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Race:from 24.07.2016 [01:00] to 22.08.2016 [00:30]
Class:1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck
Track:Sao Paulo Jundiai
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:10 electric Nascar trucks
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
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Sao Paulo, home of the 2004 IFMAR World Championships for 1:10 nitro cars. This track is built on the slope of a hill, and slopes away from you some 3 meters (down...), making this a one of a kind track. Thrilling and exciting!

View some 1:10 nitro 200mm touring car racing action at this track, 2011 VRC World Champion Frank Hattich is on the wheel...
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2016 1:10 ELECTRIC NASCAR TRUCKS ROUND 8 Jundiai-Sao Paolo


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

SEASON 2016 electric nascartruck modified, round 8, Jundiai Sao Paolo


Starting round of this event, three drivers were separated from others with their own laps. Two Italians, Giordano and Andreuccetti and Huhtala from Finland hitted 18 laps, all inside 2.5 seconds.
Fourth fastest driver was Dunkl from Austria, having 12 seconds gap to the leader Giordano. Philippe Gross from Switzerland and Steve Pitts from USA got fifth and sixth place from this round. Dunkl, Gross and Pitts were really close each other, all inside 2 seconds.
But it was expected, that next round would show us, how tight that top would be. Many drivers left this round without driving, cause it was not mandatory.
Like in earlier races, everybody was just getting miliar with the track, as it had very tricky corners and alltitude difference 3 meters.


At qualifying round, Italian Giordano had found more pace, with average 17.344 he didnt got any pressure from no one. Huhtala in second place, was 3.5 seconds behind and Andreuccetti in third place, 4.8 seconds behind Giordano. Britain driver Ritchie Thorn had also joined this event. He was fourth driver, who got that 18laps and was only 0.4 seconds behind Andreuccetti in fourth place. Like others, Ritchie was also struggling with those tricky curbs and here you had to be even more patient and precise with those ones.
Czech Milan Peka was in fifth place. Milan also had chances to hit that 18 laps, just needed more consistency.


This was serious stuff. Billy Caley from USA had also joined and was showing great pace. He was only 1.4 seconds from TQ driver Andrea Giordano from Italy. Andrea`s average 17.371 was remarkable, as everybody knewed how tough this track was with its curbs and alltitude difference.
Third fastest, Huhtala from Finland, had average 17.557 and he got really great pressure from Britain talent Ritchie Thorn. Thorn had really good run, but both, Huhtala and Thorn had to find something for final to challenge those two at top. Or, they just to had to be more consistent, then this was going to be nice fight of podium places. Fifth fastest was Italian Andreuccetti, Tommasso didnt find that pace for bumpup wich he had in earlier rounds. That 18laps margin was tough almost everyone, it just needed precise, fast laps and mainly without mistake maded run. But this wasnt over yet, finals were coming. At this point knowbody couldnt predict who was going to be victorius. Last A-main places went to Peka from Czech repuplic, Gross from Switzerland, Pitts from USA, Dunkl from Austria and Merrits from USA. All A-main drivers were inside of 14 seconds. This was going to be interesting.


As the race started, even Giordano was in pole, it looked from start that Caley was on fire. He got first in starting lap and was looking strong, almost overwhelming. But Giordano didnt surrender, stayed really close whole final and didnt let Caley cool down a bit. Both, Caley and Giordano were setting fantastic, consistent laps and didnt make any bigger mistakes.

Billy Caley drove like maniac, he was consistent and fast. Also he showed some pitlane speed in lap 21.

When lap 21 started, it was bit funny when Caley try to push really hard to mainstraight, his car went wide and he drove through pit lane. Even he runned this lap through pitlane, it was still under 18 seconds lap. But this only showed how hurry these guys were at front. Giordano was pushing and pushing but didnt gain Caley. At the end, Caley came first to finishline, 1.3 seconds before Giordano.

Andrea Giordano had tools to challenge Caley, who hold his nerves. At finishline Andrea had frustrating 1.3 seconds to Caley.

Third place was all open to very last minute. Thorn and Huhtala were fighting that last podium place. Thorn maded his bigger mistake at lap 11, and Huhtala got over 2 seconds margin. Lap by lap, Thorn gained Huhtala and this was fun to watch. As Thorn had maded his mistake, in lap 28 it was Huhtala`s time. He pushed really hard to mid staright and got in trouble. It looked that he had understanded wrong these cars, these were not lawn mowers. Ok, he stayed at third place but this helped Thorn a lot and he was right on Huhtala`s tale. Finally few corners solved this battle to Thorn, when last minute was on. Thorn came to third and Huhtala to fourth place, but only 0.3 seconds behind Thorn.

These two change places and battled of third podium place. Finally Thorn(red/white) was only 0.3 seconds faster than Huhtala.

Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti got fifth place from the final. His pace was good and there, but lack of consistency was the reason, why he couldnt challenge Thorn and Huhtala. But like most know, Tommaso is 90% offroader, by this, it was fabulous result from him. He is worth to watch in next races.
Czech Milan Peka had fantastic race, by this 6th position, he showed that he is man to watch. His fastest laptime was 17.478, with average 17.915. These times were pretty similar with rest of the field and this only proved how difficult this track was to everybody. Only Caley in first and Giordano in second place got everything right. At finishline Peka`s gap to leader was almost 19 seconds.
Last four places in A-main went to Pitts from USA, Dunkl from Austria, Merrits from USA and Gross from Switzerland. These all drivers were all inside 4.5 seconds.
In overall, this track was as demanding as it looks, tricky curbs, alltitude difference was those issues what maded this track very challenging. But like allways, someone is allways fastest. Congratulation to Billy Caley, remarkable run. But also have to raise my hat to Andrea, he was strong, he was there, but Billy knewed this and hold his nerves. Great job Andrea!


A main

1|Billy Caley|US|34|10:06.942 2|Andrea Giordano|IT|34|10:08.318 3|Ritchie Thorn|GB|34|10:15.440 4|Jukka-Pekka Huhtala|FI|34|10:15.752 5|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|33|10:04.606 6|Milan Peka|CZ|33|10:08.370 7|Steve Pitts|US|33|10:11.582 8|Alexander Dunkl|AT|33|10:13.064 9|Jim Merritts|US|33|10:14.652 10|Philippe Gross|CH|33|10:15.934

B main

1|Billy Yeung|HK|32|10:03.394 2|Hans Guenther Heitsch|DE|31|10:06.950 3|Yuriy Meshkov|RU|31|10:13.832 4|Björn Siewert|DE|29|10:06.964 5|Stephen Cheung|AU|DNS 6|Jonathan MIGIANU|FR|DNS 7|Thomas Klingen|DE|DNS 8|Sascha Bülow|DE|DNS 9|Stewart Smith|GB|DNS 10|Erwin Fiselberger|AT|DNS


1|Jukka-Pekka Huhtala|600 2|Philippe Gross|552 3|Graham Raistrick|471 4|Hans Guenther Heitsch|426 5|Thomas Klingen|392 6|Lando Landini|380 7|Yuriy Meshkov|379 8|Billy Yeung|370 9|Milan Peka|361 10|Carson Yeung|360 11|Aron Roach|357 12|Gary Sundman|326 13|Stephen Cheung|307 14|Joost Wouters|305 15|Andrea Giordano|304 16|Alexander Dunkl|303 17|Björn Siewert|265 18|Karl heinz Johann|265 19|Jim Merritts|256 20|Johann Jury|253


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(Total posts: 10)
24.08.2016 [22:47]
Thanks mates, its been pleasure!
24.08.2016 [00:43]
More race report from Jupe please :)
23.08.2016 [19:29]
Posted by: Andrea Giordano (IT) on 23.8.2016 8:26:16 (UTC) Thanks for your great racing coverage Jupe. Something that will miss me 😢 I read Philippe comment, for me there were nothing to be upset... It was only self-ironic. Glad you have already clarified.

Yes exactly, it was only about myself :-)
23.08.2016 [12:40]
Excellent JuPe, I wish we had more active race reporters like you!!!
23.08.2016 [09:26]
Thanks for your great racing coverage Jupe. Something that will miss me 😢

I read Philippe comment, for me there were nothing to be upset... It was only self-ironic. Glad you have already clarified.
23.08.2016 [08:43]
Hello Philippe

As i mentioned, that as we are from different countries and we understand with our own ways what others are writing. And also my understanding, what somebody is writing, is bit mixed up. So, im not perfect in english, not at all. Im just writing, writing and writing. Of course, i check allways what have i writed and try to be careful what im doing.

I totally miss understanded your point and sentence. Im truly sorry about this one. But ive rtold to myself, that first time when something this kind happens. Ill SHUT MY MOUTH:). So, my focus will be only on racing side from this moment. Its not your fault Philippe, not at all. You are magnificent driver, and such a driver who also participates also to these "racediscussions". Carry on P, the way you are fantastic.
23.08.2016 [00:50]
Hello Jupe
I think you did understand something wrong, I did like the report and the phrase of my backlog :-)
Your report is fine, it's just my driving that was not good enough - keep going your reports.

PS: I have deleted my other comment, sorry for the confusion, was not my purpose.

Edited by author: 22.8.2016 23:53:31 GMT
23.08.2016 [00:07]
Thank you Jupe for delivering these reports.

Also thank you Jupe and Andrea for sharing your setup tips, which helped me a lot to make my first A Main in this class.
22.08.2016 [23:47]
I really love reading the reports hoping for my name to show up one day but just has not yet, thanks for the write ups
22.08.2016 [23:33]
Now im done also with these reports, these reports are coming guite normal touch from my heart. As ive mentioned before, if somebody is hurt of some things wich i wrote. Please send me a message IN PRIVATE.
But i dont know, how to take these "action words" in comments, as we are from different countries. Writing in internet looks propably different that it should. But no hard feelings. Ive erased that sentence of that gap to leader, so it should be updated in few minutes.
Those can do these, who wants. Im done. Thank you!
And im also pleased, now i can just have fun with this amazing simulator.


Edited by author: 22.8.2016 23:13:21 GMT

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