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Race:from 30.09.2017 [09:00] to 09.10.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy Spec
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
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Harper Adams indoor track, home of the famous NEO events, one of the biggest buggy events in the world. This is the NEO14 lay-out.
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Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:8 NITRO BUGGY SPEC round 5 NEO-9

PRO level

American talented youngster Tom Rinderknecht was showing remarkable pace during the qualifying. Something about his skills tells when also Worldchampion Warren Jones was behind when round ended. Ok, Warren wasnt far, and it was just early stage of this event and pace would go better lap by lap with both of these talents. There was only 0.6 seconds separating Rinderknecht and Jones. And it was looking even more promising as Austrian Martin Wollanka was standing at third spot, and he was also really close, only 0.8 seconds away from fastest pace. French talent Gaetan Anger earned fourth grid for the final, he was 3.2 seconds from Rinderknecht.
Maryan Beresh was fifth and Harry Schnarkowski sixth fastest. Robert Hillman who had made comeback, was struggling a bit with rhytm and pace, but this was very good starting place for Robert also, seventh fastest.

When the horn shouted for the main, Rinderknecht, Jones and Wollanka seemed to set the pace. This trio got their own pace and were fighting with really tiny margins. At start of the fifth lap, Wollanka`s day got dark. You werent allowed to do any mistakes against these two American talents, and Martin overcutted the second curve and it was goodbye for the victory. This mistake dropped Wollanka to the last position. Rinderknecht and Jones were figting at top, margins were really tiny, and the pace was very same, like qualifying had allready proved. End of the 8th lap Rinderknecht little bit overcutted one corner and touched the pipe and Jones got the lead. Nobody understanded how crucial that tiny tuch was for Rinderknecht, as Jones had so great pace and rhytm. From that point Jones even got better, he was pushing really hard but Rinderknecht stayed in striking distance. Jones visited only once in refuel against Rinderknecht`s two refuels. Ok, Jones had little bit more pace than Rinderknecht, but that extra refuel stop for Rinderknecht was too much against Worldchampion. Jones crossed the line in first place, 5.8 seconds ahead of Rinderknecht. Without Rinderknecht`s second refuel, this would have been a huge battle. But all in all, great race from both, and very enjoyable to watch. Thanks guys!
When Wollanka finaliced his race at fifth lap with that mistake, others got chance to gain that last podium place. Swedish offroad talent Robert Hillman was toughest and took that last podium, he had 15 seconds gap to winner. Gaetan Anger who started from fouth grid, hold his position and crossed the line 3 seconds behind Hillman.

Worldchampion 2016 Warren Jones took his own

SPORT level

SPORT level race was very amusing. Frank Wagner took the pole and was 1.2 seconds faster than Dan Haaling. Haaling had done remarkable job in earlier races, and was once again in top of the list, sneaking a win again. Tyler Mackenzie was third fastest at qualifying, and he was also really close from Wagner, only 1.5 seconds.
As main started we saw incredible drive from Ukranian driver Andy Garcia, who started from 8th grid. His average was 0.6 seconds faster than his qualifying run and this was victory solving issue. Andy had made his job with setup and learned tricks to this track and got well deserved win. Great job Andy.
Wagner who started from the pole, had to admit Garcia`s remarkable pace, Wagner crossed the line in second place, over 8 seconds away from Garcia`s pace. If Garcia had great race, so did German Alex Deperschmidt. Alex started from seventh grid and came third to finishline. Margins were really stable between podium drivers, as Deperschmidt was 14 seconds behind Wagner in second place, when race ended. Great final guys!

Andy Garcia made remarkable run

CLUB level

Spaniard Pablo Lopez was the man of the CLUB level, he was overwhelming at qualifying and also in the race. He wonned the race with crushing style, with 17 seconds margin before Austrian Stefan Spacil. Also Spacil was in stable place, as Japan driver Isla Pesca was third, 9 seconds behind him when race ended.

CLUB level crusher, Paplo Izguierdo Lopez



1|Warren Jones|US|32|15:16.138 2|Tom Rinderknecht|US|32|15:21.983 3|Robert Hillman|SE|31|15:03.197 4|Gaetan ANGER|FR|31|15:06.209 5|Martin Wollanka|AT|31|15:13.577 6|Alejandro Prieto|ES|31|15:26.783 7|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|30|15:03.920


1|Andy Garcia|UA|30|15:19.188 2|Frank Wagner|DE|30|15:27.472 3|Alex Deperschmidt|DE|29|15:06.311 4|Francisco Fernandez|ES|29|15:11.352 5|Andreas Heronimus|DE|29|15:23.300 6|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|29|15:25.220 7|Stephane Ethier|CA|28|15:04.271 8|Daan Haling|BE|28|15:05.066


1|Pablo Izquierdo Lopez|ES|29|15:27.094 2|Stefan Spacil|AT|28|15:12.874 3|isla pesca|JP|28|15:21.234 4|Alejandro Puga|ES|27|15:06.860 5|Justin Riedel|US|27|15:28.849 6|Robert Davis|US|26|15:13.574 7|Jason Platt|US|26|15:24.909


PRO level

1|Gaetan ANGER|304 2|Carson Yeung|286 3|Tommaso Andreuccetti|280 4|Alejandro Prieto|257 5|Gary Crowell|245 6|Ely Rojas|238 7|Seb LAMBERT|235 8|Valeriy Kornilov|228 9|Pasi Vainionperä|224 10|Jeremy Wrigley|210

SPORT level

1|Frank Wagner|314 2|Daan Haling|304 3|Stephane Ethier|296 4|Nuno Lourenco|282 5|Tyler Mackenzie|276 6|Francisco Fernandez|261 7|Dorian Marcel|216 8|Andy Garcia|212 9|Nicolas Ramond|206 10|Curtis Damm|206

CLUB level

1|Pablo Izquierdo Lopez|314 2|isla pesca|306 3|PHILLIP HARRIS|259 4|Jason Platt|254 5|Brad Dalbec|243 6|Tim Sekutowski|227 7|Alan Prevendar|226 8|Josh Margroff|220 9|Robert Dean|215 10|Takayuki Osaka|210

Im very grateful and honored that i can see from my Youtube charts that people has shared those videos more and more from my YOUTUBE channel. This is how it should be, by this way we get more puplicity and curios people to figure out, how good WE and VRC PRO is. And with WE word i mean us, whole VRC COMMUNITY. This is one great community, and lets keep pushing forward with sharing stuff from here to socialmedia, where ever you are moving.



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15.10.2017 [19:45]
Really nice artikel again! Love your work!
14.10.2017 [22:29]
Thanks Warren, yes that bit suprise for me also, that he did so. Just figured when i investigate this race. But it would been really close without that extra refuel. But in the end, this was exiting and you guys made it....
14.10.2017 [19:22]
Thanks for the report Jupe! I hadn't even realized that Tom took an extra stop... guess I'll need to drive even better next time. The kid is fast! :)

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