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Race:from 20.02.2016 [10:00] to 29.02.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:10 Short Course 4WD
Track:Psycho Nitro Blast 1
Direction:  Reverse R
Rankings:  1:10 electric short course, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%
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Psycho Nitro Blast - V edition - 2012 lay-out.
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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 4 Psycho Nitro Plast 5


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

This report tells what has happened in earlier races in season and also more specific report of latest event in Psycho Nitro Plast 5 track. Enjoy!

2016 Season SC10 TRUCKS modified

Round 1 RC Exitement

SC10 modified trucks started they season from RC Exitement. This season start didnt gave any miracles as we saw that Austrian supertalent, multiple VRC Worldchampion Martin Wollanka had joined to this season start. And Martin didnt give any mercy to fellow competitors as he wonned the qualifying, with huge 11 seconds margin before Swedish talent Robert Hillman. And also in race, Wollanka was setting the pace to others and finished also with huge, 10seconds margin before Hillman. Third podium in this season start went to French Arthur Brule

Round 2 Bash Pit Short

Second race was helded in Bash Pit Short track. First race winner Martin Wollanka wasnt at participants list, but there was many other talented drivers. Swedish driver Robert Hillman was the strongest in qualifying and took tq with 6 seconds margin before Canadian Robert Sorjonen. Behind Sorjonen, in third place was drived by Thomas Rössler from Austria. Sorjonen and Rössler had good fight of second grid, difference between these two were only one second.
At race, it was guite easy looking run for Hillman. Sorjonen had some difficulties and didnt finnish the race and third grid owner Rössler got three bigger mistakes. Finally Hillman came to finishline with enormous 18 seconds gap before German Manuel Bussing. Third driver at finishline was Lithuanian Arturas Svoba.

Round 3 Fear Farm

After Bash Pit Short, serie travelled to Fear Farm. Looking the participants list, we could expect that this was going to be fantastic race. Serieleader Hillman, Austrian Wollanka, Italian Bottosso and Hungarian Toth were those mans to watch. But honestly, these were not the only ones to watch, lot of talented drivers were behind these also. After qualifying, it wasnt any miracle that Wollanka was in TQ place. He wonned qualifying with 3.3 seconds before Swedish talent Hillman. Third grid went to Italian Erik Bottosso with 9 seconds margin to TQ. Hungarian Barnabas Toth got the fourth grid, but his pace wasnt looking promising to challenge those three at front. His gap to Wollanka was enormous 18 seconds.
Before the grid was arranged for the race, atmosphere little collapsed when Bottosso, Toth and Brasilian talent Sandro Capreira were not at the grid. But there was enough drivers to give us a good entertainment.
In race, Wollanka didnt showed any signs of mercy. He drive his own level and won the race 16 seconds gap to second one, Robert Hillman. Third driver at finsihline was Robert Sorjonen from Canada. His pace wasnt good enough to challenge those two at front but he had good battle of the third podium with Austrian Thomas Rössler.

Round 4 Psycho Nitro Plast 5

Round 4 in PNP5 track continued the series. Austrian Martin Wollanka who had wonned two races allready was also favourite to take this one. After qualifying it was great that Hungarian Barnabas Toth had really good pace, when we compared to qualy winner. Wollanka wonned and Toth was in second, but only 2.2 seconds behind. Third grid went to our serieleader Hillman from Sweden. His gap to Wollanka was huge 15 seconds. Looking these results, only who could challenge Wollanka from his lead, was Toth.

From the start, thoughts little pit changed as Hillman was like lightning and immediatly passed Toth in first corner. He challenged also Wollanka in first place and passed him. Hillman was on fire. Even he was in third grid after qualifying, this didnt give us correct answer of his pace. But Wollanka wasnt an easy peace, as soon they arrived to jumps at front of the rostrum, Hillman landing wasnt in balance and Wollanka got the lead back. After zero lap Wollanka was in lead, Hillman in second and Toth in third place, 1.2 seconds from leader. American Brad Thorn, who started from fifth grid, had passed Svoba and was now in fourth place, half second margin to Toth at fourth spot. But Thorn was very unlucky when they came to second corner in first lap, his rhytm was totally losted and he got BIG difficulties to enter that corner. By this mistake he dropped all the way behind others and should i say, it was game over to him if he wanted to challenge the leaders.

At this point, it looked that Hillman was going to seriously challenge Wollanka.

When second lap started, Wollanka´s lead was 1.1 seconds to Hillman in second place. What was amazing, also our supertalent didnt got this easy. Coming to very same corner where Thorn dropped to last position, Wollanka got little program there. He losted advantage against Hillman and now Hillman was right on his tail and also went to lead, when they carry on the lap. Toth was in stable third place, one seconds to front and allmost 6 seconds to behind. But this Hungarian troubles started in this very same lap, in corner three he collided with pipe when he cutted too much. Few corners later, when he landed from jumps at front of the rostrum, it wasnt in balance and marshal was needed. And immediatly at next corner, was he too hungry after those mistakes, he cutted that corner and flipped his car. He survived pretty easily of that last one but honestly, the lap was disaster for Toth, he got extra 8 seconds of those mistakes. These incidents allowed Svoba in fourth place close the gap to Toth, what was only 0.3 seconds between these, after that Toth`s disaster lap.

Martin Wollanka showed why he is multible VRC Worldchampion. Even there was supertalents against him, he was indeed very strong here.

