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Race:from 14.10.2017 [09:00] to 23.10.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Track:Barco Offroad
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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Barcooff - R/C Off Road Circuit Model, home of the EURO CONTEST by BITTYDESIGN
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2017 SEASON 2 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY ROUND 5 Barco off


Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Italian double Worldchampion 2016 Andrea Giordano started this event very furiosly. After qualifying, he was at top spot, with over 11 seconds gap to second fastest Robert Hillman.
Talented youngster from US, Tom Rinderknecht was third at qualy round, 0.8 seconds behind Hillman. Martin Wollanka was fourth, Carson Yeung fifth. Wollanka and Yeung had very same pace with Hillman and Rinderknecht. Wollanka was 12.609 and Yeung 12.686 away from fastest pace. This qualifying was really tight packet from Hillman to Jabin Carlton in 9th place, all eight drivers were inside 3.5 seconds. Final was expected to be Giordano`s, but there was huge talents behind him and nothing wasnt solved yet.

When the grid was arranged for the main, Thorn and Wollanka were missing. But we still had eight contenders to solve the podiums of this race. When tone shouted for the start, Giordano got the lead, but he was unfortunent as he flipped his car in first lap and Hillman got the lead. Giordano had the pace, no doubt, as he gained to fourth place after few laps. Hillman was looking steady and fast at front, Rinderknecht was in second place and Crowell in third place. In third lap, Rinderknecht made his mistake and dropped to last position. Hillman was getting away at front and had 3 seconds gap to Giordano in second place, who had made furios laps and gained his position back to front.
Behind Giordano was Hong Kong`s laprobot Carson Yeung. Yeung had also very good pace and was pushing really good laptimes behind Giordano.
Almost 6minutes had raced this mainfinal, Hillman was in the lead with 2.5 seconds margin to Giordano in second place. Rinderknecht who had dropped to last position by his mistake at lap three, was now in third place, 2.4 seconds away from Giordano. Giordano wasnt in rhytm at all, as he did his flip at starting lap, and also at lap 10 he overcutted corner, but was lucky as his car stayed on its tyres and he maintain his second place. But Rinderknecht was pushing really stable run in third place, and by Giordano`s mistakes, he was closing bit by bit. And struggles followed Giordano, as he made his third mistake at start of the 11th lap. Now Rinderknecht gained him and second place was in his hands. But Giordano wasnt surrended, he was still pushing very furiosly and of course against these supertalents, you had to be precise and fast. Rinderknecht and Giordano fighted really intence last laps, and Giordano also got the second place back and was looking promising again.
He indeed had the pace and was fast, but struggles werent over and he made his crucial mistake at last lap and this also solved the second place fight. Giordano had to settle to third place.
Robert Hillman was man of the race, with 33.0s average and his consistent and fast style, nobody couldnt answer that. He won this race with 6.3 seconds margin. Really great performance by Robert.
Rinderknecht made great save in this race, as he done his mistake and dropped to last position. With 33.459 average, he did fabulous job and got well deserved second place!
Carson Yeung was fourth and Jabin Carlton fifth. Yeung was 3 seconds and Carlton 8 seconds from the third podium place.
All in all, battle of highest podium would have been very close, without Giordano`s and Rinderknecht`s struggles.

A small break from the VRC, Robert Hillman is starting to show his pace again

SPORT level

SPORT level race was Andy Garcia`s. His average 34.0 and consistent drive was the key to his success. Frank Wagner was second, almost 12 second behind Garcia at finishline.
Wagner instead had huge battle against Mark Clews of the second place.
First five laps Wagner was in second place and then Clews passed him. From this point Clews hold his position all the way to the last lap, where Wagner was three 10th`s faster and this also lifted Wagner to second place. Clews had to settle to third place, only 0.09 seconds behind Wagner.

Garcia won the SPORT level with style

CLUB level

American driver William Dillon took the win in CLUB level. He had good pace, as second place driver, Latvian Henrijs Lerme was almost 12 seconds behind when race ended. French driver Adrien Prieto was third, almost 9 seconds behind Lerme.

Dillon was strongest in CLUB level



1|Robert Hillman|SE|15|08:26.108 2|Tom Rinderknecht|US|15|08:32.422 3|Andrea Giordano|IT|14|08:00.412 4|Carson Yeung|HK|14|08:03.900 5|Jabin Carlton|US|14|08:08.594 6|Valeriy Kornilov|RU|14|08:14.983 7|Gary Crowell|US|14|08:15.246 8|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|14|08:16.174 9|Martin Wollanka|AT|DNS 10|Brad Thorn|US|DNS


1|Andy Garcia|UA|14|08:07.003 2|Frank Wagner|DE|14|08:18.774 3|Mark Clews|AU|14|08:18.866 4|Ben Herritt|CA|14|08:21.611 5|Brandon Scobee|US|14|08:25.978 6|Renaud Gimelle|CH|14|08:32.777 7|Dani Tortuga|ES|14|08:32.946 8|isla pesca|JP|13|08:02.697 9|Shon Harding|US|DNS 10|Jordan Crouch|US|DNS


1|William Dillon|US|14|08:24.512 2|Henrijs Lerme|LV|14|08:35.723 3|Adrien Prieto|FR|13|08:07.174 4|Cameron Kersell|US|13|08:26.692 5|Paul Fendt|GB|13|08:27.943 6|Yuriy Tantsura|UA|13|08:33.102 7|Kevin Grodzinski|US|12|08:03.251 8|Peter Elphinstone|CA|12|08:07.897 9|Karl heinz Johann|DE|12|08:08.831 10|Darrell Howarth|US|DNS


PRO level

1|Carson Yeung|438 2|Tommaso Andreuccetti|396 3|Tom Rinderknecht|382 4|Jabin Carlton|377 5|Gary Crowell|371 6|Valeriy Kornilov|362 7|Marshall Kirkholm|361 8|Andrea Giordano|342 9|Wolfgang Hoffelner|324 10|Peter Haaima|264

SPORT level

1|Frank Wagner|465 2|Nuno Lourenco|432 3|Andy Garcia|426 4|Renaud Gimelle|410 5|Tyler Mackenzie|391 6|Steven Patterson|324 7|Brandon Scobee|309 8|isla pesca|302 9|Manuel Weber|289 10|Mario Callejo|287

CLUB level

1|Yuriy Tantsura|410 2|Karl heinz Johann|364 3|Adrien Prieto|351 4|Jason Platt|336 5|Kevin Grodzinski|312 6|Christos Katsigiannis|309 7|Darrell Howarth|305 8|Brad Dalbec|299 9|Robert Dean|294 10|Martin Chouinard|279

Im very grateful and honored that i can see from my Youtube charts that people has shared those videos more and more from my channel. This is how it should be, by this way we get more puplicity and curios people to figure out, how good WE and VRC PRO is. And with WE word i mean us, whole VRC COMMUNITY. This is one great community, and lets keep pushing forward with sharing stuff from here to socialmedia, where ever you are moving.

More VRC PRO videos can be found from:

VRC PRO motion

JP racing videos



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30.10.2017 [20:04]
Thanks Carson, this was nice race from you and also from others, easy to get involved, even i wasnt driving:):)
29.10.2017 [22:06]
Great report! Can feel the excitment on the race by reading the report even without watching the video!

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