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Race:from 17.12.2014 [00:00] to 31.12.2014 [10:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro on-road sportscars
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 nitro sportscars modified, OVERALL NITRO ONROAD, OVERALL ONROAD COMBINED
Points:Level 5 (1 - 180)
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Probably the biggest r/c track on this planet: Lostallo in Switzerland. With a length of 430m this track takes well over 20 seconds to go round, that is with a 1:8 scale racer. Lostallo is located at the south of the Alps close to the Italian border. The club has hosted numerous European and World Championships on this track. The sound of the cars when they come by on the front straight is absolutely amazing, and the Doppler effect makes it even more realistic. The infield is technical but never tight. The sheer size of this track makes it one you ought to have in your VRC track collection.

View actual Lostallo track webcam.
View Jose Macia on Lostallo[/url (1:8 nitro on-road).]
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Martin Wollanka from Austria scored a well-deserved title in his 2014 VRC Worlds campaign. After having to settle for second in the 1:10 ISTC VRC Worlds right behind Kevin Pignotti, he managed to turn things around in 1:8 sportscars at Lostallo, driving to victory with a 4 seconds lead on, yes Kevin Pignotti. New kid on the block Jakub Rozycki from Poland was lapped by Wollanka at the very last lap of the race where he needed a last fuel stop as well to make it to the finish line in 3rd.

In the 1 hour final all finalists but Rick Yelle and Holger Wolf opted for a double tire change. Wollanka and Pignotti were on exactly the same pace and tossed the lead lap after lap. A few slips here and there were going to decide the outcome of this race. With a comfortable 6 seconds lead with 5 minutes to go Wollanka had it in the pocket but then clipped one of the corners (his one and only error in this final against 4 for Pignottil…), lost 2.5 seconds and that let Pignotti back in. Rick Yelle’s strategy paid off in the end finish 5th half a lap down on the strong performing Massimo Alliprani in 4th.

Wollanka’s stats show the incredible pace of this race: fastest lap 19.514 and average lap time 19.739, just 0.22 over his fastest time! Congratulations to Martin Wollanka who gave up on his quest for the 1:8 nitro buggy Worlds to focus entirely on the 2 on-road events going on at the same time, and it did pay off!

1 Martin Wollanka AT Pro 177 60:08.690
2 Kevin Pignotti IT Pro 177 60:12.754
3 Jakub Rozycki PL Pro 176 60:15.840
4 Massimo Aliprandi IT Pro 173 60:18.994
5 Rick Yelle US Pro 172 60:03.798
6 Brian Poliseno IT Pro 172 60:08.636
7 Graham Raistrick GB Pro 172 60:16.570
8 Giorgio Mingotti IT Pro 172 60:19.318
9 Paolo Massari IT Pro 171 60:10.898
10 Holger Wolf DE Pro 169 60:19.932

The Nations ranking went to 1:8 racing stronghold Italy, who got 5 racers in the main final with K. Pignotti (2), M. Aliprandi (4), B. Poliseno (6), G. Mingotti (8), P. Massari (9).

Switzerland, despite of having no racer in the main final came second with J. Trottmann (13), P. Hofer (20), P. Dumusc (21), M. Mognol (25), P. Gross (32). France came third with A. Guillot (12), N. Loriot (17), M. Tenet (27), S. BOUCHE (30), J. SYLVAIN (37)


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09.01.2015 [20:29]
Super thrilling!
Special congrats to "director" Pieter, video is wonderful.
09.01.2015 [14:32]
Amazing W.C guys, thanks at all and congrats to the 2 Legends of VRC, Martin and Kevin .. thanks for the show guys ;-)



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