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Race:from 25.02.2017 [09:00] to 06.03.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Rally X Spec
Track:Messina X short course
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:2017 SEASON 1 - 1:8 RALLY-X SPEC CLASS
Rankings:  not selected
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
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Messina SC edition
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2017 SEASON 1 1:8 RALLY-X SPEC ROUND 3 Messina X


Report by VRC race reporting


Third round of Rally X spec series was helded at Messina X track. First and second race winners Tommi Vacklin and Ely Rojas didnt participate to this event, but we had lot of drivers to get this just released track tested in race conditions.
Ok, all had some difficulties with big jump at backstraight and it was such a place that you had to be consistently precise and careful with that one, if you wanted to be at podium.

At qualifying round Huhtala was setting the pace to others and left second place driver Carson Yeung, 3.8 seconds behind. Third and fourth fastest was Sandro Cabreira and Robert Hillman.
Yeung, Cabreira and Hillman were all with very identical distance to the leader.

Huhtala was luckiest in PRO level

Semifinal round start to show the truth of the pace. Hillman was furiost and took this round with one second distance to Huhtala. Hillman and Huhtala were only ones, who got that 21 laps. Cabreira was standing at third and Yeung in fourth place. Cabreira had 4.1 and Yeung 6 seconds to leader.

When FINAL was arranged, there was three empty grids and Cabreira who got third grid, was one of those.
From the start it looked that Hillman is charging this one, but also him had huge struggles with that big jump and this made this final round very interesting.
All in all, that jump gave good spice for this final and we got 5 different leaders during this round. At this "lottery round", Huhtala had best luck and crossed the finishline first. Hillman`s last lap mistake dropped him from first to third place and also Yeung used this opportunity and got to second place, 0.070s ahead of Hillman.

Hillman`s(blue) last lap mistake dropped him from first to third place. Also Yeung benefited from this and got second place.

In SPORT level we had great result, when Finish driver Vesa Inkeri drove magnificent final. In overall results Vesa was standing at top of the list, 1.8 seconds faster than PRO level winner. Lithuanian Arturas Svoba was second fastest, 3.4 seconds behind Inkeri.
Slovenian Izidor Tratnik had 10 seconds distance to the winner, but in this track, it wasnt huge margin and this raised him to third podium.

At Finals, Inkeri was fastest in overall results

CLUB level race was two drivers deal. French David Lalanne and Italian Emanuele Sartori had great battle of first place. Sartori had the pace but unfortunatelly he had few over 25 seconds laps and these allowed Lalanne to get close and pass him. Margins were not big and David hold his nerves very good and deserved this win. Sartori had to settle to second place, with frustrating 0.6 distance to Lalanne. Third place was driven by Juanda Safari from Indonesia.
Honestly, Safari`s third place in this CLUB level was big big suprise for reporter as many others. Juanda was fastest in overall results in qualifying and semifinal rounds. Was it lack of rhytm or something else, but something really strange happend on his FINAL. Nothing seemed to go right.


A-main PRO

1|Jukka-Pekka Huhtala|FI|24|10:03.149 2|Carson Yeung|HK|24|10:05.982 3|Robert Hillman|SE|24|10:06.052 4|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|24|10:09.406 5|Marshall Kirkholm|US|24|10:15.548 6|Laurent Soreil|FR|24|10:24.431 7|Sandro Cabreira|BR|DNF 8|Massimiliano Tanturri|IT|DNS 9|Billy Yeung|HK|DNS

A-main SPORT

1|Vesa Inkeri|FI|24|10:01.275 2|Arturas Svoba|LT|24|10:04.680 3|Izidor Tratnik|SI|24|10:11.429 4|Jim Merritts|US|24|10:22.602 5|Christophe DELAMARE|FR|24|10:22.920 6|Valeriy Kornilov|RU|24|10:23.380 7|Steve Brummett|US|24|10:25.285 8|Eric Brawley|GB|24|10:25.700 9|Ulf Stenvall|SE|23|10:10.220 10|Corey Tadd|US|DNS

A-main CLUB

1|David LALANNE|FR|24|10:11.937 2|Emanuele Sartori|IT|24|10:12.568 3|Juanda Safari|ID|24|10:22.980 4|Ange Meiss|FR|23|10:02.334 5|Dorian Marcel|FR|23|10:22.232 6|Manuel Weber|US|23|10:22.957 7|Anssi Hartikainen|FI|22|10:00.748 8|Mike Strack|DE|22|10:06.340 9|Benoit Plourde|CA|20|10:17.268 10|Vitor Francês|PT|DNS


PRO level

1|Robert Hillman|232 2|Carson Yeung|224 3|Tommaso Andreuccetti|220 4|Jukka-Pekka Huhtala|154 5|Marshall Kirkholm|153 6|Billy Yeung|144 7|Laurent Soreil|142 8|Milan Peka|102 9|Tommi Vacklin|96 10|Jiri Mara|88

SPORT level

1|Jim Merritts|228 2|Arturas Svoba|224 3|Vesa Inkeri|220 4|Christophe DELAMARE|218 5|Valeriy Kornilov|206 6|Gary Crowell|177 7|Curtis Damm|168 8|Mike Bridges|167 9|Gary Sundman|160 10|Corey Tadd|155

CLUB level

1|Emanuele Sartori|234 2|Manuel Weber|206 3|Dorian Marcel|196 4|Benoit Plourde|173 5|Christos Katsigiannis|169 6|Karl heinz Johann|166 7|Juanda Safari|156 8|David LALANNE|156 9|Ange Meiss|152 10|Vitor Francês|128


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Pages: 1 | 2 (Total posts: 11)
15.03.2017 [13:13]
Thanks Worldchampion!
11.03.2017 [21:09]
Finland drivers showing their rally skills!

P.S. nice editing on the video J-P
08.03.2017 [15:17]
Posted by: Carson Yeung (HK) on 7.3.2017 23:47:28 (UTC) Nice report and this big jump really testing your luck :)

Yes, it gave some problems and you needed some luck to achive something in here. But also it gave some extra "positive" spice for the race, as so many had chance to lead this final. Its not enjoyable to have that kind of jump behaviour, but it adds some exitement for your run.
07.03.2017 [23:47]
Nice report and this big jump really testing your luck :)
07.03.2017 [19:11]
Thanks guys!

And Tommaso, i was planning to catch all mistakes to video but maybe that would be too much :).
But mainly, from vid we can see that all guys struggled with rhytm of that jump. All in all, great that we had so many different leaders during that run.
07.03.2017 [18:07]
No replay for my big mistakes😂 (30.etc) but super super super report!
07.03.2017 [06:13]
Great report !

And the time slot for Main is too short, it is hard to allocate enough time for VRC during weekend. Hope next season back to qualify + final
06.03.2017 [20:27]
Super report and of course super video :). I very enyoy to watched it
06.03.2017 [18:05]
Thanks Vesa! And congrats for your success in here!
Heh, and imagine, i didnt even get those all "flips" to video. Well, that jump is tough one and maybe it gave some more exitement for the race and the event.
Its frustrating to have those flips, but clearly that affected to amount of leaders at this A-main.
06.03.2017 [17:40]
Great report as always!
And superb job with the video.
Nicely picked all those flips. I think every one got his 15 seconds of fail :D

These reports gives huge dose of realism and depth to the sim.

But still... I'd like that jump gets an update.

Edited by author: 6.3.2017 20:38:57 GMT

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