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Race:from 29.05.2016 [01:00] to 27.06.2016 [00:30]
Class:1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck
Track:Kissimmee short
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:10 electric Nascar trucks
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
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Kissimmee Full Throttle Raceway, 2004 IFMAR Worlds 1:10 electric lay-out
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2016 1:10 ELECTRIC NASCAR TRUCKS ROUND 6 Team Schumacher dominates


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 6, Kissimmee Short

After Carpet 2 race it was time to travel to USA and Kissimmee Short circuit. Sixth round of Electric Nascartruck series was competed here.
The track is very technical, but of course it needs good speed at main and skills to drive very tight and precise line at those tight corners.

In timed practice, Italian talent Andrea Giordano was setting the pace to others. Of course it was just begining of this event, and more pace was waited to the next rounds. But in this point, fastest average laptime was 12.985.

At qualifying round, three Britain laprobots were joined also to this event. Fletcher, Thorn and Raistrick were those names at top when qualifying ended. Dont know, was Thorn and Raistrick still in ”cooling mode”, because Fletcher`s average 12.693 was looking overwhelming at this point. I would call it ”amazing pace”. Switzerland`s Philippe Gross got fourth place from this round, he was only one second behind Raistrick in third place. Giordano who showed his pace in timed practice, had to settle to fifth place, allmost three seconds behind Gross.

Bump up round showed truth, about drivers pace. Those three Brit`s were setting the pace to others, Fletcher was the strongest in first, Thorn in second and Raistrick in third place. There was only 0.3 separating these two Team Schumacher drivers Fletcher and Thorn. Raistrick in third place, had over two seconds to Fletcher.
Fletcher`s and Thorn`s average 12.6 was guite enormouss comparing to others.
Giordano, who was fifth in qualifying, got fourth grid for the final. Andrea`s gap was over six seconds to the leader. It looked that podium places would be solved between those three Brit`s and Giordano, Huhtala, Yeung and Gross would solve places 4-7.
The final was going to be very tight and interesting battle of podium places.

The Final was totally two mans deal. These two TEAM SCHUMACHER drivers, Thorn and Fletcher were dominating the race. They pace was so strong and consistent and nobody couldnt challenge them. Thorn was leading whole final, Fletcher was right on his tale all the time but couldnt pass Thorn. Coming to checkered flag, Thorn was first and Fletcher in second place, but only 1.5 seconds behind his teammate.

TeamSchumacher drivers Ritchie Thorn and Mark Fletcher in tight battle.

Man who was nearest of these two, was Graham Raistrick. As allways, Graham showed magnificent pace and consistent run. But he would needed one 10th faster average to gain those two at front.
Andrea Giordano from Italy was in fourth place. He had raised his pace from bump-up, pressured Raistrick at third place and was really close to get that last podium place. Difference between them was only two seconds when race ended. Nicely challenged Andrea!

Raistrick was little stronger than Giordano.

Philippe Gross from Switzerland, had either hided his pace or just founded something special for final, so great was his pace. His pace raised two 10th´s from bumpup, and this cave him a fantastic result at Final. We should say, he fighted and deserved that fifth position.
Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung got sixth and Finland`s J-P.Huhtala seventh place from the final.
Yeung and Huhtala had great battle against Gross at fifth place. Finally Yeung had to settle to sixth with 0.4 and Huhtala to seventh place with 1.5 seconds behind Gross. Great Racing!

Philippe Gross(blue) founded something for the final and drove well deserved fifth position.

USA driver Steve Pitts came in eighth position to checkered flag. He was few laps behind those guys at front, but this was well deserved A-main place.
In 9th position, Billy Yeung from Hong Kong was 11 seconds behind Pitts at ninth place. So, it was pretty boring race for Billy, but like Pitts, Yeung deserved this A-main place with his great performance at bump up.

Next race will be helded at Oslo circuit. Lets see will those two TeamSchumacher drivers, also dominate that race.


A main

1|Ritchie Thorn|GB|47|10:00.810 2|Mark Fletcher|GB|47|10:02.286 3|Graham Raistrick|GB|47|10:08.230 4|Andrea Giordano|IT|47|10:10.378 5|Philippe Gross|CH|46|10:06.936 6|Carson Yeung|HK|46|10:07.296 7|Jukka-Pekka Huhtala|FI|46|10:08.408 8|Steve Pitts|US|44|10:00.644 9|Billy Yeung|HK|44|10:11.122 10|Stewart Smith|GB|DNS

B main
1|Jim Merritts|US|44|10:00.532 2|Alexander Dunkl|AT|44|10:08.406 3|Stephen Cheung|AU|43|10:04.258 4|Hans Guenther Heitsch|DE|42|10:11.734 5|Joe Cude|US|41|10:13.088 6|Wolfgang Roth|AT|40|10:02.088 7|Aron Roach|AU|40|10:41.356 8|Björn Siewert|DE|DNF 9|Thomas Klingen|DE|DNF 10|Laurent Soreil|FR|DNS

1|Graham Raistrick|458 2|Jukka-Pekka Huhtala|450 3|Philippe Gross|426 4|Hans Guenther Heitsch|312 5|Thomas Klingen|307 6|Aron Roach|304 7|Joost Wouters|295 8|Milan Peka|291 9|Lando Landini|287 10|Carson Yeung|286 11|Yuriy Meshkov|271 12|Billy Yeung|244 13|Gary Sundman|229 14|Stephen Cheung|222 15|Tom Ebersole|217 16|Johann Jury|206 17|Wolfgang Roth|203 18|Karl heinz Johann|190 19|Nuno Lourenco|183 20|Alexander Dunkl|177


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30.06.2016 [08:39]
Thanks Tony for your great efforts to help also these guys who have issues with using this SIM. Hopefully Billy has cleared his problems.

And also thanks about compliments. Some issues going on still but ill let you know more of those by email.
29.06.2016 [21:00]
Posted by: Billy Yeung (HK) on 28.6.2016 4:24:59 (UTC) Nice report ! You guys are super fast !! My computer experienced horrible crash in the last few days, completely can't start VRC. Only after do regedit to clear all the old entries, and re-install VRC ... finally I can join this race in my last minute : )


I see your name every where. Anyway, I am sure you have tried changing the settings to a lower resolution and other changes that might help. Also, before starting VRC, hit control+alt+delete to see if any other programs are running that you don't want or need.
I just trying to help.

Jupe, you are king my friend. I hope you are doing very well. Great reporting as always and send me a e-mail when you get time. Stay safe and happy.
28.06.2016 [07:36]
Thanks also Philippe and Billy of your compliments.

Philippe, you were on fire here...didnt doubt this one. That was beautiful.

Billy, those issues just comes time to time. Also to me.
28.06.2016 [05:24]
Nice report !

You guys are super fast !!

My computer experienced horrible crash in the last few days, completely can't start VRC. Only after do regedit to clear all the old entries, and re-install VRC ... finally I can join this race in my last minute : )
27.06.2016 [23:18]
Nice report Jupe, thanks. I just had a clean final with only two very small bubbles.
Great A-Final.
27.06.2016 [18:51]
Hello Carson and Andrea

Thanks about compliments. This event wasnt strongest for me, but liked it so much. We see in Oslo!
27.06.2016 [15:46]
Very nice! Pictures you choose are as always a perfect storyboard. Well done!
27.06.2016 [13:32]
Great, looking forward to seeing the next round report!

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