After five minutes diving, Wollanka had showed his magnificent pace, those under 40 second laps were poison to others, also to Hillman in second place. Even Hillman stayed few laps in Wollanka`s tail, this multiple Worldchampion was just too fast for him. Wollanka was leading over three seconds margin of Hillman and Toth in third place had got his rhytm back and was now in stable spot. But this 17 years old Hungarian talent didnt stop his entertainment to audience. He cutted corner when he was turning to backstraight jumps and marshal was needed. This took four seconds and it looked that he had to settle to defence his last podium place. But was it too much effort but in last lap Toth gave the audience once again something to look. Coming to corner two, he entered the corner with too much brake and those acropatic moves what he did, was pit funny to watch.

Hungarian talent didn`t show his best potential in here, few mistakes and that was it. Hillman and Wollanka were those ones to beat but finally well defended third podium for Barnabas Toth in here.

When time had expired, Wollanka had doned fantastic run and came first to the finishline, with 6.3 seconds margin to second one, Robert Hillman. Barnabas Toth crossed finishline in third position, even he had those few acropatic laps. Fourth at checkered flag was Lithuanian Arturas Svoba. Brad Thorn who dropped to last position after his first lap mistake, doned also furios run and finally this 49years old American drove in fifth position to finishline. Nice fighting from Brad.

In SPORT level race two German`s were setting the pace to others. Sean Krause and Andreas Hirsch were on battle all seven minutes. Finally Sean was little pit stronger and got the win. Andreas gap to Sean was two seconds at finishline. Third podium went to Netherlands Peter Haaima. This Dutch talent got in troubles in lap seven, his mistake took five seconds, but finally he would needed little better average to even challenge those two at front.

In CLUB level race Frenchman Nicolas Maglione totally crushed fellow competitors, he didnt showed any mercy and drive to finishline with huge 17 seconds margin to second one, John Dasch from USA. Third at finishline was James Mastroddi, also from USA. John and James had really good battle of second place, finally James had to surrender, but only 0.4 seconds margin.

A main PRO

1|Martin Wollanka|AT|10|07:22.117 2|Robert Hillman|SE|10|07:28.448 3|Barnabás Tóth|HU|9|07:01.391 4|Arturas Svoba|LT|9|07:09.343 5|Brad Thorn|US|9|07:11.726 6|Thomas Rössler|AT|9|07:16.517 7|Christophe DELAMARE|FR|9|07:19.342 8|Matthias Steininger|AT|9|07:25.560 9|Robert Sorjonen|CA|9|07:28.812 10|Uwe De Zwart|AT|DNS

A main SPORT
1|Sean Krause|DE|9|07:16.109 2|Andreas Hirsch|DE|9|07:18.225 3|Peter Haaima|NL|9|07:26.297 4|Erwin Fiselberger|AT|9|07:36.166 5|Bob Seay|US|9|07:38.163 6|Josef Angleitner|AT|9|07:38.343 7|Nicolas Lepron|FR|9|07:41.543 8|Geoff Kerns|US|8|07:03.734 9|Atsushi Takeshita|JP|8|07:10.814 10|Rex Welch|US|DNS

A main CLUB
1|Nicolas MAGLIONE|FR|9|07:15.608 2|John Dasch|US|9|07:32.091 3|James Mastroddi|US|9|07:32.537 4|Mathias Tischendorf|DE|9|07:39.837 5|Gavin Dawson|NZ|8|07:14.358 6|Brexton Weyant|US|8|07:17.940 7|Francisco Javier Ortiz de Solorzano Dominguez|ES|8|07:19.814 8|Nuno Lourenco|PT|8|07:28.303 9|Tyler Frye|US|8|07:32.277 10|Menno De Graaf|NL|8|07:38.508


PRO level
1|Robert Hillman|471 2|Arturas Svoba|444 3|Thomas Rössler|429 4|Martin Wollanka|360 5|Christophe DELAMARE|360 6|Billy Yeung|346 7|Giovanni F. Di Berardino|317 8|Milan Peka|277 9|Carson Yeung|265 10|Robert Sorjonen|258

SPORT level
1|Josef Angleitner|432 2|Atsushi Takeshita|400 3|Zack Habram|396 4|Erwin Fiselberger|393 5|Tony DUGAN|328 6|Andreas Hirsch|298 7|Andrew Adamic|283 8|Mike Bridges|272 9|Harry Blackstock|262 10|Eiji Miyazaki|261

CLUB level
1|Mathias Tischendorf|405 2|Gavin Dawson|363 3|Sean Krause|360 4|Steve Solosy|322 5|John Dasch|321 6|James Mastroddi|314 7|Jabin Carlton|288 8|Paulo Machado|287 9|Cyril Perin|269 10|Javier Fraga|261


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16.03.2016 [06:24]
14.03.2016 [12:44]
Thanks Pieter and Peter😁
14.03.2016 [12:29]
Great report, and funny to read my own name..

Keep up the good work!
14.03.2016 [10:24]
impressive, good research!!!
13.03.2016 [21:39]
Thank you Nicolas!!
13.03.2016 [09:54]
Great report !! :)
13.03.2016 [07:24]
Thank you Vesa and Robert!

And Robert, that wasn't so far away thing that you could challenge Martin. But its coming, be patient. Nice driving, keep it going!
12.03.2016 [23:37]
Great report.

In this race I actually thought that I would have a small chance beating Wollanka. But this is great practice, I get less nervous for each race and my consistency has improved alot this Winter. Without this level of competitors I would probably not evolve. Lets hope that it shows in the summers racings too.
12.03.2016 [21:29]
Super report as always!
Thanks a lot for these Jupe.
12.03.2016 [17:40]
Thank you Sean! Discovered that this way these can do also up to date:)

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