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Race:from 21.08.2016 [01:00] to 19.09.2016 [00:30]
Class:1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck
Track:Lloret de Mar
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:10 electric Nascar trucks
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
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Lloret de Mar - Spain
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2016 1:10 ELECTRIC NASCAR TRUCKS ROUND 9 Lloret de Mar


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

SEASON 2016 electric nascartruck modified, round 9, Lloret de Mar


In timed practice, comparing to earlier events, nothing spectacular happened.
Once again, Italian talent Andrea Giordano was the furiost and was setting the pace to others.
Switzerlands Patrick Bader was closest to Giordano, but almost five seconds behind.
Behind Bader, was another Italian laprobot, Tommaso Andreuccetti. Andreuccetti had good run and was only 1.5 seconds slower than Bader. Fourth fastest, Finlands Jukka-Pekka Huhtala was in pretty same pace as Andreuccetti, only 0.1seconds behind. Fifth place went Switzerland Philippe Gross, difference to leader 8,6 seconds.
So, Giordano had came here with very aggressive style and good setup. With his average, he was allready in this point, one top candidates to take this event.


This round showed, how good Giordano`s pace was. Giordano took the first place also from this round, but was one second slower than his timed practice run. Swedish ”speedie” Andre Fossto was second fastest, but very tiny 0.04s difference to Giordano. Billy Caley from USA, who wonned that earlier race in Sao Paolo, was the man in third place. Ok, Billy is serious opponent, and it was waited that in next round, his true pace would come up. At this point, difference to leader was nothing, 0.3 seconds. Man in fourth position, French Jerome djay Delcourt was also on fire. Half second distance to leader was nothing, as we knewed how tough and consistent driver Jerome is.
SO, these four drivers at front was showing enormouss pace and they were in target, if somebody wanted to be on podium in this event.
Tobias Seidl from Germany got fifth position with 2.5 seconds margin to leader.
By these results, it was well expected, that there was going to be tough battle of those podium places, this was exiting and worth to wait.

Top5 in qualifying:

1|Andre Giordano|20L|5:10.244
2|Andre Fossto|20L|+0.042
3|Billy Caley|20L|+0.298
4|Jerome djay Delcourt|20L|+0.504
5|Tobias Seidl|20L|+2.48


End of the bump up, it was pit sad when we noticed that Billy Caley, who was third fastest at qualifying round, didnt participate to this round.
But there was those three drivers who had magnificent pace, Giordano, Fossto and Delcourt were favorites to take this round. And close battle we got, Giordano took the pole, with 1.6 seconds margin ahead of Delcourt. Fossto was third and Huhtala in fourth place. Fossto`s gap to the pole was 2.1seconds. Looking the result board, it was going to be very interesting final, as first seven drivers were all inside 6.1 seconds. Ok, Giordano had showed his magnificent pace, and was big favourite to take this one.


At the final, Italian Andrea Giordano didnt show any signs of mercy to his fellow competitors. He leaded the pack whole final, his style was so consistent, fast and peaceful and it was really enjoyable to watch. In lap 27 he did tiny mistake and Delcourt got close, but finally Andrea continued his magnificent running and took well deserved win.

Giordano was in fire, his consistent and fast run secured his victory

About second place, we got huge fight, as the Frenchman Delcourt and Swedish Fossto was on battle. They switch places all the way to 29th lap, when Fossto did his mistake at middlefield. This took about three seconds and from this point, Delcourt only job was to drive safe to the end. Ok, Fossto was pushing really hard after that mistake, but gap was too much, as pace was so similar with Delcourt.

Delcourt had good battle against Fossto, at the end he was really close to catch Giordano

So, Giordano took the win, Delcourt was second, but only 0.9 seconds behind Giordano.
Fossto had pretty boring after his mistake, but it was nicely saved and he got the third place. Finnish driver Huhtala was looking good in early stage at final, but he didnt got any ”weapons” against those three at front. At checkered flag, Huhtala distance to winner was almost 8 seconds.

Fossto`s race was spoiled at lap 29. Pace was there, but that frustrating mistake took his chances.

Czech Milan Peka, who started from 8th grid, drove fantastic final. He drove clean and consistent run, and he really earned that fifth place. Well done Milan!
Switzerlands Patrick Bader started from 6th grid, without his few mistakes at laps 11 and 12, he would fighted that fifth place with Peka. But nicely doned also from Patrick, he saved that 6 place.
Man who started from last grid, USA driver Steve Pitts had also fantastic drive. He got 7th place from final as others made those mistakes. Pitts one mistake at lap 12, secured his place.
Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti started this final very nicely, consistent run all the way up to 33 lap. Then his day went dark, he got three huge mistakes and these finaliced his place. These mistakes took almost 12 seconds and it was goodbye to fifth place. Finally he was 8th in results.
Ninth place went to German driver Olivier Meunier. He had decent run but finally it was ruined with huge mistake at lap 23, what took almost 7 seconds.

All in all, very enjoyable event. Giordano, Delcourt and Fossto were in charge. Tight close racing, this is what we need. Well done guys!


A main

1|Andrea Giordano|IT|39|10:04.682 2|Jerome djay Delcourt|FR|39|10:05.648 3|André Fossto|SE|39|10:08.692 4|Jukka-Pekka Huhtala|FI|39|10:12.250 5|Milan Peka|CZ|38|10:03.670 6|Patrick Bader|CH|38|10:07.432 7|Steve Pitts|US|38|10:12.676 8|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|38|10:13.238 9|Olivier Meunier|DE|37|10:05.566 10|Tobias Seidl|DE|DNF

B main

1|Alexander Dunkl|AT|38|10:11.336 2|Jim Merritts|US|38|10:14.850 3|Laurent Soreil|FR|37|10:13.466 4|Hans Guenther Heitsch|DE|37|10:15.314 5|Billy Yeung|HK|36|10:07.610 6|Jean-philippe Csernak|FR|36|10:15.222 7|Aron Roach|AU|35|10:09.326 8|Pedro Jose Lueiro Rey|ES|DNS 9|Claudio Oddi|IT|DNS 10|Didi Merkle|DE|DNS


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19.09.2016 [20:42]
Posted by: Philippe Gross (CH) on 19.9.2016 18:18:26 (UTC) @Pieter: The overall Serie ranking in "1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck" and in "1:10 Nitro NASCAR Truck" is not correct, only 8 events counts for the Serie ranking. In the "1:8 NITRO NASCAR TRUCKS" it's correct.

Yes Philippe, i noticed that calculate "error" also, thats why i didnt add the overall standings in this report. Pieter will certainly handle it.

And Thank You Guys about compliments, most aphreciated! This was nice event also!

19.09.2016 [20:32]
Thanks for the nice and unexpected report Jupe, you beat yourself also in the making of the video! Very enjoiable ;)

Edited by author: 19.9.2016 19:32:30 GMT
19.09.2016 [19:18]
The overall Serie ranking in "1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck" and in "1:10 Nitro NASCAR Truck" is not correct, only 8 events counts for the Serie ranking.
In the "1:8 NITRO NASCAR TRUCKS" it's correct.
19.09.2016 [19:16]
Thanks for the report Jupe :-)
19.09.2016 [18:56]
nice report. very good job.
19.09.2016 [11:24]
Nice report, as always...thanks for your efforts Jupe!

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