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Race:from 02.01.2022 [02:00] to 09.01.2022 [01:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec
Track:VRC Super Speedway Short
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:not selected
Rankings:  not selected
Points:not selected
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This version of the RC Super Speedway, part of the VRC World Complex, combines the super fast sweeper corners of the oval with a relatively simple and fast infield to give the oval some extra road-course flavor. This track will regularly feature on-line race events and multiplayer sessions for both full and trial members.
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Nations results in class Club

1.IT Italy159Michele F. (4.), Samuele S. (9.), Luca V. (14.)
2.DE Germany157Holger S. (1.), Giuseppe P. (7.), Joseph W. (21.)
3.US USA144Kevin S. (3.), Shelby V. (17.), Brian C. (22.)
4.GB United Kingdom97Philip M. (8.), Adam R. (19.)
5.FR France95Jean-michel C. (5.), Sébastien F. (24.)
6.PL Poland93Jaroslaw B. (11.), Karol M. (20.)
7.BE Belgium91Marco N. (15.), Kevin G. (18.)
8.JP Japan83KOUICHI S. (16.), Code B. (25.)
9.ES Spain60Diego C. (2.)
10.CA Canada56Antonio C. (6.)
11.CN China52Jian S. (10.)
12.AT Austria50Markus H. (12.)
13.PR Puerto Rico49Capi R. (13.)
14.MY Malaysia39Rigthegameplay V. (23.)

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