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Race:from 11.03.2017 [09:00] to 20.03.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Track:Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Direction:  Reverse R
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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Silver Dollar r/c Raceway - by A Main Hobbies

An amazing off-road track, located in Chico, Northern California. Serious jumps, an interesting infield, 2 'table top' corners and a fast back straight. A thrill to race your 4WD short course truck on this track, a real challenge!

Silver Dollar r/c Raceway video
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Event report for: 2017 SEASON 1 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGIES ROUND 3



James Le Pavoux of Great Britain won the recent 1.8 Electric Buggy race at Silver Dollar. Le Pavoux was the only driver to complete 20 laps in this action packed final. Sweden’s young gun Jonas Larsson was the top qualifier, but Larsson clipped a corner during the zero lap of the final and needed to be marshalled. The mishap cost Larsson about 5 or 6 seconds and dropped him to dead last before he even completed a lap. Thus, Larsson was in catch up mode throughout the final. Larsson used fast laps to slowly but surely overtake the rest of the field. However, despite his best efforts, it wasn’t enough to catch up with the smooth and consistent laps posted by Le Pavoux. While Larsson posted more sub 30 second laps (5 to Le Pavoux’s 2), Le Pavoux’s final was mistake free and his slowest lap was still a very quick 30.900 seconds. Le Pavoux finished with 20 laps in 10:27.306; Larson took second with 19 laps in 10:03.223.

Le Pavoux's steady pace was unstoppable

The battle for the third podium position was tight between the next four drivers. In fact, there was less than 1.6 seconds difference between Finland’s Ari Koski, Canada’s Dan Phillion, France’s Arthure Brule and Sweden’s Robert Hillman after a 10-minute final. Hillman looked to run away with final podium position, but on lap 18 he cut too close to the left hander leading onto the front straight, and ended up performing a slow “rail slide” (skateboarding trick) down the front straight divider. The “stunt” allowed Koski, Phillion and Brule to pass.

Phillion was in front of Koski until lap 10 when he clipped the left hander in front of the rostrum and found himself upside down. Koski took advantage and slipped by Phillion while he was being marshalled. The two racers stayed close for the rest of the race, but a 30 second final lap for Koski and 31 second lap for Phillion was the difference and Koski crossed the finish line a mere .146 seconds ahead of Phillion. Brule finished .712 seconds behind Phillion. Italy’s Tommaso Andreuccetti finished seventh and American Marshall Kirkholm finished 8th. Michael Lightfoot (Great Britain) and Jim Turner (USA) did not finish.

In the sport class, it was Ruben Martins of Australia who took home the checkered flag. Martins had a small mistake early in the race and fell from his top qualifying position. But Martins stayed focused and powered his way back into first placed then pulled away from the field to take a convincing victory. Martins finished with 18 laps in 10:01.480. Emanuele Sartori (Italy) finished second. Sartori was 9.774 seconds behind Martins. Garret Benson (USA) completed the podium just 1.629 seconds behind Sartori.

Martins claimed victory in Sport Class

France’s Nicolas Hallier ran away from the field in the club level final. Hallier was the only club level racer to achieve 18 laps. His time would have been even faster except a mistake on his final lap required assistance from a turn-marshal and cost Hallier about 6 seconds. Mark Thompson (USA) finished in comfortable second position. Mario Unverzagt of Germany completed the podium.

Hallier left the competition in the dust in Club Class


1|James Le Pavoux|20|10:27.306 2|Jonas Larsson|19|10:03.223 3|Ari Koski|19|10:12.394 4|Dan Phillion|19|10:12.540 5|Arthur Brulé|19|10:13.252 6|Robert Hillman|19|10:13.975 7|Tommaso Andreuccetti|19|10:15.797 8|Marshall Kirkholm|19|10:29.594 9|Michael Lightfoot|DNF 10|Jim Turner|DNF

1|Ruben Martins|18|10:01.480 2|Emanuele Sartori|18|10:11.254 3|Garrett Benson|18|10:12.883 4|Wolfgang Hoffelner|18|10:14.514 5|Valeriy Kornilov|18|10:16.920 6|Mark Clews|18|10:19.712 7|Jonathan Phelps|18|10:24.952 8|Ivan Barnier|18|10:27.397 9|Shon Harding|17|10:03.511 10|Renaud Gimelle|17|10:07.546

1|Nicolas Hallier|18|10:30.542 2|Mark Thompson|17|10:10.298 3|Mario Unverzagt|17|10:17.954 4|Björn Fetting|17|10:25.126 5|Curtis Damm|16|10:00.363 6|Dorian Marcel|16|10:01.558 7|isla pesca|16|10:05.266 8|Madyoyo Man|16|10:09.277 9|Alex Pavlovskiy|DNS 10|Anssi Hartikainen|DNS


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31.03.2017 [11:59]
Great report Kevin, thank you Sir.
29.03.2017 [14:55]

Thanks Kevin, great report!

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