* factor 90%
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Buggyland Fuencarral Spain, home of sevral major championships and favorite among many of the top buggy racers.
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PRO class

Young Marc de Zwart from Austria has added a 2nd title to his 2017 Worlds campaign. After winning Pro class in 1:8 electric buggies the week before, the 16 year old Austrian now clinched the title in 1:8 nitro buggies modified Pro class. The 60 minute long A-Main final was a thriller act between de Zwart, Jones and Larsson who finished in that order with less than 10 seconds between them. It was Jonas Larsson from Sweden who led most of the race with de Zwart and Jones within seconds all the time. Until 2/3rd of the race... Larsson cam in for his scheduled pitstop but missed the pitlane entrance, got blocked, had to call for the turn marshal and was then placed back on the front straight. The Swede had to turn his car around, drive back to the pit entry and could finally refuel. In total it cost him 10 seconds, exactly the amount of time that would have put him on top at the end of the race... De Zwart and Jones already had collected their share of bad fortune in lap 42 and lap 53 costing them also 8-9 seconds, so maybe in the end the result reflected the true speed of these 3 top racers.

A great performance by de Zwart, Jones and Larsson, must watch the video with commentary by Mike Garrison. And make sure to share the video, we want all your r/c friends to see this video and hopefully they will one day join the action.

1.|Marc De Zwart|AT|93|60:35.194|1 2.|Warren Jones|US|92|60:02.100|2 3.|Jonas Larsson|SE|92|60:06.697|3 4.|James Le Pavoux|GB|91|60:18.918|5 5.|Robert Hillman|SE|91|60:30.608|4 6.|Maryan Beresh|UA|90|60:14.660|6 7.|Erik Bottosso|IT|89|60:06.340|7 8.|oel Martinsson|SE|89|60:20.906|10 9.|Andy Garcia|UA|89|60:22.683|8 10.|Marshall Kirkholm|US|89|60:41.154|9

SPORT class

Andrew Bucar from Canada controlled the 60 minute long Sport class A-Main final, leading from lap 1 till the finish, with a margin of 4 laps over runner up Frank Wagner from Germany and 6 laps over 3rd place podium finisher Alessandro Turini from Italy. Turini had a close battle for 3rd with Martin Wallace from the UK and Jürgen Butzbach from Germany, decided 2 laps before the end. Nbrs. 3, 4 and 5 finishing just 2.7 seconds apart!

1.|Andrew Bucar|CA|89|60:14.117|1 2.|Frank Wagner|DE|85|60:35.392|2 3.|Alessandro Turini|IT|83|60:18.808|8 4.|Martin Wallace|GB|83|60:20.140|5 5.|Jürgen Butzbach|AT|83|60:21.569|3 6.|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|83|60:32.440|4 7.|Mario Unverzagt|DE|82|60:25.403|6 8.|Tim Clark|US|81|60:15.271|9 9.|Christian Hafenscher|AT|80|60:14.480|10 10.|Nuno Lourenco|PT|9|07:06.495|7

CLUB class

Tony Dugan took off and never looked back to claim his Club World Championship title. The US driver looked like the outsider in this race as he started from 8th position, but in the 60 minute long A-main he didn't blink. Jan Sievert from Germany finished a lap down in 2nd, and Eddie Carcia from the US came in 3rd 10 seconds behind Sievert.

USA wins the Overall Nations standing followed by Germany and Sweden.

Congrats to all the podium finishers!


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05.01.2018 [08:21]
it's part of the marshall structure which we developed, in some cases it isn't perfect, like in the pitlane. If we change it it could happen that when you crash on the straight you're put back in the pitlane, something you don't want either. It's kind of a catch-22...
05.01.2018 [07:39]
Congratulations to Marc De Zwart, as they are due for great setup and driving, but I think that the pit stop issue for Jonas Larsson shows that the comments about a "broken pit lane" are true. There should be a penalty for messing up pit lane but sometimes you end up in the wall without hitting anything and once you hit the spacebar, it puts you in the straight. That isn't simulating how it reallt happens. How about a random 2-5 second delay while it puts you back into pit lane? It would be realistic and punish you yet not be so incredibly punitive for pit lanes that seem to be a bit buggy in the first place.

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