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Race:from 17.12.2016 [00:00] to 23.12.2016 [23:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck Spec
Track:VRC Super Speedway Oval Course
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  not selected
Points:not selected
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RC Super Speedway, part of the VRC World Complex, is a high speed oval, a 'left turn only' track. It is a fully featured track with 4 scene levels depending on the type of race that is on, and dynamic bannering around the track. This track is available for both trial and full members and will feature on-line race events and multiplayer sessions.The RC Super Speedway is expected to be one of the busiest tracks in VRC Pro.

The RC Super Speedway's Turn 1 may be only 3 degrees, Turn 2 has a stunning 14 degrees of banking. Easy as it looks, to do consistent fast laptimes is still very demanding!
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This event is divided into 3 racer classes. Choose which class to show: Club Sport Pro   | (ALL)

Nations results in class Sport

1.US USA281KEVIN P. (1.), Kenneth P. (2.), Matthew C. (4.), Aaron M. (5.), Douglas N. (12.)
2.AU Australia105Stephen H. (3.), Gary G. (14.)
3.PT Portugal103Nuno L. (8.), Paulo M. (11.)
4.BE Belgium55Marc V. (6.)
5.DE Germany54Karl heinz J. (7.)
6.IT Italy52Alessio M. (9.)
7.ES Spain51Juan G. (10.)
8.UA Ukraine48Yuriy T. (13.)
9.SE Sweden46Kristoffer R. (15.)

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