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Race:from 23.01.2016 [10:00] to 01.02.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy Spec
Track:Silver Dollar 3 AMain
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
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Silver Dollar Nats, home of the 2015 ROAR Nats 1:8 scale nitro buggies.
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Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY SPEC ROUND 2



Race Report by Larry Blair (VRC Pro Race Reporter and Pro Racer)

Round 2 for the spec e-buggy class was held at Silver Dollar 3 and the fast guys showed up once again to compete for the points lead. With the level of talent that lined up for these mains it was anybody's guess who would come out on top, but some familiar names keep on rising up to the front of the pack. After a total of 164 entries were finished qualifying, the mains were set and ready to go.

The pro A main started off with a battle to the start line between Dan Phillion, Robert Hillaman, Sandro Cabreira, and Jerome djay Delcourt. When these pros crossed the start/finish line on lap 1, Hillman was in the lead by 0.3 sec, Cabreira is in 2nd, and Delcourt is running 3rd. Delcourt makes a move on lap 2 to get around Cabreira and is only 0.8 sec behind Hillman. Lap 3 comes and Delcourt made an even stronger push and is only 0.1 sec behind the leader, your top 3 are Hillman, Delcourt, and Phillion at this point. Lap 4, Delcourt makes the push that would get around Hillman and put himself in the lead by 0.2 sec but a Delcourt crash down the back stretch on lap 5, would let Hillman charge back to the front by 1.6 sec. The race is starting to stable out until lap 8 and the leader Robert Hillman has a huge crash and this lets Dan Phillion and Jerome Djay Delcourt move ahead and shake up the top 3.

Delcourt finds himself in the lead on lap 9 by 1.8 sec followed by Phillion and Hillman. Lap 10, Hillman finds his way back in the fight and is only 0.5 sec behind running in 2nd after making the pass on Phillion who is now running 3rd. Delcourt the leader, scrubs the pipe and Hillman is there to take advantage and is back in the lead on lap 10. Dan Phillion is up to 2nd while Delcourt is holding on to 3rd. Lap 11 saw Cabreira move back up to 3rd and only 1.0 sec behind Phillion running in 2nd. On lap 13 Cabreira moves to 2nd, Phillion back to 3rd and Robert Hillman is still your leader with a 2.2 sec lead.

Lap 15, Cabreira has a huge crash and this gives Phillion a solid 2nd position and Delcourt moves up to 3rd. Lap 16 Delcourt is hanging on to 3rd from Cabreira by only 0.3 sec, but on a lap 17 crash Delcourt would give 3rd back to Cabreira and the final podium spot. In the end, Robert Hillman held off the field once again to take the victory in impressive fashion and solidify himself as a top contender for the season championship.

Sport A Main saw Jim Turner take the win and in Club, Leonardo Valente also found victory lane. Make no mistake about it, drivers who have tons of experience race on these tracks and the future of VRC Pro is looking brighter than ever before!

Spec Pro E-Buggy A Main Race Results

1. Robert Hillman SE Sweden 18 10:22.788 3 2. Dan Phillion CA Canada 18 10:24.586 1 3. Sandro Cabreira BR Brazil 18 10:26.986 2 4. Jerome djay Delcourt FR France 18 10:28.514 4 5. Matthias Steininger AT Austria 17 10:11.545 5 6. Carson Yeung HK Hong Kong 17 10:15.597 9 7. Florent Mahoudeau FR France 17 10:16.817 6 8. Michael Ginther US USA 17 10:35.586 10 9. Milan Peka CZ Czech Republic 16 10:02.480 8 10. Tommaso Andreuccetti IT Italy 15 10:05.074 7

Spec Sports E-Buggy A Main Race Results
1. Jim Turner US USA 17 10:07.523 1 2. Robert Sorjonen CA Canada 17 10:11.708 2 3. Jim Merritts US USA 17 10:13.680 5 4. Manuel Büssing DE Germany 17 10:19.003 3 5. Vincent Bidet FR France 17 10:24.326 10 6. Peter Haaima NL Netherlands 17 10:27.171 7 7. Michael Olsljung SE Sweden 17 10:31.003 4 8. Tony DUGAN US USA 16 10:02.049 8 9. Will Alderman US USA 16 10:24.454 9 10. Zac Karr US USA 16 10:31.800 6

Spec Club E-Buggy A Main Race Results
1. Leonardo Valente IT Italy 18 10:33.246 1 2. Greg Nelson US USA 17 10:17.217 3 3. Christophe DELAMARE FR France 17 10:17.503 10 4. Net T4 CN China 17 10:18.986 6 5. John Dasch US USA 17 10:21.700 9 6. Mark Clews AU Australia 17 10:28.492 8 7. Philippe Gross CH Switzerland 17 10:31.000 2 8. Marco Quaglia IT Italy 16 10:04.463 4 9. Tiger Wade US USA 16 10:05.163 7 10. Greg Bakla AU Australia DNF n/a


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(Total posts: 3)
22.02.2016 [13:18]
Great Larry!! Good report.
21.02.2016 [20:32]
Posted by: Eliazord Bruno (FR) on 21.2.2016 12:08:59 (UTC)

I understand your feeling about the willing to race, but, believe me, you should not think like this. Of course, we are all drivers, that the reason why now I sign my reports by "VRC PRO Reporter & Pro Driver". It means that even if I write reports, I'm still a racer. Of course, it's harder to do the both, than to just compete, but everybody is thankfull for what you do. Keep on doing your great reports my friend.

Posted By: Jukka-Pekka Huhtala(FI)21.2.2016 22:32

Couldnt agree more Bruno, good speech!!
Just wait when Pieter handles the issue, i can sure you that theres going to be more of us!!

Larry, this report was also "high level" cover, nicely done!
21.02.2016 [18:38]
Thanks for that nice report, Larry! Great pictures as well.

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